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Inviting In Support From Spirit and Source | Spiritual Support | Assistance From The Higher Realms

Consciously call in support from Source and your spirit team to help you in your daily life and when you don't know how to get through difficult times

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It is important that we remember that we have so much support and guidance around us at all times. When we don’t know how we are going to make things happen or we don’t know how to heal or process something, know that there are many beings of love and light that wish to assist you with anything at all.

Source and spirit honor our free will, so the best thing we can do is to let them know that you do want their help in your journey. Invite them in, invoke their presence and consciousness through prayer, intention, writing, or whatever way you would like. It’s from that place, that they can work with you in a more conscious and tangible way as they have your permission to do so.

We can also make a practice of calling in our own higher self’s consciousness to permeate our awareness throughout the day to help us navigate this human experience that our limited human awareness may struggle with. You can also just call out to Source / God / Divine / Universe whatever word you wish to use, but also remembering that you are an aspect of Source yourself and you can always go within. Therefore, just knowing that you are never separate or alone and you do not have to do everything yourself when there are many beings ready and willing to be of service to you.

One situation that can be helpful to invite in support from higher dimensional beings can be when you want to rewire or transform a belief, and you find no matter what you do, you can’t seem to release it. In this case, you can invoke in spirit and ask for their assistance, their healing, and support. It is key that you come from a place of pure intent and can surrender, and know that your prayer is always answered. So lift your request up to spirit and allow them to dissolve and remove these old outdated beliefs and templates from your field. Do not try to figure it all out with your mind, as it cannot be understood with our logical mind, but instead feel it in your heart. Notice the shifts you feel as you surrender into the grace of the divine. Know it is done.

Another time when inviting in the support of spirit and Source is helpful is when you are processing emotions, especially the ones that are very hard to face and feel. Invite in spirit of the highest light and love, ask for their healing and energy to transmute this pain you may be feeling. Allow yourself to receive this divine healing through knowing you are worthy of it and it is possible to receive miracles and healings beyond the limitations of the physical world. There may be specific angels, ascended masters or star beings that you wish to invoke in or you may be aware of a certain being that has come into your field that is known to be a master healer. Be open, be receptive and surrender to the energetic healing transmissions and information that is streaming to your body, mind and heart.

As you go forth being a conscious co creator of your life with the divine, through your energetic mastery, you will draw to you spirit that can support you throughout certain phases of your life, so open up to their energy and wisdom. Part of having energetic mastery is being able to tune into higher frequency energies and dimensions, whether that is a specific vibration, a stream of consciousnesses, and more. We come to realize that the perceived limitations and perception of separation has been dissolved and we come to know how multidimensional we are and how natural it is for us to work with energy in many different ways.

We can not only transform our own lives through working with our energetic mastery from our own being, but we can also use our conscious awareness to provide energetic support to others. When you know yourself as a spiritual being not only playing and creating in this human experience but also how in touch you are with spirit and existing as a Source energy being who is in communication with many realms of existence then we can truly harness our power in this lifetime.

Here is my Welcome In Your Spirit Guides and Higher Self Meditation Script (Instant PDF download). Alternatively, if you want a guided meditation audio to listen to, you can listen to my track on the Aura Health App.


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