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Hayley is currently taking a hiatus from all 1:1 sessions. However, you can access her guided meditations and talks on the Aura Health App to support you.

Kind Words


Very gifted, lots of detail and gave me clarity. Highly recommend!

Thank you so much, the previous healing videos have been so helpful!

Oh Hayley...  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate finding you and all the messages you've channeled for me so far. You have seriously changed my life. This message astounded me and is EXACTLY what I need to keep going in an even higher way.

Good reading and good advice!

Wow Hayley! What a great message! I got a little teary eyed reading it (in a good way!).

Thank you so much Hayley! What wonderful insight.


I feel as though you have just removed a negative attachment

Wow your written transmission almost made me cry.

Thank you for the d
etailed reading!

Thank you for your love and everything else. I can't find the good words to thank you...I'm crying softly

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