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Source Transmissions: The Sirians | The Power Of Your Heart Portal | Channeling & Light Language

Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Channeler

On the 15th/16th January 2023, I held a LIVE 30min Source Transmissions Class. Thank you to the 44 souls who joined me live!

Watch the live class, including the channeled message and energetic transmission on my YouTube channel!

Don't want to watch the video or receive the energy work? No worries! You can read the channeled message below

"Your hearts are a pathway to Source Consciousness. Your hearts allow you to reach beyond what you have known and to realize higher truth. To remember your true nature and to become one at a more conscious level with your soul's intentions for this lifetime. To receive from higher frequencies and transform your body and mind into higher octaves of light.
It is through the portal of your energetic heart that you access a higher dimensional reality, we could say you peek through the veil of the seeming limitations or structures that were fixed through a lower state of consciousness that would not allow the gateway of the heart to be fully realized. Through the heart you glimpse into a reality that feels like home, that revitalizes you, that goes and beyond what the mind can comprehend. It is a state of being and consciousness that is the essence of who and what you are.
Many beings in the Sirian star systems went through a process of integrating their heart into their experience more through a weaving of the more divine feminine qualities to counteract and balance out the imbalances that permeated our collective consciousness and way of being which was the key to our ascension into higher dimensions of existence. We knew that there was a spark of light, of God, within us that was to be cultivated and nurtured beyond what we had been operating from. Slowly and gradually our civilization began to shift as more of us began to align with our true nature while still remaining unique and diverse in our embodiment and expression.
This is why we come through to support humanity at this time as you embark on your own ascension journey. We wish to share with you our knowledge and the wisdom we have gained and to ultimately remind many of you who lived among us, the remembrance of the codes and wisdom you hold within yourselves.
A pivotal moment and key to the major shifts that occurred in the siran star system were catapulted by the catalyst of disease and sickness. It was through that experience that we awoke to our own inner healer, we awoke to the power of our energy bodies and consciousness, with our hearts being the primary gateway to allow our being to be flooded with the divine light of Source and accept our wholeness and divinity beyond what we saw and physically experienced through dis-ease in the body. The heart heals all, physical and non-physical, big or small, but it can only be so if you know it through the higher mind at a soul level or you let go of the resistance to healing and accepting rejuvenation and health, as long as it is in your highest good to experience this.
The heart also allowed us to tap into greater levels of abundance in all ways. Going from scarceness on all to abundance and thriving. What you harness through the gateway of your heart may still seem unfathomable to many of you and we know that this is why experiencing it for yourself is so important. Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to create time and space to connect deeper with your heart and discover what it can offer you and how much transformation can occur when you do consciously listen and do from this place.
You are always being guided to go within and tune into this sacred portal to Source and to your soul and we encourage you to be empowered in making this decision and trusting in the wisdom that can be accessed here. It is our highest joy to support you in navigating the pathway of the heart and being led into greater levels of expansion and ascension through this time of heart awakening that you are beckoning for at a deep, subconscious level.
Utilize the heart and let it also assist you in working with the mind in a way where new potentials and unaccessed ideas and creative ventures can flow from. The heart is the missing piece for many of you and it is your birthright to remember the sacred heart that lies within you and that connects you to all beings, both physical and non- physical. We would be honored to bring through an energetic transmission to activate and awaken your heart, the consciousness, and codes that are ready for an upgrade into new levels that will enable you to live more from this place."

Want to join me for another LIVE Source Transmission Class or another event?

Here is a link to my Insight Timer profile where if I have events scheduled you will be able to see and join! You will only see my screen and you can write in the chat. You will not be on video. You can also listen to my meditations and join my courses on the platform, if you wish.

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