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Top 3 Benefits Of Purchasing PDF Pre-Written Guided Meditation Scripts & Who They Are For

Done for you PDF download pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts for business or personal use

Wondering if purchasing pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts are for you? Kinda keen on downloading a PDF meditation script that has already been written by a meditation scriptwriter so you can use it for business or personal use?

There are MANY benefits to buying PDF pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts such as it is easy and affordable, time-saving, and written by an expert meditation scriptwriter so you know it will be effective!

In this article let's dive into the main reasons why they are so helpful and look into who pre-written meditation scripts are for.

pre written royalty free meditation script

Top 3 reasons why it's a good idea to use pre-written meditation scripts

Below are three points why purchasing pre-written royalty-free meditation scripts is the way to go over ordering customized, exclusive meditation scripts.

1. It's easy to buy affordable pre-written royalty-free PDF meditation scripts that are already done for you (cheaper than custom scripts)

Let's be real, a personalized or customized guided meditation script is going to cost you a lot more than buying a pre-written royalty-free meditation script will!

When purchasing a meditation script that is already written, most likely you just need to download the document (such as a PDF), and then it's yours to use. No need to pay a meditation scriptwriter to write you a custom script and have to wait for it to be completed, when you can simply buy one online now.

This is if you just want a general script and not a guided meditation that is personalized to a specific person, group, or gender with a particular intention (that's when a custom script is the way to go). It will be non-exclusive so other people may be using the same script, but it may not be an important factor for what you want it for.

You can buy many general scripts that are suitable to help with stress, sleep, anxiety, healing, mindfulness, intuitive development, expanding your consciousness, raising your vibration, grounding, and so much more. You will need to purchase the royalty-free script (once) so you can legally use it according to the creator's guidelines.

Simply browse the range of super affordable pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts and purchase them online then download the PDF file and use it for personal or business use!

2. Don't waste your precious time trying to do it yourself - stick to what you know!

Writing guided meditation scripts can be very time-consuming especially if you don't know what you are doing. If you have a natural skill in meditation writing then great, but if not, it is probably best to leave it to a meditation scriptwriter so you can ensure you have an effective guided meditation script to use at the end.

You can always put your own unique spin on the pre-written script when you create a guided meditation audio or take your client through a live meditation class. But the bones and foundation of the guided meditation need to be good to ensure the benefits and results of the meditation are experienced by the client or yourself.

Save your precious time sticking to what you know, focus on your expertise, and don't be afraid to get help and assistance from others who have a passion and natural ability to guide people into a deep state of relaxation.

3. Leave it to a guided meditation scriptwriter who has experience writing a variety of meditations

Buying pre-written meditation scripts from a meditation scriptwriter who has a history of writing countless scripts will give you examples of how a meditation script is written and if you did want to learn or write your own one day you can. You can ensure that a meditation script written by an experienced writer will be effective and do what it is meant to, instead of trying to wing it yourself.

Why not give some pre-written royalty-free scripts a go so you can take the pressure off yourself to write the perfect meditation script? You may enjoy trying to write your own and that's great, or you may discover that it's really not your thing! Either way, there are many different kinds of meditations with a range of word counts available to choose from online.

If you did want to learn how to write your own meditation scripts you can check out my How To Write Your Own Meditation Scripts - For Beginners Class. This is a 30-minute introductory class to give beginners a look at how they would approach and begin to craft their own meditation scripts.

Who Are Pre-Written Royalty-Free Guided Meditation Scripts For?

So who exactly would benefit from buying pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts? Let's take a look!

Coaches (of all kinds)

Whether you are a life coach, business coach, spiritual coach, sports coach, or mental health coach, you can use pre-written meditation scripts to help your clients go within or overcome any issues that may be arising. This may be just to help a client reduce stress and anxiety or to develop their intuition or reach their goals in life.

As a coach you may have online courses or in-person programs where reading a script or creating a guided meditation audio will be useful to include in your content. Ultimately, you can use pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts as a tool to support any other methods and techniques you would normally use.

Yoga Teacher or Holistic Practitioner

Using pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts can complement other holistic and yoga practices. As a yoga teacher, you may want to add something unique to your offering or be able to guide your students into a deeper state of relaxation after a class, that's where meditation scripts or meditation techniques can come in handy.

Businesses and Companies

Workplace wellness is becoming increasingly popular as employers have realized the importance of ensuring their staff has techniques to handle stress from deadlines and everyday work pressures.

If you have a company you may consider offering meditation services or classes to look after your staff's mental and emotional wellbeing and also help them in being even more productive and creative. When you take care of your staff and see how important they are to your business, they will take care of you by wanting to stay and do their very best in their role.

Content Creators

Whether you create courses, programs, YouTube videos, social media posts, or any other type of content, guided meditation can be a great tool to offer. If you desire to pump out content that is going to offer value to your followers or produce content that will gain you more clients, content in the wellness space is becoming increasingly popular.

Final Words

There is no doubt that pre-written royalty-free guided meditation scripts can make a whole lot of people's lives easier, whether they are used for business or personal use. If you don't really require a customized script or one that is exclusive only to you, then give a pre-written script a go!

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