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Noticing The Divinity In Each Moment Spiritual Poem By Hayley Zammit

Spiritual poetry for the human experience

It's the warmth of a hot tea in my hands. The calming sounds of the natural word. Soft silky materials to touch. The dreamy clouds above me. A fleeting sparrow passing by. The safe hug from my beloved. It's the comfort of my bed as I gaze out the window. The warmth of my baby nestled in my arms. The presence of my furry friend close by. It's the smell of the scented candle on my bedside table. The steam from a hot shower. It's the leaves as they say hello on a midday walk. The sun as it peaks out and warms my face. The cool soil beneath my feet welcoming me home. It's the sound of a delicious meal being cooked in the kitchen. The crackling of a fire. The deep belly breaths. The lemon growing on the tree. The crinkle of a page as I read a book. So much magic and pleasure in each day. Choosing to be with it and not let it pass me by. Maybe this is what it means to truly be alive.

- Hayley Zammit

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