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How You Respond To Life In A New Way Demonstrates Your Spiritual Growth | Your State Of Being Is Key

Transformation starts within our own consciousness and in direct experience with life

We may look at the external world to determine how much we have grown or evolved. But really, the proof of our transformation lies within our response in each moment. It lies in our state of consciousness and state of being first. And this lies within the present moment experience as we interface with life.

If we have integrated and embodied more of our true self, our divine essence which is of a higher frequency / dimension that had a certain theme to explore and learn from, then we will notice that old limiting beliefs or fearful reactions will not be playing out in the moment. We may not feel triggered and behave in ways we would have in the past. Instead, we may feel a sense of peace, have an acceptance of what is, and may have an almost witness-like sort of state where we have no judgment, just compassion, and open-hearted presence. What is occurring doesn't seem to bother us or affect us any longer as we have learned the lesson or changed our beliefs and the reflection seems to not have an energetic charge to it, which goes to show that it is not in resonance with us any longer.

We can simply allow the unfoldment of what is occurring and see the person / experience as a valid expression of God/the divine. As we are constantly shifting in our reality, we will come across the specific versions of people, situations, and experiences that are perfect for our evolution. So no matter what, this moment is what is in your highest good - will you respond in new ways or not? No matter if you do or not, you are loved unconditionally and judged not.


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