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Free Meditation Scripts PDF Instant Download | Use Royalty-Free Meditation Scripts | Printables

Benefits of a printable meditation script & the difference between a free meditation script and a royalty-free meditation script

PDF Meditation scripts that are available to download instantly are super handy! These days, there are all kinds of online pintables that can be utilized in many ways by all kinds of people for their projects. In this blog, let's explore the benefits of PDF instant download guided meditation scripts and what the differences are between a free meditation script and a royalty-free script.

free meditation scripts pdf instant download

The Difference Between A Free Meditation Script And A Royalty-Free Meditation Script

You may be wondering what the difference is between a pre-written free meditation script and a royalty-free meditation script and what this means for you when you go about looking to find one and use it.

What Is A Royalty-Free Meditation Script?

With a pre-written royalty-free meditation script, the creator/writer gives you the right to use the script as long as you pay for the rights to use it via purchasing the script one time through their website and following any guidelines.

For instance, the rules may be that you cannot copy the script and use it in a book or sell the same script as is, but you can create a guided meditation audio or use it to guide a meditation class or session with a client.

Royalty-free means that you do not need to pay the creator of the script each time you use the script, instead you just pay for it one time to use it as often as you like.

This means that the script is likely to be non-exclusive, which means many people may have purchased the same meditation script and may be using it in their unique way, too.

It does not mean that you can claim ownership of the script as it still may be copyrighted/owned by the original creator. Whereas if you got a custom meditation script written, it will be exclusive to you and is often ghostwritten so you can claim yourself to be the owner and have full rights over the meditation script.

From this, you can see that royalty-free does NOT mean free. If you do not follow the guidelines of the creator, you can be in legal trouble as it is essentially stealing someones else's work without their consent.

What Is A Free Meditation Script?

A free meditation script is just that - a free guided meditation script for anyone and everyone to use however they like without having to make a payment to use it.

The Benefits of a Pre-Written PDF Instant Download Meditation Script

  • Easy to access - Just download the file onto your computer to keep forever.

  • Easy to use - You may want to print it out or simply read from your computer screen.

  • Easy to edit - If you want to edit any words, simply add them in or cross them out

  • Often cheap and affordable

  • No need to wait for the shipping of a physical script that may be in a book or other format

  • Don't need to login to a site, course, or platform to access the meditation script

Take a look at some royalty-free PDF meditation scripts HERE

Who Uses Printable PDF Instant Download Meditation Scripts?

Anyone is welcome to use printable meditation scripts, but let's take a look at some of the most common people who find them super handy:

  • Teachers of all kinds

  • Parents or people who are home schooling their kids

  • A content creator who is going to turn the script or printable into something unique for their audience

  • A business owner / self-employed entrepreneur

  • Someone interested in meditation or personal development

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my PDF royalty-free meditation script?

It depends on the platform that you buy the script from. After purchase, you may have a download link that appears for you to click on or you may recieve an email shortly after purchase which has a link to download the file onto your computer.

Does royalty-free mean no copyright?

No, the copyright owner is giving you a license to use their property, but is not selling the ownership.

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