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Emotional Release Meditation Script PDF | Process Emotions | Let Go Of Heavy Feelings & Energy

Using healing guided meditations to release emotions, alchemize energy and come back into balance and harmony emotionally affecting all levels of your being

Meditation is a great tool to use to aid in releasing emotions by creating space to allow you to feel and process anything that is ready to be moved through you. You may not know how to allow an emotional release to occur which is why a guided meditative process is very beneficial.

Whether you are looking for a royalty free meditation script for yourself or to support your clients, students, family members, or friends, there are some great options available.

You can read more about guided meditation for healing here and about processing emotions and alchemizing energy here

Emotional Release Meditation Scripts PDF - non-exclusive and royalty-free guided scripts

Here is a list of 6 royalty-free scripts PDFs that can support an emotional release, in different ways.

This script will support the listener in processing emotions that are wanting to be acknowledged, felt, and alchemized, ultimately integrated so they can move forward without old emotions from childhood and the past holding them back.

Move Beyond Resistance Guided Meditation Script PDF - for surrendering to an emotional

This script will support the listener in moving through resistance. They will be guided through a visualization as they stand in the ocean and simultaneously the wave coming toward them acts as a metaphor to move through any resistance that is arising in their body, mind, and heart for healing.

Cleansing Shower Guided Meditation Script PDF - for utilizing water to clear and cleanse

This script will support the listener in feeling cleansed, positive, and calm after their shower. They will clear out any negativity or worries as the water flows over their body.

Full Moon Guided Meditation Script PDF - for healing, transformation, and integration during the monthly full moon

This script will support the listener in first understanding what the full moon can support them with and to come into a relaxed and receptive state. They use their pure intent to state what they want to transform at this time (as well as what is in their highest good) and open to the full moon's energy, spirit, and their higher self.

The listener is invited to welcome all that arises within them during the meditation to be felt and shifted (physically, emotionally, mentally) as they spend time in silence to allow transformation to occur. They will then be invited back into the present moment and given the option to sit and integrate for a further few minutes or to spend time journaling to write down any insights or guidance they may have received during the meditation that will assist them moving forward.

Healing The Body With Angels And Masters Meditation Script PDF - for physical, mental, and emotional release, and healing

This script will support the listener in tapping into their own self-healing abilities and be surrounded and supported by angels, ascended masters, and star beings to heal any discomfort or disease in their body.

7 Chakra Self Energy Script- for self-guided energy healing

This script will support the listener in balancing and healing their 7 main chakras. It will guide them through each chakra as well as provide insight in the start about what chakras are.

Or you may prefer to have a custom guided meditation script written that is exclusive to you and is personalized to you and your unique needs.

Want Meditation Audios To Listen To?

In this audio course, you will be learning, growing, and healing through your own direct experience with the guided meditations and through my teachings that I share at the start of each lesson.

You will bring harmony and integration to whatever needs healing on all levels of your being - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Healing is all about integration and allowing whatever is needing our love and presence to come in and be received by us.

We will address different areas which will aid in healing, such as opening the heart, having forgiveness, listening to our emotions and body, connecting to our divinity, being in the present moment, and more.


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