3 Reasons why you should consciously invite in your higher self consciousness

Invite in your higher self consciousness to permeate your awareness throughout the day. Ultimately to integrate it with your human awareness so the ego doesn't run the show. its to honor both aspects of us and get them to work in harmony. You can do this during your morning practice, as your heading to work, before you get up out of bed, before you eat your brekkie, as you pray etc (anytime really!) take a moment in stillness and use your pure intent to do so!

The 3 reasons...

1. Reduce suffering & resistance in life

Your higher self consciousness / Source self will hold a higher perspective and know the truth of who you are at all times. It will know that you are eternally free, divine, loving and more! Our limited human awareness and ego can be stuck in illusions and limiting beliefs, thoughts, lower vibrations etc and we can feel like a victim, powerless and disconnected. Your higher self consciousness does not believe in the doubt, fear, scarcity and more. Consciously choose to perceive through the eyes of Source to experience the higher vibrations, seeing the gifts in every experience, have loving thoughts and ultimately knowing the truth of who you are. Embracing your humanness & your divinity!

2. Receive clear guidance & support

You will know what is best for you do, say, go to, act upon etc. You will have a sense of clarity and inner knowing rather than feeling unsure, confused and frustrated. You will feel supported by source and spirit in every moment knowing they are with you always and are wanting to help you for your highest g

ood whether that be with the "big" things or in the "small" everyday things!

3. To live your purpose

The more you consciously integrate your human awareness with your divine higher self awareness (as well as your mind with your heart), you become more of your higher self embodied on the earth. You came here to be you, that means embracing who you truly are and expressing and embodying your souls essence here in this lifetime.

Much Love,


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