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Methods For Transforming Your Beliefs | Two Techniques You Must Try | Self Development & Growth

Try out my Instant Alchemy Technique and Rewire & Transform Technique to free you from limiting beliefs

If you haven't read the blog post Acknowledging Limiting Beliefs Systems & Old Programs | Bringing Awareness To Old Patterns, read that and do the journaling exercises first before reading this one!

I invite you to want to take on new beliefs that are in alignment with who you truly are, the ones that represent the divine qualities and truth about who you are as a Source energy being at your essence. Sure, you can want to take on other belief systems that will aid you in success, gaining physical possessions, to look a certain way, but be mindful if it is strengthening the programmed and conditioned layers of all that you have taken on instead of peeling away the layers that aren’t who you truly are with love, and revealing your light within.

methods for transforming beliefs

Before I go into how you can transform old beliefs, I wanted to share with you two methods that you can use depending on your state of consciousness and what you feel most drawn to. This is because the Instant Alchemy Technique (what I called it!) can be used once you have had an expansion in consciousness and remembrance of who you are as Source and as a divine being so then when a false thought or belief about who you are arises you can immediately have the awareness of it and alchemize it in the moment without requiring you to go into any mental processes.

While the other method, the Rewire and Transform Technique (the other process I named), is approaching these beliefs from a mind level and creating new neural pathways in the brain through repetition of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This may be needed if you are very much attached to the egoic structure of the mind and have not experienced the liberation that comes from the recognition of your divinity.

You can also use both methods at different times in your life or with different beliefs or programs that arise, it’s totally up to you.

If you are identified with your ego being who you are – that is you believe that the thoughts that you think are you, the emotions that you feel are you, the experience that you gone through has defined who you are, the identity that you have claimed is who you are then while you are identified with this and have not yet liberated yourself from your socially constructed identity then use the Rewire and Transform Technique where you engage your mind and introduce new thoughts, feelings and behaviors and get your mind on board and to tap into the feelings that are generated by those thoughts until you have that shift in consciousness to know your true self and be able to express and embody that.

With the Instant Alchemy Technique, it’s a knowing and honoring of who you truly are in the moment which is all it takes to dissolve the beliefs and programs which are not in alignment with that. It’s like an acknowledgment of your light, of the consciousness that you are and of the oneness of Source. There is no forcing or trying to convince your mind of anything as your ego does not have such a strong hold on you and you aren’t identified or attached to it.

My intention for sharing both methods is to allow you to tune in to yourself and choose a method that resonates with you in the moment. To have the understanding of both of these ways of transformation but ultimately listening to yourself first and foremost with what would benefit you in order to truly make a change in your life.

In my own life when I had a spiritual awakening many old beliefs and programming dissolved as a result of that shift in consciousness and also through being self- aware and alchemizing these things in the moment once they arose. However there have been times when my ego would hold on tight to certain beliefs, programs and behaviors which required me to do some mindset work to get the brain on board with integrating my divinity with my humanity, and that’s all part of this human experience!

So in this next section I will share with you my two methods in more detail and then an activity taking you through the steps!

Method 1 – About The Rewire and Transform Technique

Here I will go through the process then you can go through the activity afterwards.

So now that you have identified certain beliefs that you know you are ready to let go of and rewire (from this blog) it can be helpful to acknowledge why it’s not serving you, why do you want to rewire or transform it? Do you feel that it’s preventing you from getting a certain thing? Do you feel that it is limiting your growth? Do you feel like it’s not your truth so you wish to rewire it with what is true for you? Is it making you feel low vibrations? Is it not in alignment with who you truly are at a soul level?

For example, the belief could be that I am not worthy of love. “I know this is not serving me because this belief is just bringing in vibrational matches to that belief in the form of thoughts, emotions and experiences. I’m experiencing romantic relationships that make me feel that I’m not worthy of love, the thoughts that have been going round in my mind aren’t loving and I’m feeling shame and worthless. I want to rewire this because I want to feel worthy of love from within myself and within friendships and relationships in the future, I am done with feeling this way. I know since childhood I have felt this way from my parent’s actions and words but I do not wish to continue holding this belief in my life going forward”.

Wow! How powerful is that! When you can really see how a belief has been impacting you on perhaps a daily basis and how it seems so normal for you and like it’s just how it is for you but actually shining the light on it and not letting it hide away anymore is so powerful, rather than saying I’m not sure about this belief but I don’t really have any drive or reason to commit to transforming it. You have really got to have that energy and intention behind why you want to change something in your life especially with something like a belief which can sometimes take time to really anchor and own into your being.

Know that the things in your past such as old beliefs, habits, thoughts, experiences, relationships have all been for your expansion and growth and that of Source. Know that you have become wiser, more resilient, more understanding and more compassionate and more powerful from them. You may have gone through things that you thought you would never be able to get through but here you are reading this today! I know you will not let a limiting belief that you have now acknowledged hold you back any longer! I know you can commit time to diving deep into these parts of you that you have recognized is holding you back and may be limiting the true expression of your soul and the person who you came here to be in this lifetime.

The next step would be to identify if there are any emotions that are holding you to those beliefs. For example, if I express to someone that I feel worthless, I might get pity or empathy or that person says how amazing I am and that makes me feel like someone cares about me and it might make me feel loved, and that emotion of feeling loved or cared about when I express this limiting belief keeps me stuck to it because actually getting that pity or empathy is better than actually rewiring or transforming the belief because then I might not get this feedback or attention anymore.

This is where you have to be truly honest with yourself! Ask yourself if there is some sort of emotional pay off you are getting from yourself or from others that is holding you to these beliefs. This is all about self responsibility and calling ourselves out, because if you truly want to change and transform your life you have to go deep, be honest and be willing to shine light on all parts of you so it can be healed and integrated. We need to understand that there are so many different aspects of us, some we approve of and some we don’t want to acknowledge and want to keep suppressed. However, when we can bring these parts in and love them, listen to their needs and alchemize them into a higher state and integrate them we can move forward more empowered and creating our life in a more conscious way as we observe what is arising as it comes up to our awareness and we make the decision to give it our love and presence.

The next step would be asking yourself how do I want to rewire this belief? Is there a new belief I would want to replace it with? For example if we say the limiting belief is “ I am not worthy of being loved” do you want to switch it to the opposite of that and rewire the belief to be “I am worthy of being loved”. Or do you rewire the belief to “ I am love in human form” or “ I love all parts of myself and I know I am worthy of receiving love from others”. Whatever the belief is being rewired to will be up to you, it will be unique to everyone as you form your own belief as a sentence, phrase or concept that’s feels good to you that you ultimately want to have as your truth in that moment. It should invoke a feeling of goodness within you, it may feel like a soul remembrance and you may have a feeling of expansion and resonance. Our limiting beliefs can really inspire us to determine what we would rather believe, as it can help us know that we would perhaps want to experience the latter.

The final step here is to own the new belief! To feel, think, behave and act in alignment with it. Really tune into this belief throughout the day and embody it! If you really adopted and integrated this belief within you ask yourself how would I feel? What emotions would I be experiencing right now? What would I be doing? How would I be showing up in the world? How would I talk to myself and others? Where would I be placing my attention? What thoughts would I be having? If you really focus on these things every day the new belief will become stronger and stronger and completely replace the old belief because your energy and focus has been on this new belief and you are truly embodying it in your everyday life until you realize you are feeling, thinking, doing unconsciously!

This is truly powerful and life changing, but you must truly want it and be committed to consciously taking action on rewiring and transforming the belief by the emotions you feel, the thoughts you think and the actions you take on a daily basis to allow it to become integrated and embodied. A belief is basically a thought that you keep thinking so much and is backed up by confidence, trust and acceptance and then you start to see the fruition and proof of it starting to manifest in your reality and that really instills the new belief within you.

Also know that you don’t always want to hold the same beliefs forever, you want to grow and expand. You want to have different experiences in life, and often a way to have different experiences is to first hold different beliefs, thoughts and so on. Hold your beliefs lightly and do not judge or hate others because of what they believe and how it opposes what you believe. You’re not going to achieve or accomplish anything by maintaining the same belief systems for long periods of time especially if it’s not a reflection of your true soul’s essence but instead a belief created by the ego. In fact, you will probably just remain in a fixed position, digging in your heels and not being open to receiving new ideas and inspirations. You want your beliefs to come, go and be in the flow. So relax and enjoy your exploration of certain beliefs, but be willing to let them go at any moment. Know what ones are serving you for your highest good and what ones may be limiting you.

I’m so excited for you to really take action with this and rewire the old programs and limiting beliefs that you may have had ever since you were a small child! It is time to claim your sovereignty, to know you are a co-creator of your reality and the only person in the way in going after your dreams is you. It’s time to step up, believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your dreams and in your life, knowing you can truly transform your life by mastering your energetic state. It all starts with diving deep and starting at the core at the root limiting beliefs you are holding within to then identify and acknowledge them and to realize and state why they aren’t serving you. From there identifying the emotions that may be holding you to them and deciding and claiming what belief you want to rewire it to. Then go out into the world every day owning that new belief through the way you are showing up and being in the world!

Activity - Rewire & Transform Technique (mind focused)

Time for some journaling or self-reflection and inquiry during a time of stillness or meditation. Take your time with each of these questions, really being honest with yourself and getting into the embodiment of the new version of you with a new set of beliefs and way of being.

With a certain belief in mind ask yourself:

1. Why do I want to transform or rewire this belief?

2. Are there any emotions holding me to this belief?

3. Is there a new belief I want to rewire or replace this old belief with?

4. By integrating and embodying this new belief how would I think, feel, be and do?

Method 2 – Instant Alchemy Technique

The Instant Alchemy Technique is a process that you can use that goes beyond the rewiring and processing methods. Those are great steps and practices to use when you first begin, to help get your mind on board with what it is you are wanting to do. However, there comes a point when there will be a belief, thought or emotion that may arise and instantly you recognize it and can transmute it. It is not necessary for you to go through steps and processes but instead you have a certain level of mastery where you don’t allow yourself to engage or get dragged into it, you don’t get involved with it or invest any energy into it and you instead can alchemize it in the moment.

There are times when you need to feel and acknowledge these things but as you do the work you can be aware of the conscious choice in the moment to transform the belief, thought or emotion that may very well be yours that is nearly fully dissolved from your field and also may be something you picked up in the collective consciousness and energy. You also have the knowing of who you truly are beyond the socially conditioned constructs of the mind, you know you are a part of Source, you are consciousness which is streaming through you as you in this human experience, so its from this place of knowing your divinity you can be an alchemizer of anything that arises.

Activity - Instant Alchemy Technique (soul / consciousness focused)

Here is the Instant Alchemy Technique:

1. You have the awareness of perhaps a thought, a judgement, an emotional trigger that arises in the moment.

2. You see it for what it is. You allow it to be there, you’re not resisting it or investing energy into it.

3. You come back to a state of neutrality, you anchor into your heart space. You’re not labeling it as good, bad, right or wrong. It is what it is.

4. You move on. You bring your awareness into this now moment and remember the truth of who you are as Source and the divinity within you and all things. And so, it is!

Residing In Neutrality

I also wanted to touch on letting go of belief systems and certain mental constructs and residing in a state of neutrality and intimacy with what is. This is where we can experience more non-duality in our lives and more inner peace as its more seeing things in our experience and being in direct experience with it rather than being distorted through the mind.

We could think of beings such as animals who are very much existing in the present moment and not thinking about how things should be different, they embrace what is without trying to change or convince others of their beliefs. However, this is not entirely realistic as we are humans and we were given these amazing minds and a certain level of awareness and consciousness so it’s to honor that and use it in whatever way we choose, whether that is to hold many beliefs or to be able to rewire and transform them or whether we are someone that lets it all go and remains in presence and possibility!

We ultimately are streams of consciousness coming through these physical bodies in this human experience so let’s embrace our humanity and integrate it with our divinity and co-create our life from this place.

Final Words

Overall, try these different techniques and use what works for you! I really hope these helped you or at least gave you another tool to put in your tool box to support you in looking after your wellbeing!

methods for transforming beliefs


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