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How To Write Your Own Meditation Scripts - For Beginners

Want to learn how to write a meditation script yourself?

Well, you can! I have created the audio class How To Write Your Own Meditation Scripts For Beginners.

Meditation is a practice that has been around for so long and continues to expand and spread across the globe! Learning how to write meditation scripts is a great skill to learn and practice now as meditation is becoming increasingly popular and more mainstream and your talents will be needed more and more in the coming times.

This class is all about providing you with the knowledge of how to prepare and write a meditation script!

  • Use your scripts to conduct a live client meditation session

  • To create a guided meditation audio for YouTube

  • To include in your own programs, courses or apps

  • To have the skills to write custom/personalized scripts for clients, friends, or family

  • To develop and expand your writing abilities

  • + more!

You Will Learn

  • The importance of your intention for meditation script writing

  • What state of mind to have when starting to write

  • How to deal with resistance that may arise

  • How meditation can help people

  • Common types of meditations that you can write scripts for

  • Learn a basic meditation script structure

  • How to proofread and edit your script

This class is for beginners, so if you have never written a guided meditation script before - this is a perfect foundational course for you! It is time to explore and discover a new talent within you. Write your own unique meditation scripts and share them with the world in whatever way to choose to support others.

I am so excited for you to dive into some key things that will greatly support you on your meditation script writing journey! There are no limitations to what you can write, create and offer with your meditation scripts.

how to write your own meditation scripts class for beginners


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