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5 Ways To Get Into A Flow State

What is a flow state and how to enter it!

When you are in the flow state, you are fully present and engaged in the activity you are doing. You will feel so immersed in it you can feel at one with it. You will feel 'in the zone' and you can be very productive, and everything is just flowing and feels effortless and enjoyable.

At a deeper level, it's like your soul is in the driver's seat and the mind takes the back seat. You are flowing with life, with the inspiration that is coming to you and through you and there is no resistance present.

ways to enter a flow state

1. Get Heart Centered

Our hearts are so powerful, they are portals to higher states of consciousness and they allow us to be open and receptive to inspiration and inner guidance.

When we are residing in our hearts our vibration will rise naturally and we become more aligned with our true essence. It is from this place of receptivity and resonance with our true self we become channels for our life force energy and higher consciousness to flow through us in all kinds of ways.

We enter a state of being-ness, rather than trying, forcing, and pushing which come from the mind or from trauma which only creates resistance to the flow. Becoming heart centered will allow for a transformation to occur within our consciousness and state of being, thus being able to enter the flow state effortlessly.

2. Have A Clear Mind

This isn't about not having thoughts - our mind is a space where inspiration and creativity can arise from the heart and be received on a mental level. However, if we have a busy mind, constant chatter from the ego, or feel stressed and anxious, it is unlikely that we will be able to get into the flow state.

This is where practices such as meditation or being in nature, and other mindfulness practices can be beneficial. We can allow spaciousness and stillness to be, and we can become receptive to the inspiration and impulses that want to come through. Our most natural state of mind is to be clear, open, and receptive and the more we allow this state, the more flow we will experience.

When we don't engage or invest more energy into the thoughts that are going around in our heads, they will dissipate naturally. They will come and go and what kind of thoughts appear will depend upon our vibrational state and what we are attracting (both consciously and subconsciously).

If we become identified and attached or we grip onto certain beliefs and thoughts, then we can create more momentum with them which can negatively impact our wellbeing and prevent us from accessing the state of consciousness required to be in the flow state.

Ultimately, what we focus on expands, so if we are focussed on limiting thoughts we will find that our minds may become very loud and it's like the thoughts are consuming our minds and life.

Whereas, if we create time to have a clear mind through stillness and presence we can expand our awareness and become open to inspiration, insights, possibilities, and creative potentials that are available and want to become manifest by flowing through you as a channel.

3. Know The Place & Time That Works Best For You

To get into a flow state you need to be present and immersed in something (in a state of "being" and then "doing"). For some people it may only take a few minutes to get into a flow, for others, it may take 30 mins to really drop into a flow. This requires you to first focus on one thing such as on your breath, body, or sensations to create the right state before being in the flow state as you create, or become immersed in one thing.

If you intend to be in the flow it is important to set yourself up with the best conditions to do so. Get rid of distractions that might snap you out of your flow. This may mean going to a certain place where you feel safe, peaceful, and uplifted.

You may turn off your phone or your social media notifications. You may want to be on your own and away from people who will talk to you or you may prefer being around other creative people. You may prefer the environment to be quiet or perhaps you like a bit of background noise such as what you would experience in a cafe.

Also, notice what time of day you feel the most energized and inspired! For some people, it might be in the mornings when they wake up fresh and their minds haven't been drawn into all the mundane or logical things that need to be done. For others they may feel that the evenings are when things just flow and come to them as they sit on the couch and feel more relaxed.

There is no wrong or right time and no wrong or right place for being in a flow state - just what works best for you! If you aren't sure what the best conditions are for you, try out a mixture of things!

Know the conditions can change over time as well, and some days you may enter the flow effortlessly and unexpectedly. In fact, this indeed will be the case as being in the flow becomes your most natural state of being. Instead of needing certain conditions to assist you, you are the one that has attuned to be in the flow on a more moment-to-moment basis. You ultimately become more receptive and allowing and less controlling and resistant.

4. Know What Lights You Up!

When we are focused on something that we are passionate about and that lights us up, we can far more easily get into that flow state compared to doing something that we have no interest in and feel no connection with.

When we are in the flow we feel this joy, passion, and happiness arising within our being and feel called to keep going forward, whether this looks like a conversation, writing, playing a sport, working on a project, taking action, and so on. We may feel free and take no notice of the time - it will feel like the day has just flown by!

The flow state will be easily accessed when you embrace who you are and listen to your inner guidance and the impulses and inspiration you receive without doubting or resisting it.

5. Use Tools

You can use certain tools to support you in accessing a flow state such as:

  • Intention: Set the intention that you want to be in a flow state for this task or that afternoon etc and then let the intention go. Have the knowing that the flow state is something that can't be forced but instead allowed and embraced.

  • Sound: Have some sounds or music playing in the background. Let them be familiar sounds and repetitive music or binaural beats in order to support you in shifting your brainwave state.

  • Certain kinds of breathwork, meditation and mindfulness practices

  • Raise your vibrational state and expand your consciousness in your own unique way!

Final Words

We all have the ability to enter into a flow state and there is no one size fits all rule or way to do this. The most important thing is that we allow ourselves to become present and relaxed and then let it flow without expectations and resistance. Integrate the mind with the heart and allow yourself to follow the stream of inspiration!


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