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The Power Of Unconditional Love and Our Hearts | Your Energetic State | Amplify The High Vibrations

Be a conscious co-creator of Love and experience the happiness and fulfillment that you seek

The power of unconditional love and our hearts are so powerful. So many of us do not recognize or utilize the power of the love frequency enough in order to see the impact it can make in our own life and within the collective consciousness of humanity. The heart produces a very strong magnetic field in the body, a lot more than the field produced by the brain. Our hearts and the love frequency truly amplify the higher vibrations within us and our overall frequency and can make us very magnetic to what we want to create or manifest in our reality.

When we tap into our heart center and radiate love out from within, we can remove all dense and lower vibrations in us, and this allows all vibrations in the body to shift and alchemize into a higher state. It is important to know that as being creators of our reality living in this vibrational and energetic world, we can do the work on our limiting beliefs, our mindset and healing but this does not mean one day we will finally arrive at happiness and joy.

We Need To Surrender To Love

The key here is that we have to surrender to love, which is our true nature. We are love as we are a part of Source, we are consciousness and loving awareness, therefore it’s connecting to that divine loving aspect of us and also opening our hearts and receiving it from this human experience as well. We may subconsciously have barriers to transmitting or receiving this love due to trauma, belief systems, childhood and past lives, to keep us safe and protected from hurt, but it’s up to us to let these barriers fall away so we can be who we truly are as well as utilize the power of our heart and the love frequency which is the highest vibration we can tap into.

When we surrender and allow ourselves to tune into love, to receive it from Source but ultimately feel it from within us and embody our true soul’s essence and align with the frequency of love, this is so powerful. True energetic mastery is about tapping into the love that you are and with your highest self and allowing it to radiate out and naturally allow all that is meant for you into your life!

Letting Go Of Control

I want you to remember we are co-creators of our reality, but we need to let go of control as we are co-creating with Source and there is only so much that our limited human awareness can perceive and understand. Source and our higher self is working through us, through our deepest desires, through our intuition, our creations and the inspiration we receive and all the other components that we cannot possibly control. This universal life force energy flows through us and, as creator beings, magic happens through us when we surrender and allow it to flow.

Therefore, it is not so much about forcing and controlling things to make things happen, it’s about creating your request and sending it out into the universe and letting it go with the knowing that it is done and will be presented in divine time when you are vibrationally ready to receive it. Then it's to trust the inspiration we receive, so then we can take the action. This is where the importance of feeling those high vibrations and energies come in and the embodiment and expression of them. It’s about being present and noticing the synchronicities that appear in your life or the inspiration that arises while you are in the present moment.

Not having a fixed mindset about what the form of this desire should look like as the joy, love, abundance may come to you in a different way than you expect. Know that the Source and our higher self’s consciousness knows what is best for us and for our soul’s expansion. It knows what is in alignment with our highest good and so it’s about getting out the way and being open and available to all the unlimited possibilities that come our way instead of being blinded by what we think it should look like. Sure, there may be specific things that we do want and that’s beautiful, but ultimately it is the frequency of it that we are after to be truly fulfilled and happy and not constantly seeking for the next thing or emotional high.

The Power That You Have

You are a beautiful being here on Earth with so much power when you truly claim your sovereignty and embody who you truly are at a soul level. You deserve everything that your heart and soul are calling you towards, and I encourage you to follow that. Not what society, your family or anyone else thinks you should do, have or be in your life. It’s all about what lights you up, what you are here in this lifetime for, because we could have all the things, all the external manifestations, but still feel empty inside and unfulfilled.

Therefore, by tapping into your heart and your divinity, that is where the magic is, where the love is, where the fulfillment and everything that you have been looking for is accessible. All this can really serve you to be the most authentic version of yourself for not only you, but the world and the whole universe.

The world needs you, and what you decide to do with your power is up to you and for you to enjoy the process of being the master creator and manifestor. You can only receive what you have the capacity to hold energetically so make sure you have a regulated nervous system, do the inner work, feel your alignment, feel the love, the abundance, the joy that is always there and emanate that out which you are and trust and allow everything to flow to you and through you through the mastery of your energy.

Know when you set an intention and you ask, the question isn’t how long does it take for it to become manifested, the question is how long does it take you to be ready for what you have asked for through your energetic state.


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