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A Loving Reminder During The Hard Times | A Message For You To Come Home To Yourself

What You Need To Hear When Times Get Tough (depression/grief/heartbreak/hopelessness/overwhelm etc)

Beautiful Soul,

You have the power to overcome anything in this life,

Yes, at the moment you may feel so much pain and suffering,

You may feel worthless, grief, hurt, betrayed, angry and overwhelmed,

You may have tried to sleep, drink, work, or party the pain away and escape the reality of the situation,

No matter how you keep yourself busy, your mind is still so loud and you feel like there is an internal battle happening within you.

I invite you to use this as your power, your strength to allow transformation to occur,

Be in it, feel it, and let it catalyze you into your full potential.

Don’t try to escape this moment, but instead accept it so you can move forward,

Let it catapult you into remembering who you truly are,

Let it awaken you to what is important and what you want from life,

And remind you of who you came here to be.

This period in your life does not define you, it is not who you are,

It’s one of many experiences in your life that you have gone through,

One day you will look back and see what a gift this was as it changed the trajectory of your whole life.

A whole new path full of potential and possibility opened up for you to claim

But for now,

It's okay to be in the thick of it,

To need time and space to feel and heal,

To be present with what wants your attention,

And to fill yourself up with compassion, gentleness, and love,

To give yourself whatever it is that you need right now.

Everything else can wait,

You are the priority right now,

Nurture yourself,

Do the little things that bring you comfort,

Take it step by step,

Day by day,

Moment by moment,

Just be here, now, fully

With what is,

And with who you truly are,

Come home back to yourself

Much Love,



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