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What Is Aura Health? Find Out More About This Top Up And Coming Meditation & Mindfulness App

Listen to meditations, bedtime stories, spiritual talks, music, life coaching & more

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Do you find yourself wanting to take time out just for yourself? To be able to create time and space, whether it's a morning practice, during your commute to work, or at night before bed, to listen to a guided meditation, meditation music, or coaching track that will support you in your overall wellbeing?

Aura is a mindfulness app filled with audio tracks to support the listener in mindfulness and wellbeing. Offering a range of content from many different vetted coaches and therapists, you can feel confident in receiving quality support and teachings right from your phone via the Aura Health App.

In this article, let's explore what Aura is all about and how you can test it out and see if it's right mindfulness app for you!

aura health app meditation mindfulness

What is the Aura Health App?

Aura Health is a meditation and mindfulness app that supports your emotional wellbeing. Kinda like a Spotify for wellness tracks! The shortest tracks are only 3 mins and the longest are hours long. It selects personalized recommendations for you which makes it easier to access the tracks that you want to listen to.

The Aura Health digital platform is filled with:

  • Meditations

  • Stories

  • Music

  • Life coaching

  • Hypnosis

  • Therapy

  • Prayer

  • Breathwork

  • Health coaching

  • ASMR

  • Work wellness

  • Sounds

Trusted by over 7 million users, listen to the coaches' free content or sign up to receive one on one coaching. There are over 13,000 tracks to choose from and over 30,000 five-star reviews.

There is also a gratitude and reflection diary on there and you also have the ability to share your thoughts with the community. You can put in how you are feeling and be guided to certain tracks to support you and get personalized recommendations for you.

There is so much content from therapists and coaches to support you and your needs. Also, the app is completely ad-free!

Is the Aura App free to use or do I need to subscribe?

You can use the Aura Health App for free on your phone! Although you are limited to listening to one 3-minute track, every two hours.

Upgrading to a premium subscription is definitely worthwhile as this allows you to have access to all the content on the platform and listen to as many tracks as you want.

Wondering what it costs to upgrade to a premium subscription?

Currently (as at 2023) here are the different plans and prices:

  • Annual Plan $59.99 USD

  • Monthly Plan $11.99 USD

  • Lifetime Plan $399.99 USD

  • Family Plan (upgrade to add more family members to one subscription) $119.99 USD

These prices are super affordable and well worth it because let's face it, if the content supports your overall wellbeing, therefore your quality of life, what could be more important?

We can kind of think of it as like a gym membership, but instead of affecting your physical body, it's enhancing your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, depending on the tracks you choose to listen to.

If you would like to test the Aura App out before you decide to subscribe to it and have unlimited access, I have a free 30 day Guest Pass for you! Just click on the link below. I personally am a teacher on the Aura Health app and have a bunch of tracks you are welcome to listen to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the Aura Health App while offline?

Yes! Just download the tracks you want access to while you are still online so you can play them when you are offline. You can view all your downloaded tracks in the library tab.

Can I filter tracks on the Aura App?

You can filter tracks by selecting your preferences. You can do this by duration, country, guidance, coach, gender, and topic. You can also search any word you like by tapping on the search icon.

How do I find the most recent tracks I have listened to on Aura?

Just select Me then Recent Sessions. Easy!

Final Words

I love the Aura Health App, I think it is a great platform with so much to offer, whether you just join the free version or subscribe to a premium plan. The variety of content is outstanding and includes coaches and therapists of a range of genders, cultures, and traditions.

With so much content being shared in the world today, Aura is an app is a place you can go to that will be beneficial to your wellbeing on so many levels. Give yourself the gift of Aura!


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