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Mindful Shower Meditation Script For Cleansing Your Energy | Meditate In The Shower | Daily Routine

Royalty Free Cleansing Shower Meditation Script To Read or Listen To. Who shower meditations are for, the benefits, how to listen and more!

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Heard of a shower meditation and wondered what it is and how one would go about meditating in the shower? Discover who shower meditations are great for, what the benefits are, and access a guided cleansing shower meditation script to use for personal or business use.

Grab the royalty free Cleansing Shower Meditation Script to read via PDF instant download or listen to a 7 minute guided shower meditation audio on the Aura Health App. Whether you want to use a shower meditation script to create something new or are keen to listen to a pre-made guided shower meditation audio, a shower meditation is a great thing to add into your life.

Let's dive into all things shower meditation so you know who would best benefit from this practice and how you can go about doing a meditation in a shower setting.

mindful cleansing shower meditation script

Transform Your Daily Morning or Evening Routine By Doing A Shower Meditation

If you have never tried doing a shower meditation before, you are missing out! You really get a bang for your buck when you can not only spend your shower time cleaning and maintaining your physical body, but also use it to be mindful and cleanse your energy field at the same time.

Who Is A Shower Meditation Best Suited For?

Here are my top 5 traits of a person who would benefit most from incorporating a guided shower meditation practice into their daily route (or just once a week!). If this sounds like you, then a shower meditation would be great for you...

1. You Struggle To Meditate Sitting Still

Someone who wants to have a meditation practice BUT struggles to sit down and sit still during meditation would benefit from a more active and/or open eye meditation, which is what a shower meditation allows for.

2. You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

Someone who is highly sensitive to energy will notice that they need to create regular space and time to clear their field and ensure that they are not carrying around energies that are not theirs to hold onto and to really radiate out their own strong frequency into the world.

Cleansing their energy field daily whilst showering can become an important ritual for them and a good reminder to keep up with their energetic cleansing practices as well when life does get hectic.

3. You Are Keen On Quick Yet Effective Meditation Practices

Short on time and want to keep your meditation and mindfulness practices under 10 minutes? Someone who wants to only meditate for a short duration can benefit from a shower meditation as they can not only combine it with the time they would normally spend in the shower, but also use it for wellbeing purposes.

4. You Find Water Calming, Relaxing And Healing

Someone who finds water very calming, soothing, relaxing, and healing will appreciate using the water element to assist their meditation practice. Something about water may just help you access a deeper state of relaxation than you would without it.

Not only do you benefit from the guided practice and the ability to relax deeper, but you also can bring your gratitude to the water and work with the water element in a more conscious way.

5. You Are Of Any Age, Gender Or Experience Level

Shower meditation is great for all ages and genders and for people that have some or no meditation experience!

Benefits of Doing a Shower Meditation

  • Cleanse your energy (not only your physical body!)

  • Supports mind-body connection

  • Water can aid in relaxation

  • It can become a great daily ritual that you dont have to create extra time and space to do

  • Can be done in a short amount of time (under 10 minutes)

  • Gets you focussed in on the present moment instead of thinking about the past or future

  • Overall, feel refreshed and cleansed to start your day or to go to sleep easily!

How To Listen To a Shower Meditation

You can simply hop in your shower and have the shower meditation playing off your device (phone, laptop, external speaker) and follow the guided prompts as you stand in the shower.

To add to the experience you can create a beautiful space for yourself in your bathroom too. You may:

  • Only have dim lights on (rather than bright, stimulating lighting)

  • Turn on your essential oil diffuser and enjoy the delicious scents!

  • Light a candle to add some self-love and self-care vibes to the experience

  • Light some incense to add a nice smell and also add to the cleansing intention

  • Set an intention either out loud or in your mind for this shower meditation practice (it may change every time due to what is happening in your life)

Guided Shower Meditation vs Un Guided Shower Meditation

A shower meditation can be done by listening to a guided meditation audio or by you simply guiding yourself through your own unique process. The key thing I would say is to be mindful and present there in the shower with all your senses and consciously intend to cleanse your energy or mental and emotional state - whatever your intention for your shower meditation may be!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shower meditation script?

Cleansing Shower Meditation Script ( 467 words ) is a great short and effective meditation script for cleansing your energy while in the shower. This script creates around a 7 minute audio if you did want to make a recording from the guided cleansing shower meditation script.

Is it okay to meditate in the shower?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to meditate in the shower if you prefer meditating standing up or being more active compared to sitting still.

Do I use hot water or cold water for a shower meditation?

It is up to you. If you want to be in a state of calm and relaxation, then warm/hot water would be the way to go. However, if you want a more energy boosting shower meditation, then a cold shower will definitely wake you up, get your blood pumping and get you going!

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