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Humanities Evolution Needs Divine Feminine Ways Of Being & Living | Spiritual Teaching Transmission

Global transformation into unity consciousness through heart-centered living

A lot of the ways we approach and do things in our current society in the Western world are not the most natural, loving, and intuitive way. It's based on old paradigms which are anchored in convenience, productivity, and separation, which we chose to incarnate into but not to stay stuck in.

Now is the time for humanity to bring about the qualities of nurture, presence, and connection as we recognize our innate desire for integration and unconditional love. Allowing the divine feminine energies to rise and support the masculine structure of the world.

There is no right or wrong way to live, but as humanity evolves, more harmony, compassion, and unity within our own being and with all other beings will arise to be embodied and expressed. We will genuinely want to understand others and know who they are as a unique aspect of Source and want all to be their truest selves.

There will be less seeking and needing from a place of lack and isolation, and instead more flow and grace by embracing the opportunities in the moment for healing and connection.

We will have the calling within to be more heart-centered and responsive to not only our own needs but others as we operate from a higher consciousness that is not only focused on the self but also on the collective.

It's okay to live differently than before, it's okay to explore your natural gifts and abilities, it's okay to focus on your wellbeing, it's okay to want to be of service in your unique way, it's okay to live joyfully and it's more than just okay, it's important that we do so for humanities evolution.

Much Love 🤍

Hayley Zammit

divine feminine energy


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