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Channeling Higher Dimensional Consciousness | You Are A Channel | What Are You Channeling?

Want to find out more about channeling - who is a channel, how to be a clear channel and what can be channeled? What does it have to do with our soul's purpose?

Curious about channeling and wondered if you are a channel? In this blog, you will discover all things channeling-related. We will dive into some key topics and areas that need to be addressed and you may even decide to move forward becoming a more conscious channel in your own life!

(If you would prefer to listen to the YouTube video then you can do so here)

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We Are All Channels

We are all channels for Source energy, for Source (God) Consciousness. It's not something that just some of us can do, it's something that we all can do because essentially we're all vessels of love and light walking around on the earth. The question comes down to what are we channeling?

I'm currently getting this vision of the earth and then everyone on the earth. They have their golden pillar of light streaming through them, which is going down into the earth and up into the cosmos and it's also spreading around them 360 degrees. It's like we can channel from the earth and from the cosmos and from those all around us.

As channels of Source energy, Source consciousness if we bring ourselves back to the question about why we are here in the first place, at one level of this is that Source/God/The Creator, whatever name you want to use, ultimately wanted to know itself. Therefore, you can't truly know yourself unless you have something that reflects back to you who you are.

For example, how would you know what you looked like if you never looked in a mirror? So that's where we, as humans and any being for that matter, are a unique expression of Source consciousness. We have come down to the earth plane so we can have a physical experience and be in the experience of perceived separation. We experience a sense of self, which has value, it has a purpose. This is so that Source can know itself through our unique expressions, embodiments,, and perception and also, we being a fractal of Source we are also on the earth are also wanting to discover who we truly are as well.

What humans are doing at this time, is wanting to remember more of who we truly are and we have free will to do that. We can keep playing in the game of separation or we can choose to remember the oneness, the love, that we are as part of the one Source consciousness.

You Are Multidimensional

So when we understand that, we can realize that we are One and our soul is part of Source consciousness just like all other souls. We have many lifetimes. It's not like I’m Hayley, and this is all of my soul in this physical embodiment.. no not at all. I could be another human, another gender, another being, on the earth or in another dimension, or on another star system.

When you understand that we're all connected at this soul and multi-dimensional level, you start to break out of the perception of separation. I often talk a lot about raising up into the higher dimensions and I often talk about it as it's just a state of consciousness, it's a frequency, and yes there will be a point in time where we will become more light bodies we won't need to have such physical dense bodies and things but for humanity now it's just knowing that we're expanding our consciousness we're raising our vibration.

As channels we're always connected to that One Source consciousness, we're never not connected to our Source. Although we can perceive that we are, we can feel alone, we can feel separate, from not only our Source but also from all other people. This can cause a lot of pain and suffering. A lot of people are going through a spiritual awakening at the time on earth, which is where you come to know oneness. You come to know you are connected to all things; you are powerful and multidimensional.

What Are You Channeling?

As a channel, you can choose what you want to channel. Ideally, we want to channel our soul or what we could call our higher self aspect, our higher self consciousness. But I don't want you to think that it's better or worse than another state of consciousness because all lenses of perception are equally valuable for the expansion of Source consciousness.

But, there is this higher dimensional version of you that you can channel as well as different higher dimensional beings and streams of consciousness such as angels, ascended masters, star beings, the earth and elementals and so on. Who knows how many types of streams of consciousness and beings there are!

However, the whole purpose of ascension, how as humans we are expanding our consciousness, we are raising our frequency, and we're tapping into these higher states of love, peace, and compassion, it's not only a state of perceiving the world but also being in the world. It's a very embodied experience, a very grounded experience. I could say we are integrating our humanity with our divinity. However, this is a paradox because everything is divine, especially our humanness.

Being In Alignment

So, when you become conscious of this, you can start to notice when you're in alignment with your soul and when you're out of alignment or not in harmony with the will of your higher self and that of Source, because you had an intention before coming into this lifetime.

You can think of your emotions kind of like your inner guidance system for how in alignment with your soul you are. If you are, there'll be this contentment, there'll be this peace, and there can also be these high states of love, bliss, ecstasy, and joy.

However, generally, just in your day-to-day life, you will just have this sense of compassion, love, peace, and contentment with what is. You are not fighting anything, you are not forcing things to happen, you are going with the flow. It's really this inspired state, you're taking action out of love and you're taking action out of creativity. You start operating more from that higher dimensional state of consciousness versus that limited human awareness part that is still stuck in that sense of separation and individualism.

Alchemy For A Clear Channel

The more we listen to our emotions, inner guidance, and intuition and we do the alchemy work with any trauma or unresolved issues that are coming up to our awareness, the more we have acceptance and surrender in those moments and allow those things to shift into the highest expression.

We can then be channels for Source, our higher self consciousness, our high dimensional aspect whatever you want to call it who had an intention for coming into this lifetime. We are not here by mistake or randomly. We chose to come here and we did have intentions for coming here.

It's so important to listen to your heart and be soul led because then you come from that very authentic place where every decision, every moment, you're being guided. You don't have to worry about if you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing, and it's not right or wrong, it just is, but you are listening to your heart and to your soul in a way where you're expressing and embodying who you truly are in this lifetime in accordance with your soul and Source’s will.

There are different timelines and possibilities and all that stuff but you will feel this contentment with life. It doesn't mean you don't have struggles or issues, because there are always new opportunities to give more love to yourself and to others and expand as a soul as a part of Source.

You become a channel of love, peace, etc and from that place, you not only have so much to share with humanity, but you also have so much to share just with yourself. You support your own soul's expansion and evolution and you can channel your higher self-consciousness get wisdom for yourself. Such as asking “What should I do today, how can I be of service to others, what do I need”. That's the most important consciousness you should be channeling.

However, you also can channel other streams of consciousness. It's likely that you had an intention to work with certain beings when you came into this lifetime, some might just come to you and meditation or when you are just being and you're open to receiving it. You can just intend to consciously connect with the being or consciousness that you choose as well. Always set the intention to connect with a being of love and light for the highest good.

Open To Higher Perspectives & Higher Dimensional Wisdom

What I'm getting at is that channeling opens us up to different perspectives. If we are solely living from our fixed view of what we have been through, what we think we know, and our own beliefs.. what I love about channeling is that you open up to more. You open up to more than just your fixed little view, you open up to see a wider perspective, and you open up to an expanded state of consciousness.

So say you connect with an angel, you can connect and tune in and receive wisdom from their perspective and receive their energy. You are moving from this separation and individual perspective and point of view to “ I want to understand, I want to know more, what do you have to share” and it enables you to step out of your own way essentially. It welcomes you into that sense of oneness, that connectedness, because we're all One, so we all connect with each other we all can access different streams of consciousness that we're resonant with.

Channeling can help us so much in our life, it can give you wisdom and insights that you can never access coming from a limited or fixed state of consciousness. It can be so healing, like when we try to figure everything out with our human limited mind and instead we just drop into our hearts and be open to receive another perspective.

It can be so helpful because sometimes other humans want to help us to the best of their ability, but know that they are only seeing through their lens as well from what they know. Therefore, when we open up to these higher dimensional beings or Source and choose to see the highest perspective, the highest action we can take in all moments, it's beneficial for our own life and to affect the collective consciousness of humanity. We are all on an ascension journey together, yes as our own unique individual soul expression as part of the one Source consciousness, but also as a collective of humanity.

Be Grounded & Present In This Lifetime

The most important thing that you need to do is to stay in your own direct experience with life. Just because your consciousness, your soul is streaming through many other lifetimes and many other forms, in this lifetime where you are you, your consciousness is streaming through this body this vessel so it's really important to enjoy it to embrace.

However, it's also important not only to be grounded but also don't deny your divinity, don't deny your multi-dimensionality. It's important not to reject your divinity, your multi-dimensionality, your ability to channel, your ability to work with energy, and all of that stuff. Even though we've been conditioned in our society to think its weird, strange, or crazy, it's actually so normal and you'll be surprised how natural it feels for you. It doesn't have to be a difficult process.

The more you try and force channeling or force energy work, the more you get in your own way. Therefore, the best thing to do, the easiest thing to do, is to remain in the present moment. Remain in a state of being and openness, kind of in a state of “I know nothing right now, I'm open and I'm heart-centered”. It’s important to allow your heart to provide you with discernment as well. Don’t just believe anything. Really tune in to if it feels right for you.

You Can Channel In Many Ways

Know that you can channel in many ways. For me, I like channeling through words, so I do email channeled readings, write books (such as Raising Up Into The Higher Dimensions) and share written transmissions on my Instagram page and have created journals such as the Channeled Writing Journal and the Ask Your Heart Journal (check them out on Amazon). I like writing, it just flows to me and I like being able to receive wisdom clearly like through words.

For me, I receive a lot through telepathy/ claircognizance and clairaudience (plus the other psychic senses too) so I tend to hear the words or hear light language as well as just know what is coming through. But you can also just channel through more creative artistic ways such as painting, music, movement, and more! Your life force energy, your soul channeling through you, is going to want to come through in many ways not just one way. Therefore, don't again limit yourself or become fixed on how your soul wants to express itself, because it will want to do so in many ways!

Don't Be A Channel For Lower Dimensional Energy & Perspectives

Sometimes people are not channeling their higher self, you know who they truly are but they may not. They can get into a place where they're channeling from their pain, from their past traumas, limiting beliefs, and all of that, that's kind of how we're conditioned to speak and do.

So, it's important to allow the alchemy to occur because our body, mind and spirit always wants to be in balance and harmony. If we're not experiencing that then we have to ask ourselves the question, “why is it that I'm resistant to my true souls essence shining through”. We're so valid in that though, because we go through a lot of stuff and we don't know how to deal with a lot of it.

However, it's really important at this time to allow that transformation to occur and by surrendering and accepting your divinity in that moment feeling what you're feeling in your body somatically you can allow the highest expression to unfold in your life mentally emotionally and physically. So when you're channeling, come back to that of your soul, come back to that of who you truly are and your divinity. Align your will to that of Source/ God and you'll be on your way!

You Have So Much Wisdom Within & Available To You

Know that you're a natural channel and there's so much wisdom inside of you. There is so much that wants to be created by you and so much that wants to be said or expressed or embodied by you. Give yourself permission to allow that to happen. Be patient, be open to whatever way that may be, and know that it will transform over time.

You may think oh yes this is what I am meant to be doing forever, and then there will be this next expansion. There will be this next stage, this next evolution, this next transformation that wants to happen. So open yourself up to be a channel for the divine, for your higher self or Source, and allow yourself to be open to different perspectives and higher dimensional perspectives.

Also, just to relate to others around you. You know I've heard people say “some people are just born evil” or “this person can't be helped”. However, for me, I don't believe that personally at all. I believe that we all come from the same Source, we all come from Love and I believe that we're all love.

If someone's had a really tough childhood, they've been through some trauma, they haven't had the support or help that they need, then of course someone's going to be acting out of fear, acting out of pain, and acting out of hurt. But that doesn't mean that they're a bad person at all, it means they just need support, they need care, they need love.

So what channeling can enable us to do is put ourselves in someone else's shoes to the best of our ability. We are never going to know the whole journey as we haven’t lived their many lives, but we can have the willingness to understand someone and again see that oneness, see the God in them just like you are.

We can want to understand people at a deeper level and see them for who they truly are which can also be such a healing thing for them because perhaps no one has done that for them before and you're the angel that has come and facilitated that.

Use your channeling abilities however you want to. Open up your mind, body, and heart. That's what we're being invited to step into.


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