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Receive Custom Personalized Guided Meditation Scripts For Business Or Personal use

An exclusive meditation script written especially for you and your requirements

Having your own custom guided meditation script can support you and your business by offering unique and exclusive guided meditations. Don't want to use a pre-written, non-exclusive meditation script that has been used elsewhere? Get your one written!

What Is A Personalized Meditation Script & How To Get One?

A personalized / customized guided meditation script will be written especially for you based on the information you provide on your consultation form. You may want your custom meditation script written for yourself to support you in overcoming something, getting in touch with your true self, to assist you in becoming less anxious and stressed and instead peaceful and successful in what you do. Alternatively, you may want a unique meditation script written to use within a program or course you are taking your clients through or to support your staff within your company.

To get your own customized meditation script, you can order one of my packages and fill out the consultation form! From there, I can write up your guided meditation scripts based on the information you have provided and email the attachments to you when they are completed. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

Why Get A Customized Meditation Script Written?

A key reason why getting a custom meditation script written for you or your business is important is that you know nobody else in the world will have this script! You have complete rights to it and nobody else will find the script online anywhere.

A meditation that is specific to you and your needs will be a lot more impactful than using a general script that is designed to help a bunch of people who are all different in their meditation skills, history, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

custom guided meditation script

Written by Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Writer & Meditation Guide


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