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The Truth About Spiritual Protection And Dark Entities | New Paradigm Teachings For Empowerment

Using spiritual protection techniques to ward of dark entities and attachments from your field

The need or desire for protection ultimately comes from fear, and powerlessness, not from love and sovereign empowerment. If you feel as though you need to protect yourself then you believe you can be attacked and that you can be harmed from something outside of you.

Its time to remember that nothing is more powerful than love and light and Truth. Shadows, low consciousness and illusions have no power over the you that is an aspect of God/Source when you declare it so and shift into a higher wavelength where they cannot exist in your experience.

Look within to find the inner demons within your consiousness and energy that wish to have your presence, forgiveness or love. Bring any dark entities into the higher light realms so that they may transform into their true form or expand into a higher dimensional version of themselves.

The Truth About Dark Entities

Do dark entities exist? Well everything that is not love is really an illusion so they can essentially not exist in your reality when you know this truth, but many people do experience dark entities as in a lower dimensional reality and state of consciousness because we do have the opportunity to explore fear and the effects of low consciousness. But they cannot touch or affect you when you are empowered and see them for what they are. The only times I have ever been affected by them was years ago when I had been feeling low, around low vibrational things, caught up in the mind and hadn't been taking time for my own self care and staying heart centered. They were my shadows that needed integration, but regardless of who, what, where these dark entities come from, if they are appearing in our direct experience it is our responsibility to bring them into the light and free them from darkness.

I think it is helpful to remember that everything comes from Source/God. Everythings true nature at it's essence is Love. Just like with humans we don't always be the love that we truly are. We can experience pain, hardship and suffering which lowers out vibrational state and we can have what we could call negative thoughts, beliefs and states of consciousness.

Therefore, we can have compassion for any entity or energy that is in that state and be able to send it love and light. We can free it and send it back to Source. Deep down all of us want to be in communion with Source, with Love. We can lose our way or let dark agendas take over our consciousness but it is not who we truly are,just what we may experience in a lower dimensional reality that experiences contrast and polarity. This is why as a collective consciousness of humanity, raising up into the higher dimensions (aka increased vibrational state & expanded/loving/higher state of consciousness) is important in order for us to experience more unity, harmony, peace and unconditional love within ourselves as as a human race.

Is Spiritual Clearing A Form Of Spiritual Protection?

In its highest expression, the clearing of your energy field is not protection, but instead an act of energetic hygiene and mastery. You clear your field not steming from fear or from a victim mentality but instead you clear your field because you know it's important to do in order to be clear and sovereign in your energy which also affects you on a holistic level mentally, emotionally spirituality and physically. You use energetic clearing as an act of self love and self respect so you can shine your light, love and unique frequency out into the world and not be bogged down by old, heavy energies that are ready to be integrated and transmuted. This is the new paradigm way. Your light and love is the most powerful thing in existence. It is healing on all levels, not only for you, but for all as it goes into the field that all beings are also a part of. However, in Truth your true self is always whole, healed and Love, so it is really just your human and energetic form that is interfacing with the human experience that may benefit from spiritual clearing as a tool to aid your consciousness in holding your divine awareness of who and what you are at your essence.

There may still be some people that do do clearing steming from a fear based place especially if they are associated with old paradigm practices and consciousness, but that does not mean that you can't use spiritual clearing in its highest expression! They key is to be conscious of your intention before you do it and always do it from love not fear.

I Understand But Still Want To Protect Myself

If you still wish to protect yourself you believe that you need protection from something, and thats okay. Use the tools that you feel called towards to support you - everything that is here in your life is to support you!

If a cord cutting session, energy clearing, sage stick or other spiritual clearing practice helps you feel safe then by all means embrace them. Feeling safe within ourselves and within the world is so important so we arn't in survival mode all the time and instead can thrive! While you do this I would also encourage you to address the aspects within you that you are waring with or protecting that need your love and presence.

Know the divine light within you can never be diminished. Integrate your divinity with your humanity so you can realize your full potential and use your love and light to alchemize anything that once you deemed to be more powerful or capable of attacking and affecting you.


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