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5 Steps In Navigating Doubt | The Importance Of Having Self Compassion During Transformation

We all experience doubt at how do we deal with it and have the ability to continue moving forward?

You may be creating change in your life and thoughts may arise of “Do I really think I have the power and ability to change this?” or “Who am I to think I can have this or that?” and maybe “I’m not worthy of a life that that” or “It’s too much effort” and “I won’t continue because it probably won’t work anyway”...

5 Steps To Support You In Moving Through Doubt

You are not alone in experiencing doubt when you are trying to make a positive change in your life! Let's explore 5 steps that can support you during times when doubt arises.

1. Acknowledge & Understand The Doubt But Don't Let It Take Over

Believing the doubt that arises, is ultimately up to you, it’s coming from past experiences that you have gone through and wants to keep you safe and in your comfort zone and perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown. This is understandable; however, it is important at a time like this to send your body and mind new messages of compassion and knowing this is a new experience and it is safe to move forward in this direction and expand and grow and be empowered through the new beliefs, thoughts, emotions and energetic state you wish to cultivate. The mind cannot comprehend the vastness of your soul and new timelines and experiences that may lay ahead, so it’s up to you to turn that self- doubt into trust, bit by bit, day by day.

2. Going Beyond The Norm Or Comfort Zone

Often when we experience self-doubt, we may feel a constriction within us, certain parts of our body may feel tension. You may have a lot of thoughts going around in your head. For example, when we begin to dive into our subconscious and rewire it through introducing new beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions repetitively, doubt and uncertainty may arise.

This is completely normal as the egoic structure of the mind likes the comfort zone, likes to keep you safe, likes familiarity therefore when there is a change you may notice some resistance arise and it may almost feel like this inner battle within you. One part of you wants to transform all that which may be limiting you so you can move forward operating from a new foundation and you do at times feel that empowerment within you and one part of you still feels drawn to the comfort and ‘norm’ of the current structure you are operating from.

Don’t try to push away the doubt and perhaps the fear or uncertainty and resistance that may arise, instead allow it to be there, acknowledge it’s there, allow the thoughts to come and go in your awareness. Allow the emotions to be felt by you, feel it in your body even if it feels uncomfortable in the moment, it will pass. It is wanting your presence and to be seen and heard by you so then it can be integrated and transformed.

3. Validate How You Feel & Bring In New Messages

This doubt wants to know that it’s okay to be uncertain and to not know the future, it wants to know that you have the will, the self-empowerment and the faith to carry on into the unknown. It wants to know that you see it and that ultimately it is safe to go beyond your comfort zone and to explore new beliefs, thoughts, actions and goals in life.

When you send your body, your nervous system and this doubt these messages you may feel the energy of the doubt begin to dissipate and feel a sense of calm. When you allow yourself to be with and communicate with it, you can then move forward with more ease because you are not resisting it (what you resist persists). You are observing it and allowing the energy of it to move through you because remember, emotions are just energy in motion, they cannot be destroyed only transformed so it’s to give yourself full permission to allow this processing to occur so then it won’t feel so heavy and stuck within you.

This does not mean that doubt won’t arise now and again, it means that it won’t have such a hold on you, it won’t prevent you from continuing forward with what you are trying to do. At the start it may feel uncomfortable and hard to do but over time it will get easier and easier and eventually the doubts will dissipate as you see or feel the results that are beginning to show itself to you.

4. Notice The Shifts As Doubt Is Alchemized

Often you will notice shifts on an energetic level first so you may notice a shift in your emotions and energy, then you may notice your thoughts begin to change and then you may see the actual physical results of it. Don’t allow doubt to prevent you from moving forward towards rewiring old outdated patterns and beliefs and creating a beautiful life for yourself. Know you may experience the energy of doubt, but it is not who you are, you are just experiencing it the moment. You have the power within you to alchemize it.

5. The Healing Power Of Self Compassion

Self- compassion is really important to give ourselves throughout our life and especially during big shifts or changes. As we awaken to the truth of who we are and as we consciously decide to release and alchemize that which we no longer wish to believe or carry, having compassion for ourselves will support us greatly in continuing forward, especially in times where we do not yet see the manifestations appearing or when we wonder if all of this will work.

When we give ourselves compassion through honoring what is coming up for us and having an understanding, acceptance and love in times when we are feeling resistance or when low vibrational energies are arising, we can self-soothe and self-regulate our nervous system as well as give ourselves the message that is okay to feel what we feel, think what we think and we are here for it and love it.

Some of us may have friends and family who are very compassionate and supportive along our path however some of us may not have anyone to talk to or have on the sidelines encouraging us and offering us compassion in times of transformation and awakening so give yourself the sacred medicine of your own love and presence during these times and throughout your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does change make me feel uneasy?

When you are making changes in your life you are going into the unknown! This can cause anxiety, fear and doubt and be quite a lot emotionally and mentally. The egoic structure of the mind only has reference to past events and any trauma or unprocessed emotions from those times may arise, even though this may be such a positive change you are making! So know it is normal, but it is up to you to continue moving forward with compassion regardless of this doubt or uneasiness.

How do I stop being so anxious of change?

Often anxiety is caused when we are focused too much in the future. Perhaps trying to foresee how things are going to play out or just being stuck in the fear of the unknown. To stop being anxious the best thing you can do is focus on the now, on the present moment! Bring your conscious awareness back into the here and now where you are safe and all is okay!


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