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Protective Boundaries Will Melt In The Face Of Unconditional Love

A heartfelt share about boundaries and how they evolve over time

The more you know who you are and the stronger your energy field is, the fewer boundaries you will feel the need to set up in your life because your vibrational state will be your "boundary."

When we first become aware of perhaps how scattered our energy is, how we may have been a people pleaser, how we are giving away our power, how we have low self-worth etc creating healthy boundaries can be very important while we navigate the phase of remembering who we are and pave a new way for ourselves to stand in our power. Times of solitude can call us, daily practices are beneficial, and becoming conscious of how we want to spend our time and energy is great.

Often we set boundaries from a place of self-love, although sometimes we can set boundaries due to fear and lack of awareness, and this can cause further separation. Boundaries should never be about rejecting others, but instead honoring where we are at, knowing what we have the capacity to handle & to create space for ourselves to heal. But if we feel the need to protect ourselves from everything and everyone, this defeats the purpose of setting a loving boundary, which was initially created so we could show up fully in our authenticity and create more harmony.

Radiating out a strong frequency through our journey of integration, the more we come to know that we are all innately connected and divine. It is then our boundaries we have "put in place", dissolve and we stand in our power regardless of what/who. Resonance and conscious awareness take over as a "boundary". So that energy, person, and experience, which is no longer needing to appear directly in your life for your highest good for healing/growth/journey, will be shifted or transformed.

Instead of putting up boundaries to assist us in catering to our well-being, we see another as sacred and valid. We can align with and experience a higher version of them either directly in our lives, from a distance, or perhaps never see/experience them/it again. We honor the diversity within the collective, knowing that we all have a perfect role to play. We could never be separated from anything no matter how many "cords we cut". It's all just a transformation in our relationship to it/ourself.

Written by Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Writer & Meditation Guide

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