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What Is A Spiritual Healer? | What Does A Spiritual Healer Do? | How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Read a transmission from Hayley Zammit that explains the role of a spiritual healer and spiritual healing beautifully

"A healer can bring through a transmission to support a person who may not be able to access that energy and wisdom themselves in that moment " - Hayley Zammit

We are all our own healers, but that doesn't mean that everyone remembers or claims their wholeness or their ability to heal. Someone may not have the awareness or be able to reside in a higher vibrational state during a certain phase in their life.

They may not feel safe enough, due to trauma, to be in a state of surrender and receptivity to healing energies and consciousness in the moment. It may not be a part of what their soul wanted to go through in this lifetime. Or more, the healing journey for everyone is so unique in how it presents itself.

A spiritual healer, we could say, has the ability to invite or initiate a person into the remembrance of their innate ability to bring about harmony and wholeness within. An invitation to be open and willing to integrate and bring love to all parts of themselves and to attune to health and harmony.

Some people discover their own ability to heal themselves through experiences that they face in their life that they overcome in their own unique way. Some people use these times as a catalyst to awaken and remember who they truly are.

For some, getting support from a healer that they trust and are open to, can be a possible gateway to stepping into their own power and remembering who they truly are and their potential. A spiritual healer can be a channel and introduce a higher dimensional transmission to another to receive and accept if they choose to do so.

A true healer knows that it's not them or the session that heals the person, it is the person's acceptance and integration of the energies during or after the session that is transmitted that is what is healing. The expansion in consciousness and increased vibratory state that they can attune to and reside in if they allow it is powerful.

May you be reminded of the inner healer that resides within yourself. Let a healer be a reflection of your own ability to alchemize energy and attune to higher consciousness and frequency. May you receive the support that is there for you both in a physical and non-physical way.

- An excerpt from Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience by Hayley Zammit

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What Does A Spiritual Healer Do?

There are many different types of spiritual modalities that a spiritual healer may use. They may use one in particular, use a combination or conduct a session in a way that is totally unique and not defined as anything in particular.

Some common modalities a spiritual healer may use include:

  • Energy - Such as reiki, remote distance healing, transmissions,

  • Sound - Light language, using sacred instruments,

  • Tools - Crystals, tarot / oracle cards, breathwork, prayer, meditation

  • Channeling - Spoken or written

  • Traditional - Aruveyda, certain ceremonies

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Ultimately, a spiritual healer works with spirit, Source energy and consciousness. Every healer is unique, but most spiritual healers acknowledge the physicality but work more energetically and with their subtle senses and intuitive abilities.

They may channel energy, alchemize energy, and get information and guidance from spirit guides or streams of consciousness that we may not be able to perceive. They may bring attention to your energetic body, such as your chakras and auric field. They may address your emotional and mental state and even go into past lives and access deep soul information.

It all depends on the spiritual healer and their abilities, gifts and how they are being called to serve as a spiritual healer. This may change and evolve over time and more abilities and wisdom may unlock over time as they integrate other aspects of them, perhaps from other lifetimes as a shaman or master healer.

12 Signs You Are A Spiritual Healer

We all have the potential to be our OWN healers, but some of us do feel a call to be a spiritual healer in the world and use our gifts to help others.

Here are some signs that you are meant to claim the role of a spiritual healer as you go forward in your life:

  1. You are feeling the call to provide spiritual healing support to others

  2. Working with energy and spirit feels so natural to you

  3. You are very intuitive and sensitive to energy

  4. You feel a deep calling to be a part of supporting humanity in raising its consciousness and vibrational state

  5. You tend to be more introverted and in touch with the inner realms

  6. You want to heal and reduce the suffering of others

  7. You are open-minded and not stuck in wounds of the past

  8. You feel deeply connected to all beings (humans, animals, nature)

  9. You are loving, peaceful, and see life as sacred

  10. You are good at reading others

  11. You have gone through a spiritual awakening and remembered who you truly are

  12. You have a trust in life

How To Become A Spiritual Healer

To become a spiritual healer you first need to have a deep understanding of who you are as spirit first and foremost. You need to understand the spiritual world and develop your intuitive abilities and discover the type of spiritual healing that comes naturally to you.

If you are meant to become a spiritual healer in this lifetime, spiritual healing isn't something that you become due to taking a course or doing a training. Seep down it is who you are and part of your soul's path and you feel the deep calling towards it.

In turn, you are likely to explore a range of modalities and your own unique gifts that want to channel through you for the highest good of all. You may have spiritual healing abilities that have never been seen before, or what you do may not fit into a box.

Often, spiritual healers go on a deep journey within themselves first and heal themselves before they are able to assist others with their healing.

How To Start A Spiritual Healing Journey

There may be a time in your journey where a healing crisis occurs and you have no choice but to seek healing or discover your own healing abilities. Whether you go through a phase of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, heartbreak, career and money struggles, or a physical illness, you will be triggered to go within.

A person will embark upon a spiritual healing journey when they allow themselves to follow their inner guidance and drop out of the mind. It ultimately requires someone to tap into their inner world and subtle senses, which is why meditation is such a great practice to do at the start of your spiritual healing journey.

Learning to see from a higher perspective and transform old beliefs, thoughts and programs is important to step into remembering, activating and embodying who you truly are so you may be a channel for your higher self / spirit to support you in healing on all levels of your being.

You may begin to notice synchronicities and be drawn to certain books, videos or spiritual teachers which will assist you on your journey. You may be open to receive a channeled message, a distance energy healing transmission or a card reading to support you in moving forward.

But remember, the human journey is a spiritual journey and there will always be more parts of ourselves and others to bring love to. But it is to embrace the ups and downs. Be in direct experience with it all. So know there is no end, just a continuous expansion and evolution!

Spiritual Healer Near Me

Many spiritual healers work not only in person, but online and remotely. Spiritual healing is not limited to needing to be there in person because spiritual healers work with consciousness and energy, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere!

You can see my spiritual healing offerings HERE or if you do want an in person session with a spiritual healer, then look up someone in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a healer in spirituality?

A person that helps someone with healing through acknowledging their spiritual and divine nature and uses the power of Spirit/God/Source to support the healing process.

How do you heal yourself spiritually?

First, begin to tune into your heart and divine self. Remembering who you truly are through going within is a powerful step. From there, there are actions and modalities to utilize. A raising in your vibrational state and expansion in consciousness is important.

How to heal emotional trauma spiritually?

You can invite in spirit to help you heal emotional trauma that you do not know how to heal through prayer or pure intent. You may become present with yourself and go within and allow yourself to feel and release emotional trauma through your non-resistance to it, and more.

How to heal kidneys spiritually?

To heal your kidneys through spiritual healing you may send healing energy into the area of the kidneys, you may look into the root cause of the dis-ease which often stems from an energetic/emotional/mental level, you may ask your kidney what it needs to bring in balance and health and listen to what you receive intuitively and take action, you may utilize sound healing, and more! Always go with what you feel guided towards.

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