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40 - 60 Minute Guided Meditation | How Long To Meditate For | Advanced Meditation Practice

Spending 40 - 60 minutes meditating will enhance your life

Are you curious about who a 40 - 60 minute guided meditation is best suited for? Wondered what benefits can be gained from a longer meditation session?

Guided meditations that are 40 minutes to 60 minutes long are a great length for an experienced meditator that wants to extend the duration of their practice and spend more time going within.

In this blog, I will share with you why a 40 minute or 60 minute guided meditation is a great length of time to meditate for and who it's for.

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How Long Should I Meditate For? Is 40 - 60 Minutes Good?

This is a common question, so let's unpack this question a bit further...

What's Your Situation?

Firstly, creating space to meditate for ANY amount of time is absolutely fantastic! There is no one size fits all timeframe that you must do in order for you to benefit from meditation and we all have our own unique schedules to work with.

For example, if you are a new mum with a baby and only have 10 minutes in between feeding the baby and lying her down for a sleep before she wakes up and you have got a nappy to change - work with it.

Having 1 hour to have space just for you to go within and do a meditation may not be a possibility for you right now. Be okay with that and embrace the time and space you do have. You may need to be creative and it may change from day to day and that's just fine. There are no rules!

Another person may decide to set their alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning and make that the time and space where you meditate or you may prefer doing it at night before bed. How long you give yourself and when you do it is totally up to you. Can't see yourself waking up 30 minutes earlier but think you can manage 10 minutes right now? Cool!

Either way, it is ultimately up to us to create the space and make our meditation practice a priority if it is. If it's not a priority at this stage in your life, that's okay, it's always there for you to choose to do if you want to.

Are You A Beginner Or An Advanced Meditator?

An advanced meditator will generally be able to drop into a deep meditative state quickly and remain in that state for a long period of time. A 40 - 60 minute meditation practice will be adequate to explore the inner realms, receive wisdom, alchemize energy, and have certain spiritual or mystical experiences. As well as feel peaceful, centered, and in alignment with their true self and more.

Let me get one thing clear tough - it's not the length of the meditation that is important, it's about how effective it is. Someone could meditate for 10 minutes and have a deeply transformative experience while another person could do a 40 minute meditation and still be preoccupied with negative thoughts and be in resistance to allowing themselves to surrender into the meditation. So know what works best for you in terms of the type of meditation and length.

So, to answer your question about if 40 - 60 minutes is a good amount of time to meditate for....the answer is yes! especially for those who have experience and can reap the benefits of a long session.

In general, a 40-60 minute meditation gives you the benefits of a short meditation as well as some other benefits such as:

  • Experience your subtle senses/intuition/physic senses such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), telepath,y and more!

  • Experience their higher self consciousness or connection with Source/God and spirit guides

  • Access the zero-point field/quantum field (where creation, potentials, and information exist).

  • Feel connected to your spirit/soul, /Source/God and all living things

  • Access states of bliss, unconditional love, and oneness

  • Allow your body to come into a state of rest, which lets it come into a state of health and harmony

  • + more!

Of course, it depends what type of meditation you are doing too and your intention for it.

How many words are in a 40 - 60 minute meditation?

The duration of a guided meditation script can vary due to the person reading the script. One person may speak slowly and pause in between the guided prompts or sentences. Whereas another person may read the script continuously just like they would a book, therefore making the same script much shorter in length.

Someone may also allow a period of say, 10 minutes in silence during the middle or end of the guided meditation to allow the listener to tune in and just be, without any speaking.

So saying that, in my opinion, and experience, reading a 2000 word meditation script takes around 40 minutes and a 60 minute meditation script would be around 2500 words, if spoken slowly, mindfully, and includes pauses. But know, this CAN vary.

If you did want a custom guided meditation script written due to the script needing to suit a certain person, group, or intention, then you can purchase a single custom meditation script or a 5 x pack of 1000 word custom meditation scripts, 2000 word custom meditation scripts or 3000 word custom meditation scripts.


40 - 60 minute meditation PDF royalty free script


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