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5 Signs You Need Meditation In Your Life | Find Out If You Need To Start Meditating

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It's okay, I get it. I haven't been a meditator all my life. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom at the age of 23 that I started a meditation practice.

Life can feel stressful, chaotic, and overstimulating. It often isn't until we reach our limits mentally, emotionally, or physically we realize we need to take a break and slow things down.

Implementing meditation into our lifestyle is a way we can create space and find some stillness in our daily life. We can come back to the present moment and find our center regardless of our busy workload or crazy family life schedule.

Here are 5 signs that you would benefit from a meditation practice

1. You wake up dreading the day

This sucks. I've been there and done that. Not wanting to open my eyes and face reality as I slap my phone to turn the alarm off. Just wishing I could stay in my comfortable bed forever and forget about commuting to an unfulfilling job just to pay the bills. Whether this is your scenario or not, doing even a short 10 minute meditation can be super effective in transforming your mood and mindset. Stay in your warm bed or go grab a fluffy blanket and get cozy on the couch and listen to a guided meditation from a meditation or mindfulness app or YouTube to take you through meditation to start your day feeling more calm and optimistic.

2. You feel like your brain can't shut off

Feel like your mind is going a million miles per hour? So many worrisome or fearful thoughts about the past and future popping up? I know sometimes it feels like your brain has an old mixtape on replay. This is a major sign that you need to get grounded in the present moment and tune into the presence of your true self beyond the mind. Stillness and peace await. It just requires some practice of letting go of resistance and ultimately the willingness to surrender and relax the mind and body.

3. You are an emotional wreck

Now I don't mean that in a mean way, but we all know what it's like to be so emotional and overwhelmed with all the feels. It's likely that you haven't given yourself time to just stop and be so you can process these emotions. Emotions want to move and be transformed so you can come back into balance and harmony. Do yourself a favor and meditate - you gotta feel to heal. This may not look like a tranquil or blissful moment sitting in a lotus pose, it may look like you getting super vulnerable and letting the tears flow, and that's perfect.

4. You feel disconnected to who you truly are

Life is pretty much a journey of self discovery and there will likely be a point when you feel lost or like you know that there is more to who you really are. Meditation in my opinion is the best tool to help you go within and tap into your true self beyond the limited human awareness and conditioning. You can discover who you were before the world told you who to be and begin to peel away the layers and reveal your unique self that you are here to express and embody.

5. You are feeling physically depleted or experiencing dis-ease in the body

Can't leave the house, cause you are feeling weak, tired, or sore? Meditation will not only be something for you to "do" but it can support your nervous system in coming into a state of "rest and digest" instead of an activated "fight, flight, freeze or fawn" state. Let's be real, if you are stressed in mind and body you cannot heal. You must bring in some relaxation and balance and allow more life force energy to move through you which can happen simply by breathing, releasing tension in the body, and being at peace in the present moment.

Does this sound like you? If so, why not give meditation a try. There really are no rules about how you do it, you have the freedom to do what feels most enjoyable and effective to you. Whether you listen to a guided meditation audio to take you through a process in the comfort of your home or sit on the bus to work being conscious of the inhale and exhale of the breath, you can use meditation as a tool to enhance your life in a positive way!

7 signs you need meditation in your life


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