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Humanity Seeks A Deeper Connection To Their Spirit | Hayley Zammit Spiritual Teaching Transmission

An excerpt from the book Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience

We may not be conscious of it, but we all want to feel connected to our true essence and spirit. We want to feel the connection that we have with ourselves, Source, and all other beings and not feel so separate, alone, and different. Many humans walk through life feeling lost, disconnected, and depressed and are unsure why they feel this void within them and it isn’t until they go through a spiritual awakening that they realize it was the connection to their spirit and true self that they were wanting to remember and connect deeper with all along.

Through a spiritual awakening, we pierce through the veil of separation that we placed upon ourselves upon coming into the human experience and remember who we truly are beyond the limitations of the human conditioning and lower dimensional state of consciousness. We realize our connectedness and oneness with all. We come to know our true innate freedom and divinity as we walk the Earth as spirit in form.

Many people seek the feeling of connection and freedom that they truly want with their spirit and Source, from places outside of them such as through money, possessions, and relationships. Doing this is of course fine and a part of the human experience as we have free will to create, feel and take action. We can enjoy material items, spend money, and connect with others, but often if we cannot see people for who they truly are, or possessions or money as tools to enhance our lives, it will not be built on a true and honest connection or foundation, but perhaps from a place of past trauma or as a means to self soothe and fill a void, often not at a conscious level. The effects can be fleeting and temporary, especially if you do not see the other as you, or respect the resource.

For true, lasting connection and freedom, your connection to your spirit is key. Take time to consciously tune in daily to your heart and spirit. Surrender to it and give yourself permission to express and embody your essence and uniqueness more and more. As well as discover more about yourself in the continuous process of life and ascension. Your soul's essence is what you have been looking to tap into, but often we can grasp onto things outside of us, not recognizing we have all the divine qualities of Source innately within us. Our outer world can both reflect our shadows and our light and it is up to us to become aware of them and integrate them.

After awakening to your light, you will also be able to see yourself in other living beings as you know the divine light is within you and all others, regardless of how they may appear or behave. Your connections to humans and animals will become even more sacred to you as you are not seeking connection coming from a place of lack, need, or to fill the disconnection you feel from your spirit or from Source. It will be through seeing them through love, oneness, reverence, joy, and more. Remember who you are, tune in and integrate the mind with the heart and your humanity with your divinity.

Published in 2023, this powerful top spiritual book from a female spiritual writer is a must-read for all spiritual seekers and spiritual awakening humans at this time

Hayley Zammit's most recent spiritual book Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience is out now and available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and kindle.

In Musings From The Heart, Hayley shares a collection of her own personal transmissions and spiritual wisdom as she integrates her own life experiences and receives insights from what you could call her own higher self consciousness. They are musings from the heart that have a deep spiritual essence to them that we can weave into our human experience to invite us into seeing things in a new light.



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