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Best Free Sleep Guided Meditations To Listen To | How Meditation Can Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Discover the top guided sleep meditations to listen to for free from the comfort of your own bed. Drift off to sleep effortlessly

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Do you find it hard to get to sleep at night? Perhaps suffer from insomnia? Are you wanting to listen to effective sleep meditations so that you can effortlessly drift off to sleep without lying in bed staying awake with a busy mind filled with thoughts and anxieties of the future?

I feel you! You are NOT alone. So many people want to get support with their sleep so they can function the next day and be full of energy and enjoy life! No one wants to struggle to get a good night's rest, especially if you have a busy schedule and a lot on your plate. Everyone deserves to be able to jump into bed at night and have a good deep sleep!

The best guided sleep meditations to listen to are Quiet The Mind For Sleep Guided Meditation, Guided Body Relaxation For Sleep, Heart Centered Sleep Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra Breath Awareness For Sleep Guided Meditation, Drift Peacefully Off To Sleep Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra Body Awareness For Sleep Guided Meditation.

In this blog, I will let you know WHERE you can listen to the best guided sleep meditation tracks, who would benefit most from them, and more!

What Is A Guided Sleep Meditation & How It Can Help You Get To Sleep

Any sleep meditation is created to support you in getting into a state where you can fall asleep easily or support you in getting back to sleep during the night if you wake up and would like assistance in drifting back of to sleep.

A guided meditation audio will include a meditation guide who is gently speaking and guiding you through the meditative experience, generally with some soothing music in the background to enhance the experience.

They may invite you to focus on something in particular, such as your breath, the sensations you feel, or in consciously relaxing your body. They may invite you to visualise something and take you on a journey using the power of your consciousness. They may invite you to just listen to their voice and follow their suggestions.

Guided sleep meditations can vary in length. Some can be just 15 minutes while others can go for an hour or be guided at the start and then be only music for the remainder of the track. Ultimately, a guided sleep meditation will support you in accessing a sleep state.

Guided Sleep Meditations Can Help:

  • Slow down your brainwaves from Beta, Alpha or Gamma and into Theta (dreaming and light phase of sleep) or Delta (deep restorative sleep)

  • Calm your nervous system shifting from an activated sympathetic state (fight/flight/freeze) to your parasympathetic state (rest and digest)

  • Manage stress and anxiety by bringing your focus back into the present moment instead of projecting your consciousness into the future or worrying about things that you cannot control

  • Quiet the mind as you allow yourself to be focused solely on one voice or prompt instead of listening to the busy mind with all kinds of thoughts and opinions that seem to want your attention

  • Positive physiological changes such as regulating hormones, blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Falling asleep faster, for longer and improve sleep quality

Who Would Benefit From Listening To A Sleep Meditation Before Bed?

Both children and adults

Everyone and anyone can benefit from listening to a guided sleep meditation before bed or during the night! Whether you are a child or an adult, it doesn't matter! Sometimes you can find kid specific guided meditations and stories or there are plenty of general ones for adults of all ages.

Someone who has no/some experience with meditation

You don't need to have any experience in meditation before you try listening to a guided sleep meditation. Simply give one a go that you feel drawn to, it may be short and simple or a longer visualisation one - find one that you enjoy the most and works for you.

Those suffering from insomnia or other sleep issues

If you have a sleep disorder that is interfering with you having a good night's sleep, definitely give guided sleep meditations a try.

Traditional Yoga Nidra vs Guided Sleep Meditation

Curious about what the difference is between traditional yoga nidra and a guided sleep meditation? Wondering if they are the same or what one to do?

Traditional yoga nidra, is more about having an awake awareness, but your body is in a state of deep rest and relaxation. Therefore, you access a state of "yogic sleep" not actual sleep. People can do yoga nidra at anytime of the day.

However, these days, many guided sleep meditations do use yoga nidra techniques to support the listener in falling asleep. Yoga nidra is always done with the listener lying down on their back, so doing that in bed as you get ready to drift off to sleep is totally natural.

So the main difference between a yoga nidra practice and a guided meditation for sleep is that the sleep meditation will invite the listener to accessing a state of consciousness for sleep rather than wanting to keep them conscious and aware during the practice.

What Happens If You Don't Get Enough Sleep?

Getting a good quality sleep and having enough sleep is super important! If you don't get enough sleep, so many areas in your life can suffer.

  • Poor mood throughout the day

  • Lack of energy and vitality

  • You may experience chronic health problems

  • Impaired memory

  • Increased stress in relationships and with work

  • Overall poor quality of life as you can't truly live!

What Is The #1 App For Meditation And Sleep?

The Aura Health App is the best meditation and mindfulness app to use to find peace and get a restful sleep!

Receive your free 30 Day Aura Guest Pass HERE . When you access your pass, you will get access to all my tracks (including my guided sleep tracks).

What Is The Best Sleep Meditation On YouTube?

Click on the links below to head to the guided sleep meditation audio on YouTube!

Please note - only some of my sleep meditations are on YouTube (& some have been scheduled to come out over the next few months, so subscribe to get notified when they do) but all listed below are available to listen to now on the Aura Health App or Insight Timer App....a good idea to get the apps to avoid annoying ads that may pop up.

Guided Sleep Meditations

25min Yoga Nidra Breath Awareness For Sleep

15mins Drift Peacefully To Sleep

10mins Heart Centered Sleep

Sleep Meditation Music / Sound Baths / ASMR

1 Hour Pink Noise Sound Bath For Sleep (3min guided intro)

1 Hour Chimes Sound Bath For A Magical Sleep (3min guided intro)

1 Hour Brown Noise For Calm & Sleep (3min guided intro)

1 Hour Natural Daytime Sounds (no talking)

1 Hour Sleep Time Chimes (no talking)

1 Hour Fall Asleep Sound Bath (no talking)

Sleep Affirmations or Messages

20min Release Fear and Anxiety Before Bed Affirmations

15min Peaceful Sleep Affirmations

What Listeners Say About Hayley Zammit's Guided Sleep Meditations

Let's hear some feedback from the listeners that have benefitted from Hayley's sleep meditations:

I went to sleep before it finished, so did what it was intended for - A

Very good before bed! Thank you! - A.B

Very soothing way to drift off to sleep - M.R

So relaxing, thank you! - L.S

Good advice, pleasant music - D.W

Absolutely amazing - T.B

Thank you, it was peaceful - M.H

Loved it thank you - I.S

Very relaxing and gave very kind vibes - A.B

Beautiful - S.B

So soothing! - B. W

Very peaceful and relaxing. Thank you! - M.P

Guided Sleep Meditation Scripts PDF Instant Download Royalty-Free

Looking to purchase a sleep guided meditation script to use for personal or business use?

Here is a list of pre-written PDF instant download meditation scripts that are non-exclusive that you can use to support yourself or others in getting to sleep at night.

best free sleep meditations hayley zammit


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