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Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies | Honoring Our Soul's Essence | Balancing & Activating

Learn about the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist within us and how to balance them and honor our unique expression and embodiment of them

What Are Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies?

Divine feminine and divine masculine energies are another aspect of addressing our energetic state and aids in the cultivation of a harmonious and balanced embodiment and expression. We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, no matter what our gender is or who we are. Some of us may tend to embody more of one than the other and that’s okay, because we all have a unique essence here to share in the world.

When you can harness the power from both the feminine and masculine energies, you become really powerful. You can be intuitive, creative and compassionate but also be confident, focused and make things happen in your life. So don’t consider both of these energies as separate, more the essence of the yin and yang. They need each other and are inseparable at its true nature. They are energies and ways of being that we can cultivate to feel whole and harmonious as human beings.

It’s not about making the feminine equal to the masculine or vice versa or having an exact amount of this energy to that energy. It’s not about fitting the feminine and masculine energies into two different boxes but instead creating a beautiful union and allowing them to both be there and be embodied and expressed in the way they want to be through us in a divine way rather than in a distorted or low vibrational way.


How Can We Utilize The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies?

On a Personal Level

The feminine and masculine energies bring us value in opposite ways, they are polarities, they are both important in our experience and in the universal balance and enable us to perceive and live through these different lenses. When it comes to the embodiment and expression of the feminine and masculine energies, this is where distortions or imbalances can be felt and witnessed. It all comes down to the integration of these divine qualities.

I call them ‘divine’ because we are all manifestations of the divine. We are made in the image of God / Source, therefore we have these divine feminine and masculine qualities innately within us. Our own unique essence may be wanting to express certain codes or qualities of perhaps the feminine energy in this lifetime due to our soul’s blueprint and intention for this lifetime, so that is beautiful but you also contain the divine masculine energies within you that will greatly support you on your path while you embody that feminine essence.

We can relate the masculine and feminine energies to our chakra system in our energetic body. Depending on the person and the phases we go through in life, some of our chakras can be balanced and some unbalanced, or more activated than others. Whether our chakras are balanced or not can be due to factors such as our thoughts and emotions, which in turn affect our state of consciousness and our expression and embodiment.

So in terms of the feminine and masculine energies, whether or not we are expressing these divine qualities in its pure form through our own unique energetic signature will depend upon how we have integrated them into our being. Past trauma, our belief systems, and the programming that we have taken on can also affect us when it comes to being able to integrate these feminine and masculine energies.

For instance, we may not feel safe to open and express certain energies or feel that it’s not acceptable to cultivate them. We also may have old energies within us that want to be alchemized and transformed that we haven’t allowed to arise for healing, therefore we may become affected in our feminine and masculine energies in terms of being able to express and embody them in a healthy and balanced way.

On a Collective Level

The divine feminine energies are beautiful and are needed to be embodied more at this time on the planet within humanity. Our society at the moment is operating very much from the masculine energy and way of being, such as being very focused on productivity, achievements, how we look and are perceived on the outside and are always doing and taking action. We are being invited at this time as a collective of humanity to really allow our feminine aspects to arise and create a more harmonious and balanced society.

However, this is not about pointing the finger at others or our governments to make change, it all starts within each individual. When we claim our own energetic state and honor and integrate both the divine feminine and masculine energies within our being, we will see our outer world change.

The Divine Feminine Energy

It is no mistake that you are on the planet right now, you chose to come in at this specific time to assist with this great awakening and great shift in consciousness and evolution. Many of us feel the call within us to be a part of creating a new Earth, one with more peace and unity, which is why many of us feel so drawn to the divine feminine energies and tend to embody that within us. The divine feminine energies and qualities are that of compassion, gentleness, nurturing, intuitive, receptivity, creativity, pleasure, beauty, joy, surrender and very much just being present and in the flow.

These qualities are very powerful and make us magnetic to our desires and allow us to be open to receiving grace and miracles through this beautiful, vulnerable and open way of being. The divine feminine qualities enable us to hold space for others, be good listeners and relate to others in a deep way. We live from our heart and through trusting our intuition and the inspiration we receive. We allow ourselves to flow with the seasons and cycles in life and create from pleasure and joy. We care about our inner state of being and the wellbeing of others.

These divine feminine qualities and energies that exist within us hold so much power as the embodiment of them truly magnetizes things to you effortlessly and alchemizes low vibrational energies from you and your environment as your light is bright and your sovereign divinity anchors a beautiful sense of knowing who you truly are and claiming your interconnectedness with both the Earth and the cosmos, a bridge between these different planes of existence being a channel of divine love and grace.

As you can imagine integrating these feminine energies with the divine masculine energy creates a powerful expression and embodiment of someone that allows themselves to be receptive, intuitive, compassionate while taking that inspired action, being self-empowered, has a strong center and makes good decisions in life.

The Divine Masculine Energy

The masculine energy is more action oriented, focused, efficient, adventurous, confident, and independent. The masculine energy can support us in having a sense of self, being able to set clear boundaries, complete tasks, reach our goals, problem solve and not be ruled by our emotions. We can be assertive and determined as we move forward in our life and have courage and strength. We have a sense of wanting to protect our loved ones and provide for them.

Now you can see what a balanced divine feminine energy can offer us when we cultivate it and what a balanced divine masculine energy can offer us as well. However, these energies and qualities can have a different effect on us and our lives when we may be over or under active or unbalanced in them.

For instance, if we are unbalanced in our feminine energy by being overly in our feminine, we can become a sponge to everyone energies, we can feel very empathic and not have any boundaries so this in turn can cause us to become a people pleaser, be very needy, be codependent, have low self-esteem, have self-doubt and feel insecure and unstable. So you can see how this has distorted the beautiful qualities of the divine feminine energies through being unbalanced in being overly in our feminine, and the other way of not cultivating enough of our feminine energy we can come across as feeling blocked in our creativity, feel unemotional and have a lack of self-expression and not experience ease and flow in our life.

Now let’s look at what an imbalance in the divine masculine energy could look like if we are overly in our masculine energy. We can come across stubborn, arrogant, be in constant overdrive, and be very critical and confrontational. Whereas if you don’t cultivate that masculine energy enough, you may struggle to be assertive, to be focused, to have accountability and have motivation. You can see the effects that an unbalanced feminine and masculine energy can have on your own energy and in your life.

Activity – Recognize any imbalances in your feminine and masculine energies

In meditation or through journaling, become aware of the qualities you have been expressing and embodying.

  • Are you more in your feminine or masculine energy or both?

  • Are you unbalanced in any areas?

  • Is the essence of your soul more drawn to embody the divine feminine or masculine energies, or both, in this lifetime?

We may be so used to operating in a certain way and being unbalanced so we may think that’s just how we are, but we do have the ability to rebalance our energy and harness the power of our divine feminine and masculine qualities that are innate with us.

Creating Union

There may have been some distortions in these energies from your childhood and upbringing, but know you can address and rewire these programs and beliefs and do practices to balance and cultivate more of these divine energies in a way where you really claim your energetic mastery.

Know through the harnessing of these energies we can change so many aspects of us and our life on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Also, honor the essence of your soul and what it feels called to express and embody in your unique way in this lifetime. If you are here to embody the divine feminine as part of your soul’s purpose to support the collective consciousness at this time, honor that and know what masculine energies may support you on your mission.

It’s all about integrating both of these divine qualities so we can feel whole and in union with ourselves, so then we can create that in our outer reality and as a collective of humanity. You may be wondering how you can balance your energy, both the divine feminine and masculine aspects of you, once you have identified where you may be over or under active in certain energies.

Become Conscious

The first thing is to become conscious of these imbalances, where they come up in your daily life. Some you will be conscious of and some will be in your subconscious and will arise in your awareness when it is time to look at them. When you are aware of any imbalances or distortions in your energy, you can then decide how you are going to balance it.

For example, if you realize you are really needy and codependent in relationships, you may realize you may be overly in your feminine so you could begin to work on your self-esteem and creating healthy boundaries in your life. You may also notice that cultivating more of your divine masculine energy will support you in this by building your self-confidence and empowerment. You may choose to be more conscious of any beliefs or programs that may be holding you to those ways of being, you may choose to implement meditations into your life and tune into empowering yourself from within, you may choose to focus more on yourself rather than on others and how you can meet your own needs etc.

Use Tools, Modalities or Practices

There are many tools you can utilize to balance your feminine and masculine energy; some may be energetic in nature and some may be more physical practices you can do. You can also get support from others; know you don’t have to do it alone. You could do meditation, energy healing, prayer, yoga, movement, sound, breathwork, work with divine feminine teachers or spirit, somatic practices and whatever helps bring balance in depending on what is needing to be addressed within you as a unique being.

Be Intentional

The important thing here is having pure intent for why you are doing what you are doing. For instance, when focusing on cultivating more feminine energy give yourself permission to move softly and gently, meditate upon the divine feminine qualities, you could wear whatever invokes this energy within you, you could trust your intuition, you could allow yourself to create and be in the flow, hold the intention in your heart and allow not only yourself to do the work but also let Source and all the unseen support and guidance support you in creating miracles in your life.

Your Chakra System and The Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies

Working with your chakras, the energetic centers in your body can support you in balancing your divine feminine and masculine energies as well. The different chakras in your body govern different aspects of consciousness and energy, therefore if you are aware of the chakras and what they are about you can focus on balancing certain areas which can link to your feminine and masculine energies, again unique to what is showing up in your life and embodiment.

By having open and balanced chakras you will feel alive and feel truly connected to this life experience. There are different chakra systems due to the different traditions and religions, some with four chakras and some with hundreds, so it’s up to you what one you want to work with. Typically, the chakras located in the lower half of your body are more focused around physicality, having a sense of self and taking action here in this human experience therefore we could say that if you are overly in your feminine energy or wish to cultivate a more balanced masculine energy, then you could focus on these lower chakras. So if you find you are overly in your masculine energy and would like to cultivate more of the feminine qualities, then working with the upper chakras could support you as it’s more about the non-physical realms, consciousness and awareness, love and truth.

However, remembering all the chakras work together as one, just like the divine feminine and masculine energies, so it’s not about compartmentalizing them or separating them, just having the awareness of the impact that the chakra system has on our energetic state. We have many chakras within and around our energetic body and some are yet to be activated due to our vibrational state and frequency so it’s not to get caught up on using our minds to understand everything but instead allowing ourselves to integrate and assimilate the energies within us and that are streaming to us and through us all the time.

The more balanced and in harmony our energetic body and chakra system is, the more we can be clear channels for our higher self to be expressed and embodied through. When we are unbalanced or blocked in any of our systems, we may experience discord within us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, therefore claiming our energetic mastery comes through honoring all aspects of us and being willing to shine the light on areas that we are conscious of so we can choose to alchemize and claim our power and therefore go forth creating our reality through our energetic mastery.

Activity – Practices to implement and awareness of chakras

Through journaling or self-inquiry while in a meditative state, ask yourself:

  • What are some practices that I feel drawn to incorporate into my life?

  • Am I aware of any imbalances in my chakra system?


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