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Source Transmissions: Arch Angel Michael | Your Sovereign Divinity | Channeled Message & Healing

Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Channeler

On the 1st/2nd of January 2023, I held a LIVE 30min Source Transmissions Class on Insight Timer. Thank you to the 48 souls who joined me live! If you did not join me live on Insight Timer, you can watch the 30-minute live class, which includes the channeled message and energetic transmission on my YouTube channel!

Don't want to watch the video or receive the energy work? No worries! You can read the channeled message below

" Times ahead are indeed zealous. There is hope in the air, there is wonder, and there is optimism in the hearts and minds of humanity. But of course, what each of you choose to focus upon is up to you, and your will and conscious awareness will be put to the test in times to come for you to transcend the limitations of where you currently stand in your evolutionary journey.
A new world, a new way of being is available to all of you as you enter this new year, this new period of time. It is of utmost importance that you take hold of the energies that are present at this time and allow yourself to receive the non-physical support that is very much present and available to humanity.
You are each guided in multidimensional and multifaceted ways. Through your own heart portal and purity of intent, your present moment awareness can open to and accept intuitive impulses, messages, and opportunities. Inspiration and your sovereign divine power can be revealed and utilized. Take hold of your knowings and trust in yourself , what you receive, and the unfoldment of your journey.
Throughout this year, the collective consciousness of humanity will be invited to come together and exist in more harmony and the key to do this is within yourselves first. For when you embrace and bring healing to what arises within you and remedy the imbalances and dissonance that have been wanting integration and resolution, this can help the whole of mankind to attune and shift as well. Listen to your heart's calling as you move forward in times to come and in all ways.
Come back to the remembrance to what is truly important and let what isn’t, dissolve and loosen its grip. Take part in new habits, routines, and activities that bring out pure joy within you, that feels light and freeing. Take yourself off the pedestal that you have put yourself on and surrender to the authentic and unique being that you are, thus, the experience and life that wants to be lived through you.
You will come to discover your true strength, that of courage, integrity, bravery, and sovereignty, which is very much what I stand for. I know your light, I know your love, I know your divinity and as a divine masculine representation, may my archetype and frequency support you with this.
The depiction of my sword of light is not to fight with, harm or injure or to cause any separation between anything. But instead, it represents the divine light and power that lives within all of you to cut through illusions and the willingness to stand up for truth and for the highest wellbeing of all. I am known as a protector angel because of my steadfast knowing in who you truly are and what you are capable of.
I stand for the light and many of you here listening to this do as well. You do not need protecting, you only need the remembrance of who you truly are and the willingness to claim it so all can return to its highest expression, through you, as a form of alchemy through your sovereign divinity.
The more you receive, attune, and align to transmissions such as this, the more the anchoring and transmutation of all that is no longer in resonance will not be experienced by you or have such a tight grip on all that you be and do in this world. It's time to lower your shields and swords that have been held up by pain, loss, despair, and anger, and instead, let your vulnerability reveal your strength. Let your humility and true self be that which transforms.
True strength lies within you and it is time to activate it further so you may align your free will to the divine will, to discover the power that you have unconsciously given away, suppressed, or denied, and once again reclaim it for yourself and for the liberation of all beings. The time has come to awaken and take hold of a higher path ahead, believe in yourself, know your worth, and align more to the essence of your higher self embodiment.
That is key and what we will be working on during the energetic transmission which will be coming through shortly and what has already been activated within you know through these words. It is safe to be seen, it is safe to be supported and it is safe to shine your light. Let's now open and receive and allow the density to be alchemized and lifted and restore harmony and balance through a divine alignment of your energetic centers. Old programs and energies that restrict the flow of your lifeforce and of the expansion in consciousness and vibrational frequency that is ready to be experienced within you now will be shifted through this transmission."

Want to join me for another LIVE Source Transmission Class or another event?

Here is a link to my Insight Timer profile where if I have events scheduled you will be able to see and join! You will only see my screen and you can write in the chat. You will not be on video. You can also listen to my meditations and join my courses on the platform, if you wish.

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