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20 Minute Guided Meditation Script PDF Royalty-Free Create You Tube Video, Use In Online Course etc

Looking For A 20 Minute Guided Meditation Script PDF?

Are you looking for pre-written, royalty-free meditation scripts to use in your business or just for personal use? Are you looking to facilitate live meditation classes or create a guided meditation audio for YouTube, social media, or for your online course?

Whether you are a wellness coach, self-development leader, yoga teacher, meditation guide, spiritual advisor, breathwork facilitator, holistic therapist, or any other kind of practitioner, meditation is a great tool to add to your toolbox when it comes to supporting a client.

A 20 minute guided meditation script PDF will allow you to read out the script or to create an audio or something new with it. Simply download your PDF / digital download 20 minute meditation script and get going!

In my experience, a 20 minute meditation has around 1000 words. This, of course, depends on the person's pace reading the script and how much time is spent in silence throughout the meditation. A 20 minute meditation is not too long and not too long so a great length to use for all levels.

Royalty Free 20 Minute Meditation Scripts PDF For Personal Or Business Use

Some great guided meditation scripts that are around 20 minutes in length include:

See more meditation scripts here

Whatever you create with your 20 minute royalty-free meditation script, I hope it is easy for you to access, that it is clear to read, and that your project or facilitation of your 20 minute meditation truly makes a positive impact in the world!

20 minute meditation script pdf


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