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4 Things I Needed To Hear When I Hit Rock Bottom | What To Say To Your Loved One During A Hard Time

Have a friend or family member that is going through depression, grief or a tough time? Heres 4 things to let them know...

1. You are safe here to feel and heal

In this house, you have full permission to be in whatever state you are in. You have permission to feel and express anything that wants to come up. Let yourself process what needs to be processed in your own time as it arises. You will not be forced to act or behave in a certain way. You don’t have to paint a fake smile on your face or wear a mask to shield you from what you are truly feeling. I will not distract you with activities or things to do to take your mind off things. Instead, being fully present with your heart and with what needs healing is the remedy. You do not have to suppress, deny, or shove any pain down. You will not be told that your emotions are wrong. You are safe to feel and heal here for as long as you need.

2. Nobody has walked life in your shoes, but I know someone who has overcome something similar

I do not know what it is like to be in your situation, but I do believe that you are not alone in this. There are others who will understand what you are going through and to who you will be able to relate. There is hope. There is a way through. You may not see any way out now, but I have faith that you can thrive.

3. There are some tools that can support you in navigating this situation and will support you in moving forward empowered

Being consumed by thoughts and staring at the wall crying can be a part of the process, but when you feel ready to perhaps try some tools or modalities to help ease you out of feeling so low, there are some options. Trust what ones you feel guided to, and perhaps give one a go. Things like meditation, journaling, being in nature, and many other tools to give yourself the opportunity to heal and give yourself more love are always available if you choose to give them a try.

4. I love you no matter what

I love you, and I will love you in all your phases and cycles. I will love you in your sadness and in your happiness. I will love you even if you don’t want to talk right now. I love you unconditionally. There is nothing you could ever do or say that will stop me from being here for you right now.

4 Things I Needed To Hear When I Hit Rock Bottom | What To Say To Your Loved One During A Hard Time


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