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Processing Emotions And Alchemizing Energy | Shift And Transform Your Energetic State | Feel To Heal

Understand emotions and energy from a spiritual perspective and feel safe to allow what is arising to be processed and alchemized

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Feeling emotions are a part of this human experience and what an honor it is to be able to feel so much! As we exist in a lower dimensional reality there will be denser, lower vibrational energies that we may experience in our life, but know you have the power to shift and alchemize them.

Understanding Emotions and Energy In This Human Experience

Remember, emotion is energy in motion, it is not who you are, it’s just what you may be experiencing in the moment. As you bring your presence and attention to these emotions you allow them to move and be processed and transform into a higher vibrational state.

A Little Spiritual Perspective...

At our essence we are all light, unconditional love and pure Source energy, but the form it may take may differ from this state as the third dimension does exist with a different level of consciousness and frequency range. So as we allow our emotions to shift and we raise our vibrational state we can release past trauma, emotions and anything that may be existing within us that is holding us back from being our higher-self embodied in human form.

So how do we deal with or approach the low vibrational energies that arise within us and around us? Know we experience seasons and cycles of growth, initiations and awakenings therefore the emotions that we will experience will come and go and will vary in their intensity.

Know Source, spirit and your higher self all want the best for you in terms of what will truly serve you at a soul level. All levels of your being such as your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies always want to be in harmony and balance. Knowing this can help us see that if we are experiencing disharmony within us, there is something happening within us that may be unbalanced, in resistance or wanting the light of our consciousness to be shone upon it so it can be transformed, integrated and to have harmony restored so we can be clear and open channels for our life force energy and soul’s essence to be expressed and embodied through.

When you release energetic density and resistance and allow, surrender and be present with what is coming up for you, this is where you really allow yourself to align with and embody a higher vibrational state aka your natural state.

How, When & Where To Process Emotions & Alchemize Energy

There are a variety of ways to shift your energy, what method you use will depend upon how intense the emotion is and where you currently are when you are experiencing it, as you always want to ensure you are in a safe place and have the capacity to hold space for yourself otherwise find someone who can support you.

If you are in your home and are ready to dive in and feel and be with what is arising the method of processing the energies will be different than if it’s a trigger coming from something someone said at work that triggered you however your workplace is not the environment where you feel it is the best time to process it (unless it’s a space where you feel safe and have the encouragement and support to do so) so you would like to find a way to elevate your energy so you can move forward in your day and go into it deeper when you get home.

Ideally when a low vibration or emotion arises in the moment you would want to be able to see it, feel it and process it then and there instead of feeling like you have to hold it in and carry it around. I want to highlight here that it’s very important not to bypass anything, it can be inviting to want to not go and feel the grief, anger, sadness, shame and more that may be arising and mask it with doing something high vibrational, but it is so important to actually give yourself permission to feel it so then it can be seen, heard, felt, transformed and alchemized.

Don't Bypass The Feels

If you just mask it with something that makes you feel good and don’t want to acknowledge those parts of you that are coming up to the surface for healing, it will continue to show up in your life through experiences until you free it. I recommend having tools that you can use when you may feel it’s not appropriate or acceptable to dive in for healing or you may not be in a safe place to feel what’s coming up for you. In these moments you do want something that can lift you up, shift your mindset, have self -compassion and self empowerment in that moment that will help shift your state so you can process and be present with the emotions later on.


Some tools that can help you in these situations can be mindfulness practices, meditation, breathwork, movement, mantra, mudra, tuning into your heart space and consciously tuning into renewing emotions or an increased vibration from what you are currently feeling, it may just be going from overwhelm to calm in that moment.

Ultimately you can do anything you find that raises your vibration and shifts your state of being, for some it may be using their voice singing or saying affirmations, for others it may be heading to the gym, going for a run, doing yoga or moving their body in some way. For others it may be sitting down by yourself taking some deep breaths, focusing on the present moment and the beauty that surrounds you in your environment. It may be expressing yourself creatively, baking, drawing, making something, there is no right or wrong, we are all unique and have different things that we know boost our mood and energy.

Don't Resist What Is Arising

Know there is a huge difference between focusing on something positive for the sake of maintaining a positive focus, and focusing on something positive for the sake of trying to escape from, ignore or get away from something negative. When we try to avoid something unpleasant or painful the thing we are trying to avoid gets worse. To release resistance to something you have to turn into the direction of it, instead of away from it, because turning away from it just reinforces your resistance to it.

When it comes to processing emotion it can feel so uncomfortable and feel kind of like you are dying as you let go of the old and heavy stuff that you may have carried around with you for so long. But know you will feel so free afterwards, you will be able to move forward in your life without the heaviness of what has been weighing you down and also feel a sense of self- empowerment as you claim your ability to alchemize your energetic state and instead of suppressing what arises or pushing it away you know how to overcome it.

Know you are your own healer, you can give yourself the sacred medicine of your own love and presence. Sometimes you may be able to heal something all at once in the moment, however often there can be layers. Take as much time as you need to soften and bring these things to the light, there is no rush here, there is no race, just a willingness and courage to go within when these emotions arise within you and in your awareness.

Here I have a guided meditation script, PDF instant download that you can read through or listen to on the Aura Health App that will support you in processing emotions. Also remember, we are all unique so there is not always a one size fits all process as we have all gone through our own experiences and dealt with them in different ways, so only do what you feel ready for.

Also know you do not have to do this healing work on your own of course get support from others that you feel guided towards, however it is important to learn some skills and tools to do on your own too!

Post Processing Your Emotions

Once you have processed the emotions that are arising, then it’s to use certain tools and practices that can then raise your vibration and assist you in feeling better if you feel like you would like to. BUT know it’s okay to be in the processing, to be in the lower vibrations and your shadows so they can come up and be alchemized. Do not make it wrong or bad, let them know that you see them, you are with them, you love them and that light is being shone upon them to be freed and transformed.

What Are Triggers, Projections & Reflections?

I think it is important to touch on what triggers, projections and reflections are as these are all part of living in an energetic world that does have certain universal laws and by understanding these you can know what beliefs, thoughts and emotions you may want to alter so you can create a reality that is serving you and benefitting you with what it is you want to create and that will feel good to you.

What Are Triggers?

Triggers are when we are going through life and someone does something or says something and you get that internal trigger, it feels like your buttons has been pushed, it causes this internal and external response that can cause you to react and feel angry, frustrated, upset and sometimes you might not even know why!

Triggers are for you, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. They are a reminder from a previous wound that you have not dealt with so it’s a sign to address the issue. For example, you may experience a situation where a person triggers you, you get the emotional reaction within you where you suddenly feel worthless, most likely this is from a situation in childhood or another situation which made you feel a similar way and it hurt you.

So when you encounter a trigger in your present day it is showing you that there is still a vibration existing within you (it may be conscious or unconscious) and it is coming up via a person or experience to reflect this back to you so it can then be transformed and integrated within you.

Reflections & Projections

What can happen if we don’t deal with these emotions, we can tend to then project these feelings onto others and blame them for the way you are feeling instead of taking self responsibility for what is coming up for you, this is what reflections and projections are. It’s about become as self aware as possible, but also having compassion for yourself knowing that some things will remain in your subconscious until you are ready to become aware of them.

Understand that everyone in your life is playing a role for you and they are a mirror, a reflection of yourself to help you heal, grow and expand. These include people that trigger you, that love you or that you encounter in your community. If we can look at things from a perspective of everyone is playing a role for us to assist us on our journey in this lifetime it can help us deal with the unwanted or deemed negative experiences or feelings we encounter.

So as a person triggers us in a situation reflecting a low vibration, or emotion back to us we can then respond with compassion, to see this scenario as a gift to come back into wholeness, to release, transmute, alchemize and heal. We can then go home and hold space for ourselves to dive deeper into this as we feel it within us, we can let ourselves feel the sadness, the anger or anything that is coming up to be felt, seen, loved and ultimately transmute this and alchemize it into a higher vibrational energy, we can come back to our natural state and essence.

Final Words

This is all part of being the Source energy creator being that you are in human form and consciously creating your reality through mastering your emotions and energy and understanding how this dimension works when it comes to vibrations.

Some of the time it will crush your ego, having to face these deep parts of you and committing to heal and alchemize these belief patterns, thoughts and emotions that you have held on to for so long.

But also there will be times where you become more and more conscious and aware of what shows up and you have that self- compassion and empowerment and you can experience the highest of emotions there is to experience as a human! To be able to experience pure bliss, unconditional love, abundance, joy and inner peace in your life and to decide what you want to have in your life and to allow it in through your energetic state is truly powerful!

Your attention to anything is offering a vibration that law of attraction is responding to, so you’re getting back what you’re giving out all day everyday so be picky about what you believe, feel and think.


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