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About Hayley

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Hayley Zammit is a spiritual writer, channel  and meditation guide. She brings through higher dimensional wisdom to support an expansion into higher consciousness for humanity as we go forth on our ascension journey. By remembering, activating and embodying who we truly are we can live a life of more joy, flow and grace.  

After going through a spiritual awakening in 2016, she has been guided to follow her passions of being a meditation creator, spiritual channel and author. 

Her guided meditations, books, channeled messages, energy work and spiritual blog, invite you to go within and connect to your heart and soul. To integrate your humanity with your divinity so you can be your higher self embodied. Feel free to plug in your headphones and listen to her tracks on Aura Health and Insight Timer.  

Feel free to email Hayley at if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a project. 


60 Hour Certification in Chaplaincy, Pastoral and Spiritual Care - In Progress

100HR Meditation Teacher Certification completed in 2022

12HR HeartMath Trauma Sensitive Practitioner Certification completed in 2021

Areas covered include: the neurophysiology of trauma, developmental trauma, collective trauma and how to integrate HeartMath into the different therapeutic modalities used to treat trauma.

100HR Sound Ceremony (with Jaya & Saraswati) completed in 2021

Areas covered include: sound ceremony, song ceremony, nada meditation, bhakti yoga, mantra yoga, voice medicine, instrument labs, healing power of sound, holding space for transformation, incorporate sound into classes, facilitation of sound and ceremonies.

30HR Usui Reiki Master (Level 1, 2 & Master) completed in 2020

Areas covered include: sending distance healing, history of reiki, how to use reiki to heal yourself and others, reiki benefits, reiki business.

NZIS Certificate in Personal Training completed in 2014


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