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Motherhood And Spirituality | A Spiritual Foundation Will Support You As A Mother| Spiritual Mothers

How Spirituality Can Help You Thrive During The Transition Into Motherhood And Beyond

Are you a woman who is stepping into motherhood who has a spiritual foundation in your life or wishes to cultivate a stronger spiritual connection to your own divinity, heart, or higher consciousness? In this blog, you will discover how having a strong spiritual foundation will support your transition into motherhood.

Being a "spiritual mother" or mum that lives a life that is rooted in the knowing, honoring, expressing, and embodying of her divine nature creates a beautiful foundation to raise a child in this world, as well as to support you mentally, emotionally and physically as you go through the major life transition of becoming a mama.

Firstly, A Personal Share From My First Month Going From Maiden To Mother...

This is a post I shared on Instagram (@hayleyzammit_) the other day

I am so grateful for the spiritual foundation that I cultivated in my 20s, as I feel it is supporting me so much right now. Having just turned 30 a month ago and transitioning into motherhood it doesn't feel like a death of the previous version of me, but instead a reclamation of my wholeness, an embracing of a different aspect of me, and more soul intentions being experienced and fulfilled. Even with the waves of emotional, mental and physical states postpartum offers, I can ride the waves and come back to my center. I feel the changes that occur during the unfolding of going from maiden to mother invite us to remember more of who we truly are, tap more into our divine feminine essence, bring healing to our inner child, and provide us with an opportunity to be more present, playful, open-minded, intuitive, unconditionally loving, honoring of the sacredness of life and so much more...

3 Ways A Strong Spiritual Foundation Will Support Your Transition Into Motherhood

1. You feel connected to your true divine self and God/Source/Universe/Creator so no matter what you go through you can come back to your center and alignment

Because, let's be real...postpartum can feel like a rollercoaster! So many emotional states, highs and lows, sleep deprivation, and a massive life transition have just taken place and your hormones are all over the show...

However, if we get stuck in a depressive state, in stress and overwhelm, feeling lost and disconnected from feeling who we truly are, and feel like we have no support and like it's us against the world this is detrimental to our wellbeing and will ultimately affect our newborn and your ability to enjoy this special time with your baby.

When you have cultivated and nurtured a connection to your spirit and to Source/God you know deep within your heart that you are loved, powerful, supported, and guided always! You can come back to your center, to your alignment with your heart, divinity, or higher self consciousness after moments of sadness, frustration, overwhelm, and more. You can allow those heavy emotional states to move and be processed with acceptance, presence, and compassion, and be alchemized into a higher state. Not to get rid of them, but because you honor them and wish to integrate that which wants your attention and love and you do not identify yourself with them. You know who you truly are and you handle all experiences within motherhood with grace.

No matter what happens, you are never held down or feel stuck for long because you see and understand from a higher perspective, you see the gifts and opportunities in everything that comes your way as you move through life as a new mum with a beautiful newborn. Ultimately, there is an innate sense of empowerment within you that keeps you moving forward at your own pace and are willing to be open to the journey and all that arises.

2. Creates an opportunity for the healing of your own inner child to occur to you move forward in your wholeness and empowerment

Even though we may be an adult and on our way to becoming a mother, that does not mean that the consciousness of our inner child does not still exist within us. There are many aspects to us and many parts that still require integration. Denying, rejecting, or stuffing down trauma or emotions from experiences that were too much to process or handle as a child arises in divine timing throughout our life when it is time for us to bring presence, compassion, and love to these parts of us and therefore bring about healing and integration.

As we enter into motherhood or are deep in mothering, our own wounds may be triggered or be reflected back to us from our child. We may also recognize the old belief systems that we have been carrying around that no longer are empowering for us and we do not wish to pass them on to our own children.

3. Full permission to embrace your divine feminine essence and enter motherhood being compassionate, receptive, nurturing, graceful, and more

In today's society, it can be easy and the norm to embody and express our masculine energy, but motherhood creates a beautiful space for us women to surrender into our divine feminine essence. When we know who we are and are in touch with the divine qualities that exist within our soul's blueprint as a woman in this lifetime, we can let our feminity shine and be embraced.

We can nurture our children, be creative, intuitive, compassionate, joyful, empathic, loving, and more. Our feminine essence is the very thing that our children need and when we breastfeed, soothe, and rock our baby to sleep in our arms and the value and impact of our powerful divine feminine nature can truly be witnessed and valued.

If you are not used to expressing or embodying this part of you, it may feel like home or like a remembrance and reclamation of you. You can flow and be graceful as you move into motherhood and surrender into the beautiful feminine qualities within you and step back from the masculine energy for a bit. Know that being a mother is an opportunity to do some amazing work as raising the next generation to be who they came into this world to be is so important.

Final Words

I believe that children choose their parents pre-birth...and you chose's a divine co-creation with your soul family! So know, you are the perfect mother to your child, just as you are and where you are at. You do not need to be like any other mother, just be you and listen to the call within to remember and cultivate your spiritual connection to your true self and God / Source.

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