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PDF Download Royalty-Free Pre-Written Meditation Scripts | Instant Download

For business or personal use | Buy affordable done-for-you meditation scripts

Want to hold guided meditation classes or create guided meditation audios? But the thing is, you aren't a meditation scriptwriter and wouldn't know where to start? Don't worry! That's okay, because you can purchase pre-written meditation scripts that are royalty-free and available for business or personal use.

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Meditation is gaining popularity in today’s world! This can be due to poor well-being - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and needing to come back into balance and harmony on all levels of their being. It can be due to an awakening within someone to connect deeper to who they truly are, and so much more.

There are many types and styles of meditation and can vary in duration and how it is done. All this meditation stuff can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. You may be an avid meditator yourself but not good at writing your own scripts to guide people through, or you may be beginning your meditation journey and want some example to use or read or create something from in your unique way. If you did want to learn how to write your own meditation scripts, you can check out my 30 minute audio class How To Write Your Own Meditation Scripts - For Beginners.

PDF Royalty-Free Meditation Scripts For Business/Personal Use

Royalty-free meditation scripts enable people to purchase pre-written meditation scripts and use them in whatever way they like. They are non-exclusive so they are not customized specifically for your needs or requirements, instead many people can purchase the same script and use it however they like. This is great for people who are not skilled in writing meditation scripts or who are not meditation teachers or guides. Therefore, there are writers who can write these meditations which others can use and benefit from in many ways.

Who Uses Meditation Scripts?

  • Businesses and companies that want to ensure the well-being of their staff.

  • Spiritual / Holistic / Wellness Entrepreneurs that want scripts to use in their business, such as in their programs, courses, apps, live 1:1 sessions, classes, YouTube channel, and more.

  • Individuals who wish to use them for personal use such as reading a meditation script over listening to a meditation, may be preferred.

How Do I Record A Guided Meditation From A Script?

To create a good quality meditation audio recording, you will need a good quality microphone and platform that you record on (such as Audacity). Ideally, you want the room you are in to be quiet so there are no distracting background noises. There are so many options available for you so get creative! It is always good to credit the writer of the script where you can, such as in the description of your YouTube video or with the group you are taking it through, but ultimately, it is up to you.

Guided Meditation Scripts VS Affirmation Scripts

Guided meditation scripts are scripts where the listener is guided, whether it's just how to breathe, what to focus on, a visualization technique, or taking them on a journey of some sort. Therefore guided meditation scripts can be both short and succinct or they can be long, utilizing many different meditative techniques.

Affirmation scripts are focused on short, present tense statements which help the listener in many ways. Affirmation scripts can support the listener in rewiring their subconscious mind by using repetitive statements that they do want to shift their old limiting thoughts or beliefs to. They can lift the listener’s mood so they feel an increased state of well-being depending on what the affirmation script is focused on.

An affirmation script may include general positive affirmations or it may be focused on a certain topic or intention which will produce a different emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical result. Affirmations are quite popular with people who want to manifest certain things in their life or who find it hard to be in silence but still want to sit and be focused on something.

Here is a list of some example pre-written meditation scripts that I have personally written and are available to purchase, download, and use in your own projects.

Is There Anything I Can't Do With A Purchased Pre-Written Royalty-Free Meditation Script?

It depends on who you purchase the script from. If you purchase it from me you can pretty much do what you like except you cannot sell or distribute the script in its written form (that includes just changing some words around!).

Royalty-free meditation scripts mean that there are no royalties paid to the creator of the script when you use it. You must get the script legally by purchasing it and following the guidelines of the creator. It is illegal to simply copy someone else's work without their consent.

What If I Want A Unique Custom Meditation Script Written Just For Me Or My Business?

Then you can! And you can guarantee that nobody else will have the script except you! You can check out my Custom Meditation Script Packages to order yours today.

Overall meditation scripts have such versatile uses and it’s ultimately up to you whether you want a pre-written one or one totally customized for you and your needs. What you can create with your scripts is also infinite!

Written by Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Writer & Meditation Guide

pdf download royalty-free guided meditation script

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