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Reading As A Meditative Practice | How To Do A Reading Meditation To Support Your Spiritual Journey

Plus recommended reading material for your mindful or contemplative practice

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Are you curious about how to use reading as a form of meditation? If you find it hard to sit still, close your eyes and keep your busy mind at bay, meditative reading might be for you!

A reading meditation can be done to aid your spiritual growth or simply to meditate in a different way. Using a spiritual book or guided meditation script, you are invited into a mindful or contemplative practice.

Whether you love reading or are simply seeking a new way to meditate, keep reading to learn how to do a reading meditation and some recommended reading material.

Reading As A Form Of Meditation

If I had to define what meditation is, I would say it is being in a state of pure awareness. Being one with Source consciousness, experiencing the divine multidimensional presence of awareness that we truly are at our essence. But it really comes down to our intention for wanting to meditate, which determines how we meditate and what we experience.

Advanced meditators can simply relax into a meditation, but often beginners may choose to direct their mind and tune into something. This may be a stream of consciousness, energy, or physical thing to support the expansion of their awareness. From there, accessing a higher state of consciousness that goes beyond the limited human awareness.

There are many forms of meditation. It differs slightly from a traditional mindfulness practice, which is more focused on being present with what is arising in the physical world with our physical senses. Meditation, on the other hand, is more involved in merging the spiritual and physical. Allowing our divine self to be more known and experienced by us in the moment.

A book from a spiritual teacher, a channeled message from a higher dimensional being, or a guided meditative script from a meditation guide, are all forms of writing we can use when doing a reading meditation.

Meditative Reading Can Be A Mindful And Contemplative Practice

I would put reading into two main meditation categories - mindful or contemplative (or both!). It is ultimately dependent upon what you are reading, and what your intention is for doing meditative reading.

Reading As A Form Of Mindfulness Meditation

Reading can be a type of mindful meditation as you are present and focused on the reading material. Guided meditation scripts can be great for this as you guide yourself through a meditative process at your own pace while experiencing the relaxation in your body or the breath as it moves through you in real time, for example.

Whether it's a book or guided meditation script, you can be mindful in many ways. Notice the font, observe your body's reaction, feel the page in your hands, and observe the emotions that come up. From that state of being, you can be receptive to your true self as you feel the shift in your energy and consciousness.

Reading As A Form Of Contemplative Meditation

Reading can be a contemplative practice where you tune in and connect to the spiritual transmissions (words and energy). You can contemplate a passage or sentence and sit with it. Not taking anything in as the absolute truth, but directing your focus into that space to see what spiritual wisdom presents itself.

Perhaps your reading material triggers an awakening or realization within you, or maybe it helps you process something from the past. Simply creating the time to enjoy spiritual wisdom or thoughts can support you in connecting to a deeper part of you that is spiritual in nature and wants to be integrated into your life.

5 Step Reading Meditation Process

Here's a simple meditative reading process in five steps! But, of course, always listen to your own inner guidance on how you may be drawn to do your reading meditation.

Step 1. Choose your reading material

What do you want to read? What's your intention? Do you want to follow guided steps to go on an inner journey to connect with your heart and soul or just to relax and recenter? Do you want to create space to access higher consciousness material? Consider your intention and then pick reading material that is in alignment with it.

Step 2. Create space

You may like to close your eyes and take some deep, conscious breaths and bring your awareness into the present moment before you begin reading. Additionally, you may want to create a pleasant space for yourself or do yoga or other practice beforehand to open your mind and heart.

Step 3. Begin reading mindfully

Be fully present with what you are reading and allow your senses to be immersed in the experience as well.

Step 4. Contemplation

Stop reading when there is something you would like to contemplate. You may like to close your eyes and just sit and be with the words you have read. You can skip this step if you are reading a guided meditation script.

Step 5. Integration (optional but recommended)

After your meditative reading, you may want to write down thoughts or note down your experience. It is now up to you to integrate this state of being and wisdom into your life if you choose.

Recommended Reading For Meditation

Here are some reading materials I recommend for your reading meditation. There is a variety to choose from, so feel into what you feel called to explore.

Top 3 Books

Sharing personal, philosophical writings from a primarily Stoic perspective, Meditations: A New Translation, shares thoughts from Marcus Aurelius, a past philosopher, and Roman Emperor. Gregory Hays translates this version into a more modern English language for an easier read.

This book provides the reader with the opportunity for self-inquiry and moral and ethical topics to consider. If you are asking big life questions such as why am I here and how do I deal with pain and suffering, definitely add Meditations: A New Translation to your list!

Meditations: A New Translation, is written in a way where main themes and questions are being revisited and questioned rather than being new, enlightening messages. This book guides your awareness in a direction for contemplation and will have you diving deep into the nitty gritty aspects of life.

It's not often that you come across a young, female spiritual writer who brings through higher consciousness transmissions. This book shares insights around topics such as ascension, acceptance, healing, self-empowerment, our divinity and humanity, and more.

Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience is a must-read for those wanting to do meditative reading and receive spiritual teachings and insights in the process.

If you are keen to learn about meditation while you do a reading meditation, True Meditation: Discover The Freedom Of Pure Awareness is great. It's short but enlightening, offering words of wisdom about how one can meditate beyond certain techniques and addressing the key ways to tap into pure awareness.

Top 3 Royalty Free Guided Meditation Scripts PDF

This is a perfect guided meditation script for a mindful reading practice. Listen deeply to your outer and inner world.

If you are after a meditative read that will support you in moving through any resistance you may be experiencing, this is it. You will be guided through a visualization and be given the opportunity to heal in mind, body, and heart.

Remember your divinity and innate goodness with this meditative read. A personal favorite of mine for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is reading a form of meditation?

Reading can be used as a form of meditation, just like there are many other methods of meditative practice. The key is to treat it as such!

How do I read meditations?

Reading meditations is to be done slowly and mindfully. Follow the guided practice and take time in stillness with your eyes closed as you go through the guided meditation script.

How can I translate words from a book into a meditative practice?

Contemplate what you have read. Question it, let it sit in your heart, and allow revelations to arise.

Final Words

Overall, reading as a meditation practice can be done in a mindful and contemplative way to support your spiritual growth as you go through this human experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator, give a reading meditation a try!

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