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What Is The Difference Between Resistance & Discernment | Listening To The Soul's Wisdom | The Signs

Recognize the subtle differences between resistance and discernment when they arise along our spiritual journey of life

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between resistance and discernment? They can both feel like we need to pause and stop, but what one are we experiencing and what does it mean? In this blog, I will share a spiritual perspective on this.

spiritual discernment and resistance

What Is Discernment And What Does It Feel Like?

Our soul is never in resistance, it's expansive and inclusive. It does, however, offer us an inner knowing or loving warning if something isn't in alignment or for our highest good, or if there is an actual danger.

Discernment arises as a knowing and can feel like a momentary pause. We may feel it in our heart space or stomach. There may even be a sense of calmness in the moment. It can be fleeting and illusive which is why trusting your discernment in the moment is key.

This soul communication is like a loving no and invites us to see beyond what something may be appearing as and to trust in divine timing and our innate wisdom. This part of us can see a much bigger picture and we are invited to listen and trust.

What Is Resistance And What Does It Feel Like?

When it comes to resistance, it's only our state of consciousness, our limited human awareness that is operating from past traumas and old programs that wants to reject, deny and resist things even if deep down it may be towards something that is really good for us.

Resistance can feel like tension or constriction in the body, feel like we want to attack or defend through actions or words, may feel an immediate shift in our vibrational state, and like we don't want to let go of control or to our attachments or expectations.

Our minds may become busy with thoughts and judgments. Ultimately, resistance is a sign that something within wants to be transformed into a higher state (and it is perfectly valid to experience resistance in our human experience btw).

As we expand as a soul, our human aspect will have limitations arising in our awareness and in life in order for them to be integrated so we can embrace our fullness. This initiation requires a faith and surrender and will feel so freeing once we move through it.

Final Words

We all experience both resistance and discernment in our lives, therefore the most important thing is learning to distinguish them and then trusting and knowing what it is teaching us.

What is the opportunity here, am I being invited to look at something from another perspective and bring in more love, or am I being lovingly guided in another direction and to trust my inner guidance?

Being present, therefore knowing what vibrational state we are in before resistance or discernment arises can help us know where it is coming from and what it is as well.


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