About Hayley

Hayley is a spiritual advisor here to support you in being your higher self embodied! She is a channel, intuitive reader and author. She supports women in remembering their divinity so they can live a life of more joy, flow and grace and experience heaven on earth. She invites you to surrender, accept and embrace who you truly are. She invites you to expand your consciousness & to remember that you are always whole, sacred & divine! Tune into your own heart and experience the Love that you are.

Her 1:1 offerings currently include Online Spiritual Guidance Sessions (30min or 60min), Sacred Messages: 1:1 private messaging support, Emailed Channeled Messages & Video Card Readings and Illumimate (for channeled guidance + healing). 

She has also created online classes, published books & occasionally does virtual livestream classes. 

In addition to her own offerings she also creates meditation scripts and audios for other spiritual/wellness entrepreneurs and businesses. Whether its in their programs, apps, YouTube channel or any other offering. She is a meditation teacher and meditation content creator for the Aura Health App and Insight Timer App. It brings her joy to use her skills to support other heart centered businesses.

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Her Vision

Hayley is not here to save, change or fix you, but instead be a mirror of the divine Source energy being of Love that you are! She wants to remind you of your own sovereign divinity and invites you to give yourself the sacred medicine of your own Love & Presence - you are your own healer. You are and have always been whole, sacred and divine - when you can embody more of your higher self's consciousness and integrate all parts of you through accepting and surrendering to the love that you are you can experience an heaven on earth reality and live a life of more joy, flow and grace.

As a channel Hayley is here to bring through new wisdom, codes and frequencies to the Earth. She is here to bring through this higher wisdom in way that people can understand & will support in raising the collective consciousness of humanity. There are many aspects to Hayley such as being a teacher, healer & space holder which is why she facilitates a variety of offerings.

She works with women who are ready to remember, activate & embody who they truly are  & are willing to go within their own being for healing & mastery of their frequency.

Hayley's ultimate vision is for people to remember the truth of who they are & integrate their humanity with their divinity to be channels of their higher self embodied here on Earth. Honoring the uniqueness of all beings & seeing all beings as sacred who all have something to offer the world. As we expand our consciousness & anchor into the higher dimensions there will be more unity, harmony, love and more experienced by humanity.


 Hypnotherapy Scripts


Trauma Sensitive Hearth Math Practitioner

100 HR Sound Ceremony 

Usui Reiki Master

 Personal Training

*please note that Hayley has done many other trainings that do not include 'certificates as well as channeling her own information from Source