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Am I Going Through A Spiritual Awakening? | Is There More To Life? | Who Am I Really?

Know you are going through an awakening and you can transform your life and be a conscious co-creator of your reality!

There comes a time in our life when we start asking bigger questions such as “why am I here?” and “what is the point of life?". You may feel deep within you that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing and that there is more to you! You may feel that you have gifts, talents and things that will bring you great joy that reside within you. You just aren’t sure what they are yet...

Are you wondering if you are going through a spiritual awakening? Let's go through 7 signs that may indicate that you are going through a spiritual awakening.

spiritual awakening signs

1. You Know This Is A Transformation & You Are Awakening To More

You are ready to make a change in your life and go beyond your comfort zone and live a life that is fulfilling and lights you up while being of service to others. This is such a beautiful, courageous and exciting thing! You may have fears, doubts and have uncertainty arise as you take the leap into making changes in your life, but there is also this calling within you that keeps you on your path of evolution.

No matter who you are or what your current situation is, every moment is a new moment where you can choose to feel different, speak different, act different, think different and be different. It’s the little things that we do on a consistent basis that really make up the big shifts and transformations in our life which is why the more conscious we can become with why we do what we do and be present with the emotions, beliefs and inspiration that arises within us we can then harness our power of our energy to magnetize things into our life as well as alchemize and transform that which we are ready to release and heal, ultimately bring our presence and unconditional love to in order to integrate it.

2. You Recognize Your Programming & Conditioning

So much of our life up until this point has molded us into the person we now express as us in the world today, it has been programmed within us from childhood so we are operating from our subconscious minds. However, now it is time to become consciously aware of that which is wanting our attention and healing. Can we observe what is arising in our current reality and acknowledge it so we can bring in the wisdom and expand our consciousness to bring love to all aspects of us that may be causing us suffering or what may seem like being stuck in the same loop of situations and feelings?

3. You Feel A Calling In Another Direction

You are capable of so much in this lifetime and you will feel the calling of your heart pulling you towards what will best serve you on a soul level, but also for the joy of your human experience. It is never too late to switch things up, learn new skills or information and create a fulfilling and purposeful life for yourself. It is up to you to make the conscious choice to take a look at where your currently at on all levels of your being – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical and then make changes if you desire to do so.

There is no right or wrong decision that you can make in your life, but your soul did come into this lifetime for a reason, it had an intention. Your human awareness might not remember what it is right now but you are always connected to your soul and Source / God that will be communicating to you through intuition and inspiration and through your body.

4. You Are Tapping In To Your Energetic & Multidimensional Nature

As an energetic being, living as a human in this physical reality it’s now time to tune in more to your energy and subtle senses and use your energetic state to transmute energy and transmit a high vibrational frequency to be a conscious creator of your life while embodying your true soul’s essence in this lifetime. Not only can you be more of a conscious creator for what you experience and manifest in your life but you remove all the masks and layers of conditioning that you have taken on that isn’t who you really are, from this place you claim your power as a co-creator with Source and you can experience a much more joyful and fulfilling life.

5. You Are Tapping Into Your Heart, True Self & Expanding Your Consciousness

It's important that we create from our hearts and from a soul level not just from our ego if we want to feel fulfilled and embody who we came here to be. Our egoic structure of the mind may lead us away from our true soul’s calling as it operates from the lens of separation, from the past and future and can get caught up in the identity it has created for itself. The ego is not bad at all, it tries to keep us safe and its all part of being human, but we want to integrate it with our hearts so we can move forward and create that which is coming from our soul, our higher self’s consciousness so that we can create and live a life of fulfillment, purpose and joy.

When we consciously tune into our heart’s we realize we want to not only create a life that feels good to us but also to be of service to humanity in some way through our unique abilities, passions and energy. As you go forward in your life going within yourself and loving all parts of you and peeling back all the layers that you have taken on from society, you will then see a shift in your outer world and this is how we each can truly change the world for the highest good of all beings.

6. You Know You Are Connected To All & Everything Just Is

When we accept that we are part of the One, part of Source consciousness we can notice that everything that arises and transforms such as thoughts, beliefs, emotions are particular vibrations within consciousness and it all is okay. It all just is, it’s all just an expression of Source, we aren’t identifying with it or become attached to it, it’s not good or bad or right or wrong but divine at the core. To know our true self and essence is to relax out of all our masks and layers of who we got told we were, the stories we tell ourselves, the emotions and past trauma we are holding onto and more. We can then relax in our awake awareness of our own existence as Source but also honoring our own unique stream of consciousness, expression and embodiment that we as a soul came to be.

7. You Become Self Empowered & Become A Conscious Creator Moving Forward

We can see how when we are stuck in our minds about who we are, what we want to create and experience in our life, when we don’t come from a soul level or our hearts, we are ultimately operating from these mental constructs which may get us certain things but may also lead us away from our true essence and destiny. Therefore, remember who you truly are and claim your energetic mastery and embrace this human experience and what you desire to create. Our true desires are like clues from our soul with what to follow or explore more of, so trust the inspiration and calling within you as you consciously create your life

Final Words

Overall, when you go through a spiritual awakening you will begin to see through new eyes. You will be experiencing life through an expanded state of consciousness and increased vibrational state. You will feel a sense of purpose and meaning in your life and you will want to be of service to humanity. You will move forward more connected to who you truly are, your intuition and be soul led.


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