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Meditation Script: All About Meditation Scripts & Guided Imagery Scripts

Scripted meditations to relax you and guide you on a journey within

Guided meditation scripts are amazing, not only for therapists, content creators, and meditation teachers to use, but for anyone who wants a written meditation to read to support them with relaxation, anxiety, and stress release, to tune into their heart, connect and communicate with spirit guides and more.

Why You Should Use A Guided Meditation Script Instead Of Winging It

Sure you can lead a meditation without having a script, but this often means that you are experienced in leading meditations and can be intuitively guided and channel the meditation that wants to flow through you in the moment. But not everybody wants or is confident in doing that, and that's okay! That is why using a royalty-free guided meditation script can be handy.

Using a prewritten meditation script or guided imagery script you can:

  • Be prepared before you lead your live meditation session

  • Feel confident as you don't have to worry about going blank and forgetting your words

  • Be reassured that the meditation you lead will flow well as you most likely have read the script before you may use it with clients

  • Read the script to support you personally if you prefer that over listening to a guided meditation

  • Create a guided meditation audio or video from the script

  • Use it in the online course you are creating as an activity

and more!

You may be thinking that you don't want to be reading a script while you are leading a session (if you are a meditation teacher or guide). That's fair enough, but remember, your client or group listening to the meditation will have their eyes closed throughout, so whether you are looking down reading a script or simply going with the flow, they will most likely not know. And at the end of the day, its not all about you, but about the client or the listener, how they found the meditation, if it benefitted them in some way etc

This blog shares some more benefits of purchasing PDF pre-written guided meditation scripts and who they are for.

The Difference Between A Meditation Script & Guided Imagery Scripts

Guided Meditation Scripts

There can be different types of meditation scripts, for example, body scans, loving kindness, chakra, mindfulness, spirituality, and more. They often focus on guiding the listener within, so they can be in direct experience with what is here. Whether that is into their bodies, into their emotions, into the present moment, into their intuitive senses, or an expanded state of consciousness. They can vary in length and there may be periods of silence throughout the guided meditation script so the listener can be present with their experience.

Guided Imagery Scripts

On the other hand, guided imagery scripts, also called visualization meditation scripts, guide the listener to go on a journey by using their third eye or imagination. They will be asked to visualize images, walk or visit somewhere, or see something appear. It is more visual in nature where your eyes are closed but are invited to see through your inner eyes.

Guided imagery scripts are often quite long in duration and are guided the whole way through. So, we could call a guided imagery script a visualization meditation script, making them one in the same. It really does not matter what you call it, rather what is important is the benefits that the listener gets out of the practice!

You may feel more guided towards a guided imagery script or visualization meditation if you are a beginner meditator as it may give your mind something to explore and attend to rather than being stuck in mental chatter.

3 Benefits Of Meditation Scripts And Guided Imagery Scripts

There are many but here are a few key benefits that a listener or reader can get out of a guided script.

1. They are effortlessly guided

The listener or reader does not need to try to think of what to visualize or try to stop thoughts or the wandering of the mind as they can simply go with the flow of the guided script.

2. Experience relaxation, peace, and a higher vibrational state

The listener or reader can access a state of peace, relaxation, joy, love, or whatever it is that the guided script is leading them into. Without knowing it, they can raise their vibrational state through their time in non-resistance and presence and bring that forward into their day.

3. A gateway to healing

The listener or reader has the invitation to allow the guided script to call them into a place of healing and integration. They have the opportunity to release, let go, open up, surrender, and integrate that which is wanting their love and presence. They do not have to try to do this on their own as this script is supporting them through it.

Royalty-Free Meditation Scripts PDF

20 minute guided meditations are popular as many people find that length of time ideal for their meditation practice. Here are 5 easy guided meditation scripts for beginners (pre-written and royalty-free use) if you desire short scripts that are simple and easy to follow.

How To Write A Meditation Script

Want to try to write your own guided meditation scripts? Great! To learn about how you can write your own meditation scripts as a beginner check out this blog. Also, if you want some guidance around what words you should use in a meditation script be sure to give this a read.

Final Words

Guided meditation scripts and guided imagery scripts aren't everyone's cup of tea, but at the end of the day, they are extremely helpful to both the meditation guide and to the listener or reader of the script. Check out pre-written, royalty-free meditation scripts here or get a customized script written just for you.


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