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NEW BOOK ALERT: Musings From The Heart: Revelations From The Human Experience | Hayley Zammit

Published in 2023, this powerful top spiritual book from a female spiritual writer is a must read for all spiritual seekers and spiritual awakening humans at this time

Hayley Zammit's most recent spiritual book Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience is out now and available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and kindle.

In Musings From The Heart, Hayley shares a collection of her own personal transmissions and spiritual wisdom as she integrates her own life experiences and receives insights from what you could call her own higher self consciousness. They are musings from the heart that have a deep spiritual essence to them that we can weave into our human experience to invite us into seeing things in a new light.

About The Book

Musings From The Heart: Revelations From The Human Experience includes transmissions from the years 2020 up until the end of 2022, as Hayley learns to navigate her own human experience in her twenties and uncovers spiritual revelations in the process. Some of the messages are half a page, one page, or multiple pages. Many of the transmissions she shares are about topics such as having acceptance, surrender, remembering your divinity, healing, and integration, self-empowerment, ascension, your soul and spirit, honoring our divinity and humanity, and more.

This book is structured not in long chapters, but instead as individual transmissions. You can read this book from front to back or simply read one message per day. You can also set the intention to flip to a page that would support you right now in your life, perhaps to understand a situation from another perspective.

It is important to take your time when reading this book. Tune into the energy of the transmission and sit with the words you have read. Don’t rush through it without seeing how it lands within your own heart. We can recognize truth within a transmission when we feel the resonance of it within us. It will feel like a soul remembrance rather than a bunch of new, interesting information.

As with anything in life, take what resonates and leave the rest. You also may find that if you read the messages again at a later date, they may land differently within you as you continue to open up to new perspectives and ways of being.

Who Is Musings From The Heart: Revelations From The Human Experience For?

This book is for those who:

  • Feel drawn to the book (you are not sure why, but feel that there is something in it for you!)

  • Have gone through a spiritual awakening and wanting to delve into spiritual books that will support you on your ascension journey in this human experience

  • Feel open to receiving insights and wisdom from another perspective

  • Love channeled guidance and spiritual wisdom that differs from the "norm"

  • Like reading deep musings from the heart and individual transmissions over chapters and factual information

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does musing mean?

A musing is a period of deep thought or reflection. So when it comes to the title of my book "Musings From The Heart" the transmissions shared in the book are insights from my heart, from my soul, from the part of me that holds deeper wisdom and a higher perspective.

What is spiritual revelation in human life?

A revelation when it comes to spirituality is a divine knowing, understanding, or knowledge that has been given to someone. It is often divine guidance or inspiration that has come through and has something to do with the human experience or how humanity can benefit or become liberated.

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