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What Does It Mean To Have Energetic and Emotional Mastery? | Be Empowered In Your State Of Being

Learn the importance of having mastery over your emotional and energetic state

Have you heard the term energetic mastery and emotional mastery and wondered what exactly that means? In this blog we will dive into these empowering spiritual terms so you can understand it more deeply.

Energetic and emotional mastery is being able to be conscious and aware of your current state and being able to choose what you are transmitting and transmuting. Your emotions and energetic state are not unconscious or determined by anything outside of you.

Know that we live in a world where everything is energy and vibration, everything arises as a unique frequency within the one Source consciousness. You are, the trees are, the rocks are, it’s just we see most things as dense solid matter, not the pure aspect of what it truly is due to us living in a lower dimensional reality.

energetic and emotional mastery

Firstly, What Are Vibrational States?

So, as everything is energy it is therefore vibrating and the rate or speed of vibration can change, this determines the frequency of it for nothing is fixed. As humans our emotional state tends to determine our vibration. Feeling the emotions of joy, love, abundance could be labeled as a high vibration so on a human emotional level it feels good, we feel expanded. Whereas a low vibration such as grief, anger or sadness at emotional level it doesn’t feel that great.

As we continue to feel and embody more of the higher vibrations or those natural qualities that we are at our essence, we can raise our overall frequency, we in turn allow more love, joy, abundance, harmony and more into our life! So that is why being able to master our energetic state is vital to truly living a life that we desire, a life where we feel connected to who we truly are, where we feel empowered, where we feel abundance in all areas of our life – within us, in our business, in our relationships, in our lifestyle and so much more.

Embracing Our Natural State Of Being

It’s about coming back to our natural state and essence, the divine qualities that God / Source is such as unconditional love, also exists within us. In this human experience we came to experience a whole range of emotions so it’s not about wanting to push certain ones away, it’s about understanding why they are arising within you so you can process them and alchemize them into a higher state so you can move forward claiming your abilities as a Source energy being that is here to create in this lifetime.

We no longer attach to things or push anything away but instead consciously choose the vibration we wish to align with and reside more in our true soul’s essence rather than being stuck in who we thought we were from what we have taken on from the world around us.

Take A Look At Our Beliefs & Programming

In order to truly master our energetic state, to really feel and embody those higher vibrational energies aka our natural essence is to first address our belief systems and programing as this in turn affects our thoughts and emotions which affect our overall energetic frequency we are emitting into the world which is where we are a magnet to attracting all that which is a frequency match into our life!

So, we cannot skip the first part, we cannot skip looking at our root core beliefs and programs that are not serving us, as if we don’t heal or integrate them we will not be able to truly and consistently bring to us all that we want. Our life will keep bringing to us a match to the lower vibrations that are existing within us to be seen and healed and alchemized by us.

Understanding The Power Of Energy and Frequency

This is a quantum universe which responds to energy, vibration and frequency. To some extent it does understand words and sound especially when it is done coming from a heart centered place and you are present and conscious with it such as using ancient mantras, sacred sound instruments and light language as really everything at its pure form first comes into existence as sound and light.

However it’s the pure intent and energy behind the words that are most important when we speak. That’s why when you want to transform your life to one where you feel for example joy, you need to be able to feel it first, marinate in it, engulf yourself in the energy of joy and embody it, really anchor it into your body. So often people are too much in the mind, they may do affirmations and say for example “I am abundant” while they truly feel so much lack and scarcity inside so they are saying one thing but sending out an energetic signal of the opposite. Therefore this will not work in attracting and creating that in your life until you are in alignment with it which can come through ways such as repetition, a shift in consciousness and attuning more to those energies.

You will attract to you what is existing vibrationally within you whether you like it or not therefore it’s to first address this inner resistance within you and truly believe that you can have it! The first place to start if you want to quantum leap into your desired reality is to acknowledge where you are now, accepting what is, acknowledging what has keep you stuck in this place or what has contributed to becoming the person you are now.

This is not about digging into the past but instead bringing awareness to the programing and conditioning that may be in your field. What are the beliefs and programs you are holding? By understanding this you can see perhaps why you feel the way you feel, what thoughts arise and what emotions you experience daily or in certain situations and why you keep experiencing certain things in your life.

When you can see where you are limiting yourself, where you are having resistance, you can then free yourself and begin to make changes to transform your life. By altering your mental state this in turn can change your emotional and energetic frequency and this is where the magic happens! It’s not so much we are creating these thoughts in our head its more of we are attracting these thoughts due to what we believe and our frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you master your emotional intelligence?

There is a lot you can do but some basic tools are being present as possible so you can notice how you feel and choosing to respond from a centered place instead of reacting to situations.

Should I never feel low?

No! It is a natural human feeling to have. Do not suppress, deny or reject any emotions that want to arise within you for healing. However, the more mastery you have you will notice the more you embrace all emotions and therefore allow them to alchemize into a higher state through your acceptance of them.

Final Words

Energetic and emotional mastery are such important things to learn that affects all levels of our being - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. You will gain this mastery overtime as you go through your life and face different experiences. Your life will transform when you learn to not be at the mercy of all the vibrations and things going on around you and instead shine your strong frequency out into the world!

energetic and emotional mastery

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