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The Present Moment & Taking Inspired Action | Manifestation Through Presence | Conscious Creator

Being in direct experience with life is where your power lies - be in the now and take action from the inspiration you receive

As much as tuning into our visions, dreams and what it is that we wish to create and experience in our lives, it is of upmost importance to remain as present as we can be throughout our daily life. Every moment is the present moment, therefore there is never really a future moment as it is all going to happen in direct experience in the now.

Our present moment will influence our perceived future therefore the more conscious of being in the present moment we are and noticing how we are feeling, thinking and what our overall energetic state and frequency is, the more we are in alignment with that which we are calling in if we choose to ensure the present moment is a match to it. So take time visualizing, meditating and feeling into the life that you want but don’t stay stuck in that zone, live fully now! Notice all the beauty, gifts, abundance and love that is already here in your life. We can often take so much for granted and not notice all of the blessings that are here for us right now.

As you become more present you may very well notice all the messages, insights and synchronicities that are coming to you compared to when you were stuck in your mind and in the past or future. The egoic structure of the mind will want us to either be thinking about the past or focused on the future therefore trapping us in time, whereas the present moment is where we can find true liberation and states such as love, joy and peace which arise within the stillness and present moment.

As our ego cannot thrive in the present moment this is when we can be open and receptive to our higher self’s guidance, inspiration and vision. We can recognize the beliefs and natural qualities and essence that is more attuned with that higher self aspect of us that wants to embody, express and create a life from this powerful place, compared to letting our mind think it knows what is best for us only operating from past events, fears and anxieties of the future. The present moment can hold so many gifts for us so the key thing is to live in the now whilst simultaneously in your heart allowing it to guide you in each moment and then taking inspired action.

An important part of consciously creating your life is through taking the inspired action, not just sitting down and expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. Taking inspired action is when you are in the present moment and you feel inspired to do something, say something, go somewhere, create something and you most likely feel a sense of expansion in your body. It’s important that we listen to this inspiration and inner guidance as this is how our soul communicates with us, through these energetic impulses or downloads and it can lead to so many things unfolding that may be what is required in order for something to become manifest. Remember there may be actions to take in order to have something happen.

We are all co-creators with Source and we are all here on Earth to be a part of others life paths and playing roles for them for their own soul’s expansion therefore we must consider that we are not here to do everything alone but instead to co create and collaborate with others. To remain open and receptive to whatever way things may play out and not put limits or boxes on how something should happen or what it should look like. Sometimes we just cannot visualize how everything is going to go, and it’s not for us to try and comprehend with our limited human awareness. Instead know you are supported and guided by Source and the higher realms.

I’m sure there are things in your life that have manifested which you never envisioned for yourself but matches the frequency that you were offering. Know life is always happening for you, lean into the unknown and control the things you can and let go of and surrender the rest.

Activity - Present moment awareness and inspired action

In this activity there are some questions you can ask yourself about the present moment and inspired action. This can be done through meditative self-inquiry or through journaling. Ask yourself:

  • Am I getting too caught up in the future, can I be more in the present moment? If yes, what am I going to do to become more present?

  • When I am present, am I feeling inspired to take action on something? If yes, what will I do? If not, what is holding me back from taking action?


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