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Guided Meditation For Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit

How guided meditation can be so healing emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually.

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Guided meditation is becoming increasingly popular as people discover its healing effects. Whether you listen to a short 10-minute guided meditation or a long 60-minute one, we somehow feel different. We feel calmer and more connected to who we truly are and tune into our natural state of being. In this article, you will discover why meditation can be so healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

Listening to a guided meditation can be healing because it invites us to go within and come back into a state of balance. We can integrate any dissonance and, therefore, become more whole and unified within. Ultimately, through meditation, we can raise our vibrational state and expand our consciousness and attune with love, health, and harmony where dis-ease is no longer resonant or in coherence with our new state of being.

Even though guided meditation can affect us on all these different levels, we can also realize that we are holistic beings. All parts of us want to work in harmony together. So even if we have the intention to only heal on an emotional level, be assured you will notice positive shifts in your overall health and wellbeing too.

guided meditation for healing mind body and spirit

We can use guided meditation as a tool, as a gateway for healing, so let's explore how meditation us in different ways!

Guided Meditation For Emotional Healing

Guided meditation can be very healing for us on an emotional level. When we come into a space of stillness and are in the present moment, emotions that want healing come to the surface to be felt and processed. It is up to us to not resist this process, but instead, allow any emotion to be felt and be given our presence and love so it can then be transformed and integrated.

Emotions are essentially energy in motion. They cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Therefore, if we do not let them move and be alchemized into a higher state, they will stay stuck within us and cause issues because we are not allowing them to be transmuted, transmitted, or integrated and allow transformation to take place.

This does not mean emotional healing is easy. It requires courage and willingness to hold space for ourselves and allow them to be felt and processed, which can be difficult, especially with emotions such as grief, anger, resentment, hatred, sadness, and so much more.

Some of us have never been taught how to do this either and instead, lived life trying to suppress, deny, or reject these uncomfortable emotions. We distract ourselves by drinking, shopping, and working to avoid them, and ease the emotional pain we feel.

This is why many people find being by themselves, "doing nothing" or trying to sit and meditate , difficult, because you create the space to allow emotions to come to the surface.

Listening to and doing a guided meditation invites us into a space where we can be guided by the soothing voice and be led into a safe space to feel these emotions and bring in healing and resolution. Emotional healing is the allowing and feeling of them. The more we resist, the stronger they will persist and can then lead to physical dis-ease.

There are many types of guided meditations, so you can try some different ones to discover what works best for you. You may prefer only a small amount of words and more time in silence, or perhaps you want to be guided the whole way through. Choose what works for you and where you feel safe enough to be willing to open, feel, and heal.

Remember, emotions are not who you are; they are just what you are experiencing in the moment. There is no need to judge them or yourself. Instead, let them be and let them pass so healing can occur. You will feel so much better afterward! But at the same time, don't rush your healing, and be gentle with yourself.

Guided Meditation For Mental Healing

Listening to guided meditations can be a great way to shift our state of consciousness and guide our awareness into accepting healing for ourselves, which we may not be able to do consciously from our egoic, human awareness. This is because the egoic structure of the mind only operates from past experiences, so it holds on to old limiting beliefs, poor habits and behaviors, and outdated programming that isn't conducive to welcoming health and harmony.

We may have subconscious beliefs such as, it is not possible for us to heal, that we can't change our genes, that we must suffer, that we are in so much pain, that we will never be healthy, and so much more.

We may have a strong momentum of negative thoughts arising about why we can't heal, how we are unhealthy, sick, weak, and talk to and about ourselves in ways that do not honor our true state of health and harmony.

A lot of these outdated and untrue narratives just stick around as we them on repeat consistently, often without even realizing it. They can stem from our childhood, from what we got taught or were brought up to believe, and from past trauma.

Also, from remaining in a low vibrational state and staying stuck in a fixed mindset that we aren't allowing to expand and see differently. As we radiate a frequency out into the world, we then attract like things to us such as lower-dimensional thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences.

It is up to us to be willing to go beyond our current state of consciousness and vibrational state and to allow transformation to occur on a mental level so that health is very much possible and a strong potential for us to manifest in our reality within our human experience.

Guided meditation often guides us into a state of peace and stillness within the mind. We can allow the loud thoughts to dissipate and quiet, which allows our true self, our divinity, and higher self consciousness to be heard and known by us. We allow loving whispers from our heart to be heard and we can integrate our mind with the heart and open to new higher perspectives.

When we begin to listen to our inner guidance which arises as loving, compassionate, and true thoughts about who we are, we can begin to rewire our mental state to align more with these higher-dimensional thoughts and beliefs that remind us of our wholeness and our capacity to heal anything. We can also receive guidance and take action, which will be beneficial for our healing journey.

From there, we begin to tell new stories, hold new beliefs, and think new thoughts that make dis-ease no longer needed or necessary in our life. We use our conscious choice and intent to speak words of truth and healing to our cells and DNA, to ourselves, and to others.

We choose to align with and accept thoughts that are true and loving. We hold beliefs that honor our true nature and know our ability to live in a state of optimal health. Guided meditation ultimately opens and expands us on a mental level to the remembrance of our birthright to heal and receive insights and take the action that will support us.

Guided Meditation For Physical Healing

Guided meditation can support our physical healing by first affecting our consciousness and energetic state. Often things shift energetically first, so on a non-physical level such as mentally and emotionally, and this then affects our overall vibrational state and state of consciousness.

Then healing can occur on a physical level. The physical form is denser and can take a bit longer for tangible shifts to occur and be seen by us, which is why we have to be consistent and have trust in the healing that is unfolding for us. We need to remain steadfast in the knowing of our healed and healthy state before we may see it manifest in our physical reality.

However, I believe spontaneous, instant healing on a physical level is possible, and the power lies within you and IF it is in your highest good to be healed in that way. Miraculous healing will not occur if we haven't learned the lesson that the dis-ease was meant to teach us. Taking away an opportunity for growth and awakening through the experience of dis-ease is not beneficial for your expansion at a soul level.

However, just sitting and listening to a guided meditation can support us in becoming calm and less stressed therefore affecting us physically. We can allow our sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze trauma response) to ease and operate more from our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore) where we allow healing and rejuvenation to occur.

If we never allow our bodies to rest, relax and rejuvenate, then why are we expecting ourselves to heal when we are contributing to the opposite? Do we nourish our bodies with water, healthy food, and plenty of sleep? We need to take responsibility for treating our bodies with respect and love, too. If we treat it poorly, then we are sending the wrong messages to our body.

Let guided meditations not only affect your vibrational state and consciousness, but also bring your physical body into a state of rest and relaxation, so all the conditions are set up for physical healing to occur.

Guided Meditation For Spiritual Healing

Your true spiritual self is not in need of healing - it already knows it is divine, whole, and it is ultimately formless. It is a loving consciousness that is One with Source and all beings. Who you truly are is a unique spark of God. So when it comes to spiritual healing, it is only your human awareness that is needing to come into alignment with the truth of your whole, healed, and loving nature.

Guided meditation can invite us to connect with our true selves. It can allow it to emerge and be sensed and known by us. This spiritual awakening can be so healing to our human aspect and can completely change how we live our lives, how we perceive life, and what we do with our life.

We go beyond the limitations and boxes we were living in and claim who we really are and integrate our humanity with our divinity. We may begin to experience our multidimensionality and tap more into our subtle senses.

We see that our power lies within our own being and not "out there". We understand our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and we have the ability to consciously choose to align with our true self and express and embody that in the world.

Therefore, we begin to experience heaven on earth. We experience more harmony, love, peace, unity, and grace. Healing has always been available for us in our human experience but we just couldn't realize it as we thought who we were was our "lower self" aka our body and the role we had taken on from our programing.

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Final Words

Overall, guided meditation can support us in healing on all levels of our being. It is a tool that supports the expansion of consciousness and raising of our vibration which is what is truly healing. If you haven't tried meditaing before, give it a go. There are so many kinds, lengths and styles so allow yourself to explore and set aside time to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guided meditation help chakra healing?

Yes! There are different ways to balance and heal your chakras, and guided meditation is one way. It can help you focus on one chakra or many chakras for the purpose of clearing, healing, balancing, and activation.

Can you do inner child healing using guided meditation?

Yes, you can. You can do a inner child healing guided meditation that will guide you to bring your awareness to your inner child's consciousness and needs. It can create space to allow you to give your inner child what they need that they never got as a child. You can listen to them and nurture them and help them/you heal.


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