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Join Hayley for a live 30 minute class on Insight Timer! 

Source Transmissions: Channeled Message & Energy Work

Join Hayley for an energetic transmission and channeled message from Source/Spirit to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. The 30 minute class starts with a short heart centering meditation followed by sharing a pre-written channeled message then an energetic transmission of love and healing.

When: Next class coming in Jan 2024

Global Healing Through Love

Join Hayley in radiating love into the collective field of humanity for healing, unity and awakening. Be a conscious transmitter of energy to support raising the vibration and consciousness of humanity. The 30 minute class starts with Hayley guiding you into activating the love within you before sitting in silence as all the participants send out love to all humans on the earth.

When: Next class coming in Jan 2024

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How To Attend My Classes

1. Download the free Insight Timer App & get yourself set up on that beforehand.

2. Click on the link above to join the LIVE class OR head to my profile on the app and go to the events tab to join.

3.Enter early if you wish, create a nice space for yourself and get settled.

I will be the only person on video but you will have access to the chat to leave any comments.

Everyone is welcome to attend for free, however a suggested donation of $11 NZD is appreciated.  


If you can't make the live class I do try to upload the recordings of my classes on my YouTube channel.

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