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The Great White Brotherhood Channeled Message | You Can Be A Vessel For Christ Consciousness

Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Channeler

Below is a channeled message that I brought through from a collective of ascended masters that are known as The Great White Brotherhood.

Know and behold the presence of God within you. Each and every one of you are vessels for the potential of Christ Consciousness to be channeled through and be embodied by you there on the earth plane. A simple inquiry into the depths of your heart to know thyself for who you truly are will allow for more self awareness and self realization to be achieved.
The tasks that you chose to fulfill in this very lifetime lie at the center of your heart, and with the support of your energetic alignment and allowance of higher consciousness and vibrational state within your very being, wisdom can be accessed, more love can be shared and pre-birth intentions can be fulfilled as you embark upon your ascension journey.
Times ahead require a knowing of your sovereignty, an open heart and mind, and an attunement to who you truly are as a divine being of love, an aware multidimensional consciousness. The inward journey is just as important as the outward, going within is the foundation where you can access true reality in the face of unwavering energies that you came to experience but to alchemize through the steadfast knowing of the master within you.
Each and every one of you on the planet at this time are highly advanced souls who wanted to have a mission on earth so that you could show God/Source and all beings that no matter what hardships or separation may be experienced through the perceived loss of connection to your divine nature can truly be recovered and remembered in the midst of a lower dimensional experience. You knew you could awaken from the slumber and facade that you chose to be placed under and then recall all your power back as you began to integrate all that you are as a soul and as unconditional love.

- The Great White Brotherhood channeled message through Hayley Zammit

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