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3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Become Aware Of Your Energetic Investments

Where is your sacred life force energy going? Are you conscious of your energetic investments?

In every moment we can choose where we focus and direct our consciousness and our life force energy. Just like how we are an aspect of Source consciousness streaming through us, as us in this human lifetime, we can consciously choose where we want our awareness to go from there. The more conscious we are about having the choice the better, as we don’t know what we don’t know!

So many people live their life reacting to everything that comes their way and are operating from their conditioned self and from victim consciousness, so when we awaken to the knowing that we indeed can choose in every now moment what we focus on, things can really transform. We can choose where we invest our energy through what we choose to believe, what thoughts we are engaging in and what experiences and situations in our life we are placing our attention on and engaging with. We also can choose what kind of energy or vibration we bring when we are focusing on something. Do we have compassion, understanding, joy, presence, forgiveness or do we get triggered and go into hate, frustration, jealously, anger?

energetic investments

3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Become Conscious Of Where We Are Investing Our Energy

1. Where Am I Focusing My Attention?

Become conscious of where you are putting your attention throughout the day. Are you focusing on the good things in your life or focusing on what you don’t have or how you aren’t where you want to be?

Do you wake up in the morning dreading the day or are you eager and excited for what is to come? Are you driving your car complaining about the traffic or the guy that nearly cut you off or are you enjoying the music playing and having your window down feeling the breeze of the wind on your face? Are you chugging back your coffee cause you need energy or are you enjoying and savoring every sip and giving thanks to it for supporting your day?

Know you have the power to decide where you will focus your energy, a lot of the time what you focus on is just out of habit and momentum, whether it’s in alignment with where you want to go and be in your life, or not. It’s all about becoming conscious and aware first so then you can choose to be more present and refocus in each moment. There is no right or wrong experience in the moment but there is one that will feel more loving, joyful and peaceful to you.

Activity – Awareness of your focus during the day

I invite you to take some time for self-inquiry and look at where your thoughts and emotions are throughout the day. Notice what arises without judgement. Become aware of repeating thoughts and emotions that arise as these will be key things to address moving forward. You can also ask yourself if there is something you can do during your day that will bring you more peace, joy or whatever it is that you would like to experience more of on an emotional or energetic level. Remember every present moment will be contributing to your vibration and what you are calling into your life whether you like it or not, it will be a vibrational match to what is going on vibrationally within you, either through your attention to it or it existing within your subconscious.

2. Who Am I Investing My Energy Into?

Another aspect of becoming aware of where you are investing your energy can be being conscious of who you are spending your time with, this can be in person or engaging from a distance through using your phone or by social media messaging. Are you engaging with people that you genuinely enjoying spending time with and you feel like you have benefitted in some way from your interaction and connection with each other?

With different people you may notice differences in their essence and energy, one person may offer a beautiful compassionate, understanding, lighthearted energy and with another person you may feel uplifted, joyful and inspired. However, with another person you may feel drained, judged or feel like you have been entrained with a lower vibrational frequency. Perhaps you notice you are complaining about things, you seem to be back into a state of victim consciousness and back into old patterns and ways of being when that’s not how you usually feel, behave and act in the world.

Now this isn’t exactly their fault as you are the only person responsible for you as when people are together whether it is in a one-on-one setting or in a group, the strongest vibration wins. This means you will entrain with the most dominant vibration in the room, this can be a high or low vibrational state, it can be transmitted from your energy field or from another person. Therefore, it is so important you fill your cup first and foremost in order to maintain your energetic mastery and sovereignty so you don’t get caught up in thoughts, emotions and states of consciousness that is going to affect you.

However, we are all human therefore we all fluctuate in our vibrational state on a daily basis so don’t place the expectation on your friends, family, community or yourself to be in a high vibrational state all the time, because as humans we all go through a range of experiences and periods of transformation which may require the purging and processing of these denser energies which a lot of the time will be triggered and activated through the relationships we have.

I know what it’s like to have to go through an awakening and period of transformation where you feel like so many aspects of your life are ready to up-level and transform. You may be ready to move on from old relationships, places and ways of being that are no longer resonant with who you have become and where your heart is calling you. There comes a point where we have to be honest with ourselves about what is serving us for our highest good and what we just continue to have in our life out of habit and comfort.

For me I found myself going to events, parties and meeting up with people because I thought I should, not because I wanted to. There was a shift within me and I felt drawn to new hobbies, activities, experiences and people and I noticed I was feeling less resonant and unfulfilled with situations and people that I had been around for many years due to the spiritual awakening I went through and my shift in consciousness and frequency.

It was a strange time as I felt like I had a foot in two different worlds and even though the new path felt aligned and joyful the other one was familiar, comfortable and I didn’t know how to move on without causing conflict or hurt to anyone, as they had done nothing wrong, it was the calling of my heart and soul that was pulling me in a new direction and wanting to align me with the next stage in my life. I felt that because I didn’t go to the last few parties or gatherings that I should probably show my face, but deep down I knew that this stage of my life was complete and it was time to have the courage and empowerment to move forward, even if I had to spend time on my own for a while.

I needed the energy exchange between me and others to be fulfilling and be expansive for my soul. I craved a deeper connection, a heart-to-heart, soul to soul connection where I could say I see you, I honor you and I love you, tell me about your dreams, your desires and about what lights you up. Sometimes as we grow and start to feel what true unconditional love is when we encounter our soul family or those that we were destined to co-create with in this lifetime, we discover what it feels like to have a strong authentic relationship with another being and so then we tend to notice the places where conditional love exists, or we see that some of them are more social arrangements as there is no deep connection linking us together only perhaps the drinking and partying and that you had known each other for many years.

Everybody we meet plays an important part in our life, sometimes a person we meet one time can plant a seed within us that can transform our life, with another person perhaps you have known each other for a long time and now it’s for both of your highest good to part ways. I believe that we are not always meant to stay fixed in all our relationships forever, I think some are just for a short while or are temporary to help us grow. Perhaps to be a part of or assist each other through an experience and then to go forth on our own paths when our work together is done.

We don’t have to grasp at things that are ready to alchemize or keep ourselves in a box that we have outgrown. We don’t have to dim our light, play small or try to fit in and exhaust ourselves energetically and ultimately not honor our true authentic self and desires. Sometimes when people are on a different wavelength, they just can’t understand what you are saying from their level of awareness and that is perfectly okay, we are not here to be the same, but also recognize when you are being called to shift where you are investing your energy, with people and the environments that you surround yourself with.

Know we are all One and all connected at some level. When you can see others through the eyes of God/Source, you can see beyond the roles they are playing and see them as another Source energy being and ultimately as part of you. It’s to love them and honor them and see that they are experiencing their own unique perceptions and journey just like you and wish them the best in their life moving forward. Know it’s not about being the same and having to only spend time with people who believe in the same things, it’s really about honoring everyone and listening to your heart when it comes to who you want to spend time with on a regular basis and who perhaps you want to love from a distance.

Our life force energy is sacred and is to be honored and channeled to people and places where it is utilized for the highest good, therefore making sure your energetic investments are in alignment with where your inner guidance is leading you so you can create new relationships and environments that will offer you so much joy and expansion.

Activity – Reflecting on your current relationships and environments

Take some time to honestly and with vulnerability, reflect on your relationships and environments you engage with on a regular basis.

Ask yourself if it is benefiting you in some way or if you are investing your energy into these places and people just out of habit and comfort? Then decide if there is some aspect of them you would like to change or improve.

3. How Am I Spending My Downtime?

Do you spend your rest time mindfully? Are you putting things into your subconscious mind that you want in there? Often when we aren’t working, don’t have social arrangements or are done looking after the family and have ticked things off our to do list, we have time to relax and chill out. Are you doing things out of habit and from old outdated programming or are you doing things that you find fun, that uplift you, that honors your needs in that moment, whether your feeling tired and need to rest or whether it’s doing an activity that nurtures your mind, body or spirit? Will it fill your energetic cup?

When you do certain activities or you allow yourself to just rest and be, the important thing is how you are being affected by it on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level. Really becoming conscious of your intention behind doing what you are doing and recognizing if it is or isn’t meeting your needs for its intended purpose.

For example, you could have an intention of sitting down with a cup of tea and just being, being in stillness and enjoying the present moment with yourself. However, if you have your phone on and you are getting bombarded with work emails or you end up scrolling on social media then the initial intention of creating space for yourself to be with your heart and enjoying the moment sipping your tea is gone! The intention was good but there were no clear boundaries in place to honor that, for example turning your phone off for a certain amount of time.

Be able to honor your intentions and be aware of if it’s serving its initial purpose or noticing how it could benefit you even more through making tweaks that enable you to fill your cup and make it a mindful time for yourself. Also know it’s not about controlling any experience as sometimes when we are resting and being, things do arise for us to feel or perhaps inspiration comes in, this is for you!

Are you spending your down time scrolling on social media and judging yourself? Or is it inspiring you? If you are watching TV does the content invoke fear, a feeling that you aren’t good enough, or persuading you that you need to spend your money on that new shiny thing to be happy? Everything is created with an intention and purpose (it may be conscious or not) and may contain the power to uplift you and empower you but there are also people who create certain things in order to manipulate and instill things within you so using discernment is key, listen and read through your heart.

Two different people could do, watch or listen to the same thing but get a totally different energetic exchange from it, it can depend upon the persons state of being, vibration, consciousness and how strong their energetic field is when engaging in this content and what is resonant with their own unique frequency. On a personal level I do enjoy watching a movie or a tv series with my partner now and again, however I make it clear to him that I will not watch anything scary or something full of violence or horror. I know within me that both these types of content do not feel good to me and it’s not benefitting me, my vibration or the path that I’m on. This boundary enables me to still enjoy movies and embrace this technology that we have in this time but I don’t watch it for the sake of it or to keep me entertained.

I ensure if I am investing my focus into something it’s going to benefit me and fill my cup such as making me laugh, making me believe anything is possible, magic exists, the power of love and community etc. Remember just because something might be popular to do or watch it does not mean it is in your highest good to participate in it as well. Do you spend your rest time with intention, for this moment to nourish you, to connect to your heart, for it to be of service to you and your wellbeing? We are all unique and at different times we are in need of different things, so it’s all about tuning into you and honoring your needs.

Activity – Awareness of your rest time

Take time to reflect through journaling or meditation and ask yourself: How am I spending my rest time? Am I using my rest time mindfully? Is it filling my energetic cup or depleting it? Are there new ways of being or doing that I would like to introduce into my life.

Final Words

I hope these points and activities helped you in gaining clarity in where your energy is going. If you are not happy with where you are investing your energy currently, know you absolutely have the power to change its direction!

energetic investments


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