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The Power Of Surrender & Acceptance | A Personal Experience & Lesson | Recognizing Attachments

The transformative potential of surrender and acceptance when it comes to awakening to your attachments and need for control

I wanted to talk about a personal experience that happened this week, but also about the power of surrender and acceptance. If you prefer to listen to the YouTube video you can do so HERE

surrender acceptance spiritual

Earlier this week my cat went missing. Normally he's meowing and at the door in the morning early, wanting his breakfast, and he wasn't there. I knew that something was wrong and all those thoughts went around my head such as "I hope he's okay, I hope he's not hurt, where is he" etc.

I allowed my mind to do the human thing by trying to process that he wasn't there. I did go for a walk around the block calling his name and then came home and I felt upset. I came into my room and allowed myself to cry, and then I realized that this was a divine experience for me. I knew at that moment that this was for me.

I realized that the pain or suffering I was experiencing was coming from a sense of attachment to my cat. I would just wake up and expect my cat to be there, yes I may be his owner and he's an animal, but he also has free will as a being on earth. He can do what he pleases. He doesn't have to stay here. He could go to some other house that feeds him, but what I realized was this attachment to him being there and how deeply it affected me when he suddenly wasn't.

What I realized was underneath the concern was also the "I want him here" and also the "I would feel better if he was here" and so that really identified that attachment to having my cat here. So I sat there and allowed all the emotions I was feeling to arise and be felt.

I felt pain in my heart, sadness, and a sense of powerlessness at that moment. I allowed it to pass, I allowed it to be there. I didn't want to push it away or pretend that I didn't feel it. It's all about surrendering to the experience, and so there was this peace that started to emerge. There was this acceptance of what was there.

There wasn't resistance, fighting or "it shouldn't be like this, he should be here", all of that ego stuff. There was really this acceptance of this is how it is. If he's meant to come home he'll come home, if he's not, he's not, like this is such a divine experience right now.

Not that I want to say that the universe was testing me, but I really felt like this was an even deeper opportunity to dive deeper into the peace and that sovereign place within me, no matter what was happening around me. That was really beautiful because in that sense of peace and acceptance, there was also this love and I felt my life force energy just flowing through me.

I was guided to pull an oracle card, and normally I don't do a lot of oracle card pulls, just now and again. I pulled a card and I looked at it and it said Seraphim Gateway, divine support. As soon as I looked at the card and read it, I heard the cat flap, and Naruto (my cat) had come home! It was just this beautiful synchronicity!

The power of surrender and the power of acceptance has truly helped me shift things so quickly and with so much grace, with reduced suffering and pain on many occasions in my life, both mentally and emotionally but also physically.

Now I could have not gone into that place of peace and acceptance and sat down and tried to come into a sense of balance. I could have just let the mind go "oh my god he's dead, he's been hit by a car, he's trapped, he's in so much pain" or anything like that. I could have allowed that to happen, but because of the understanding and the knowing that this was all part of this co-creation, because you know we're co-creating with other people in life, with Source, and with our animals too. This was such a beautiful experience because it didn't go on for long because I had that surrender and acceptance. I made peace with it and I truly believe that he wouldn't have come home until I had that and recognized the lesson here.

This is really an invitation to you to show you that no matter what's happening in life, we can always choose to make that conscious choice to not go on in the spiral of drama that our minds may want us to follow. Instead, tap into the deeper knowing, tap into our true essence here. This can remind us that we are not alone, we have support. Pulling that angel card and receiving the message of divine support was like this reminder and confirmation of "we are here and we are helping. This is all part of this expansion in consciousness and building that deeper trust with yourself and within life".

If you truly believe that life is happening for you and not against you, then you embrace these opportunities. For a moment, you may get that initial reaction and be caught up in the situation, but then it's like an acknowledging of that and being okay with that. Not judging it, but then we can choose not to play in that we can come back to the knowing of what is truly happening here. So that really was a recognition for me of yeah, that attachment to having the cat there when I wake up, just expecting him to be there. We can start to think about what else am I attached to in life, what else am I taking for granted or expecting to be there when it doesn't have to be there.

There may be things that are out of our control and things leave in our life because everything changes, everything wants to transform over time. So how sovereign can we be no matter what's going on around us in our life with what comes, what goes, what changes? That's why it's so important to come back to the truth of who we are, because then we have that foundation. We have a sense of empowerment and we know who we truly are.

When we start to attach to these false ideas, these false narratives, false beliefs or perceptions about who we want to be, who we think we are, that tends to lead us away from our natural essence. That's when we can truly suffer and be in all this chaos because we're moving away from our true self, when it's a coming back to this place that heart-centered place, that divine essence that is you. Everything in life that's happening is always leading you back your true self that no matter what it is, no matter how it may seem. It's always leading you back to who you truly are, the essence of you, not being God, but being an aspect of God, a unique expression of God. You don't control the God force of life, but you are an expression and a part of that and so it's coming back to the remembrance of your divinity at all times.

The further we stray away from our heart and from who we truly are, that's when we can start to get sick that's when we can start to get unwell on all levels of our being. Keep coming back and again recognize the attachments that you have that may come from a place of good intentions, but also where are you giving your power away. Are you giving it to people, are you giving it to things, are you giving it to certain circumstances? If you do that's okay, you can see it for what it is, you can recognize it for what it is, and utilize these tools of surrender and acceptance when perhaps you have been conditioned to not accept and to instead fight or to push against.

From my own personal experience on multiple occasions, surrender and acceptance of the situation and the moment and whatever is arising, has been not only the fastest but the most transformational way to allow things to evolve into it's highest expression. So if you have the courage and you're in a situation like that, I invite you to at least give it a try, give it a try, trust your heart, trust your soul, and trust God and Source.


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