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Feeling Lost & Disconnected To Your True Self? 3 Tools To Support You In Remembering Who You Are

Remember, activate and embody who you truly are so you can embrace it in your human experience

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Are you feeling lost? Do you feel disconnected to who you truly are? Do you feel like there is more to life and more to you? Do you feel like you are being called to go within?

Here are 3 tools to assist you in remembering who you truly are.

1. Meditate

Whether you just sit in stillness, tune into your heart, or listen to a guided meditation, you are creating space to allow yourself to go within and get in touch with who you truly are beyond the physical body and outer reality.

When you meditate your busy mind can quieten down and you can perceive your own inner guidance and essence. You can feel the truth of who you are by just allowing it to arise as your resistance to it dissolves.

2. Ask For Assistance

With pure intent, ask Source, God, Creator, Divine, Angels, Jesus, Buddha, Spirit, or whoever it is that you pray to, for help. Use your free will and conscious choice to be open and willing to receive support and wisdom from the higher realms and be open and receptive to receiving an answer.

For many of us, we can struggle to ask for help (both in physical and non-physical), we want to be able to do everything ourselves. But, know you are surrounded by unseen forces and helpers. There is also your higher self consciousness which is there ready to be channeled and embodied by you.

If you want to write down any channeled guidance that you receive from spirit, Source, or from your own heart or higher self consciousness, you can purchase my channeled writing journal on Amazon - available in hardcover or paperback.

3. Do Some Self Inquiry

Take time to look at the beliefs you are holding and the stories you tell yourself and the programs you have taken on from childhood and society. Ask yourself if they are actually true for you and if you actually want to continue believing in them or not. Also consider what is true for you, about yourself and the world.

Become aware of the aspects of you that you have suppressed or denied due to not being deemed as "good" or "acceptable". Begin to acknowledge them and give them your presence and love.


It's not about knowing exactly who we are and what we are here to do all at once, all in one go. It's about the unfolding of it. It's about the journey we are on to awakening to our true nature...

This self-discovery journey that we are all on is beautiful and sacred, even though at times it may be challenging. Have tools to support you so that you can become more empowered in your journey of reclaiming all that you are.

Remember, activate, and embody your true soul's essence so you can live a life of more joy, flow, and grace!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel lost?

You may feel lost because your soul is calling you home - to your true passions and heart desires. To follow your calling and live your purpose. Perhaps you have been suppressing your intuition and where you are being guided, but it's time to give yourself permission to go within and discover what it is you truly want.

It's okay to change your mind about things and go forward on a different path. It's not about having it all figured out, but instead having the willingness to open up to new possibilities and potentials.

How do you know if you are disconnected from yourself?

You are always connected to Source/God and your soul, however, you may have blocked that part of you out and been solely identified with your ego/conditioned personality that has taken on beliefs, ways of being and so much more from the world around you.

But, it's not really who you truly are, just kinda like a mask you are wearing, but your true self is deep within you always, waiting for you to access it. You may feel out of touch with your emotions, not feel alive, feel numb or bored, and more. You will ultimately feel like something is missing.


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