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Aura Health App | Find Peace With This All-In-One Mental Wellness, Mindfulness & Sleep App | Free & Paid Options | Personalized Content Recommendations | Therapy From Your Phone

Discover the best wellness app to suit your wellbeing needs + my Aura Health App Review

This blog may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you purchase a product through my link at no extra cost to you.

Key Info

  • Aura Health is an all-in-one mental wellness, mindfulness, and sleep app

  • Hundreds of coaches, therapists, storytellers and musicians

  • 8M + community members

  • Free & paid versions available

  • You can listen to downloaded tracks offline

  • Personalized recommendations

  • 1-1 online coaching option available

Aura Health App Summary

Personally, Aura Health is my #1 favorite app for meditation, ambient music, sleep stories, and talks /coaching. There is also hypnosis, therapy, work wellness, prayer, ASMR, breathwork, health coaching, and spiritual content, and more on there too if that's your thing.

In this short blog, let's point out the key things you need to know about the Aura Health App such as how its usability is, the pricing, and what the content is like. After reading this you will be able to have some clarity about if it's the right app for you and your wellness needs.

Aura Health App Navigation & Usability

Okay, if you have just downloaded the Aura Health App to your device then you start off taking a quiz so the app knows your unique interests and needs so it can show you personalized recommendations.

If you are already a user as soon as you open the app a beautiful quote appears which is a beautiful start to the app experience. (Today's one was "Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.)

The homepage has different tabs such as emotions, coaching, meditation, story, and more that you can click on to go directly to the content that you want which makes it easy to navigate. Below that you can scroll through newly added tracks if you want the most up-to-date stuff.

Live sessions with the app's coaches happen on a regular basis. So, as you scroll down the homepage you can see what coaches are holding upcoming live sessions over the next few days and the times and you can reserve your spot.

If you want to dive into a series on a particular topic then you can such as for a beginner's breath meditations, daily affirmations, managing stress and anxiety, becoming a better sleeper, and more. This goes for podcasts too!

Aura Health App Personalized Recommendations

Because Aura personalizes your content by putting in your interests and emotions and showing you more content from the coaches you follow as well, there are what you could call playlists for you. Your Discover Aura, Your Advanced Meditation Mix, Your Healing Mix, and more are ready for you to click on and dive into the tracks that you feel called to listen to.

You can see what content is popular and trending on the app and like all the other tracks, what category they are in such as life coaching, energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, sleep, and so on. Also, your recently played tracks are there for you to easily go back into and listen again.

Aura Health App Online Coaching

The Aura Health App is available for you to seek out 1-1 coaching services too. Simply click on the people icon at the bottom of the screen to be directed to the coaching page.

Whether you want coaching to reduce stress, deal with emotions, calm anxiety, or spiritual or sleep support, there will be a coach perfect for you. If you are an Aura Premium member you can get your first discovery session for free. You can view recommended coaches for you with their pricing plans and services as well as how many spots they have left.

How does 1-1 coaching work on the Aura Health App?

  1. Meet online with your desired coach for a 30min call to chat about your needs and to set some goals together.

  2. Have your live online sessions together but also message your coach privately if you need to.

  3. You will also receive weekly track recommendations and track progress as you go along through your chosen plan.

  4. As you track your health trends on the app you will be able to see it represented on a beautiful weekly graph.

Aura Health App Live Sessions

Some coaches will regularly hold live sessions via the app for people to join for free. If you click on the world icon at the bottom of the screen it will take you to the scheduled live sessions. You can scroll down the list of lives which will tell you the topic, coach, start time, and duration.

Simply click the plus button to reserve your spot. You can click on the 'my schedule' tap to see what lives you have been wanting to attend. No worries if you can't make the live session because the replays are available to watch from the replay tab. I love how easy to navigate the Live section is and that there are a variety of coaches willing to hold these sessions for free.

Aura Health App Sleep Tracks

If you want to go directly to the sleep content, the moon icon at the bottom of the screen will take you easily to all the sleep tracks where you can dive into sleep sounds, sleep stories, sleep meditations, sleep hypnosis, sleep music, sleep ASMR, sleep sound baths and more.

I like how the back screen is dark so it's not as bright on the eyes. It's easy to access what exactly you are looking for as even the sleep meditations for example are divided up into deep sleep meditations, body scan for sleep, sleep hypnosis, breath sleep tracks, yoga nidra, relax before bed etc. This helps the listener find what they are looking for a lot quicker and with more ease and also shows what you can choose from if you weren't familiar with the diversity of the content that is available.

Aura Health App Personal Profile

Your profile keeps track of your library of recently played tracks, your favorites, playlists, listen later tracks, downloaded tracks, and your coaches. You can access it by clicking on the person icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you will also find other tools such as a gratitude journal, badges, and mood trends.

Gratitude Journal - Write what you are grateful for today. Revisit your gratitude and reflection diary when you need a pick-me-up.

Badges - Gamify your Aura App usage by collecting badges along the way. How many can you unlock?

Mood Trends - Track your mood over the last 7 or 30 days to see your progress and become aware of how you are feeling.

Aura Health App Pricing

There is both a free and paid version of the Aura Health App.

Free Option

Aura Health App has a free version where people can listen to a 3-minute track every 2 hours per day.

Premium Subscription

Get unlimited access to all content!

Click here to receive 25% off your Aura Health App subscription + a 7 day free trial once you sign up.

Annual Plan $69.99 USD + 7 day free trial

Monthly Plan $11.99 USD

Lifetime Plan $399.99 USD

Family Plan $119.99 USD (upgrade to add more members to one subscription)

Aura Health App Bonuses

A few other things that I love about the Aura Health App are:

Add Ambient Sounds

You can add any ambient sounds you like to a meditation track you are listening to. For example, if you are listening to a sleep track and want to add in ocean wave sounds because you find it relaxing you can!

Sleep Timer

There is a sleep timer you can use to set the duration of a track or background sounds - handy as!

New Content Added Weekly

There are meditations added every week so you always have new, upcoming content on its way to listen to.

Ad Free

Aura Health App contains no ads which is so great. Let's be real, there's nothing worse than listening to a meditation on YouTube and an ad comes up and ruins it...

Final Aura Health App Review

There you have it, a summary of the Aura Health App from a user's perspective. I honestly can say that I'm not sure what recommendations I would have to improve the app.

The Aura Health App has so many features and there are many top coaches, therapists, and health professionals on there providing the most diverse range of content that I have ever seen on an app.

To me, the Aura Health App's appearance is beautiful and it is easy for a not-so-tech-savvy person like me to use. I also think the cost is very reasonable and well worth it for an all-in-one mental wellness, mindfulness, and sleep app.

Overall, it's definitely a wellness app that I would highly recommend for anyone seeking meditation or sleep content from the comfort of their phone to aid their mental well-being or to learn from top therapists and coaches worldwide.

To learn more and get a discount on your subscription click here

aura health app review


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