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The Journey Of Self Discovery - Realization Of Your True Self Beyond The Ego Structure | I Am

Awakening To Your True Divine Nature In Your Human Experience

Discovering your Self (I AM) beyond the small ego self whilst living as a human being is all part of the great awakening that is occuring within the human collective consciousness at this time. Revealing your true self and divine nature can be so exciting and fufilling as the longing within you to find more purpose and meaning in your life begins to unravel and be known by you. There can be a bit to move through and perhaps some big life changes may also occur at this time, but trust that is all occuring to support you in your highest path - even if you can't see it right now.

Lets dive into this a bit further...

Awakening To Your True Self

Your true self is not the concept of yourself that you have made up through your life experience. Nothing temporary could be the truth of what you eternally are. The journey of self discovery is going beyond identification and attachment with the conceptual self and awakening to who you truly are, knowing your I Am Presence.

So, how do we do this? It's really not about doing anything, but allowing your true self to be known by you. Surrender to the expansion in consciousness that wants to occur, be present in the moment to the spiritual dimension that is here, tune in and receive from your subtle senses that go beyond your physical senses, access stillness and presence through meditation to perceive that which you are! Trust in the unfolding of your life and that which wishes to come up to your awareness.

You may have a mystical experience, merge into oneness with God, have knowings, feel so much divine love, and more - it may be indescribable but it will be the result of a shift in consciousness into a much more expanded/higher aspect of you that goes beyond your limited human awareness.

People may go through a sudden spiritual awakening or it may be more gradual overtime, but our whole life is filled with physical and non physical data that wishes to support us in our ascension journey of awakening to who we are and integrating our divinity with our humanity in our human experience.

Surrender to the process, rather than try to do things so mentally and practicially. Allow yourself to flow with the inspiration you receive and trust in the spiritual experiences you may have. It may be helpful to be open minded, be heart centered and allow the old to fade away and be alchemized. It really is quite an experiencial thing that requires you to be in direct experience with life - taking it all in through the heart and soul.

What To Do After Discovering Your True Self

After a spiritual awakening and you had time to contemplate, integrate or accept who you truly are and have become self realized, what do you do in this lifetime you may wonder? It's from that place of alignment with divine will, your human experience is an oppourtunity to be Love, serve, create, to be guided by your Spirit in every moment. The invitation to alchemize any blocks from the mind that prevent you from seeing and knowing Love and Oneness is there as you go along your journey and the oppurtunity to experience more joy, peace, flow and grace in the human experience is present.

What people will do will look different for everyone depending on their unique calling being a part of God/Source. However, there will be a similarity in the essence of what we do as we all will be living embodiments of our divine nature. We will emanate divine feminine or masculine qualities but display them differently as we will still be unique streams of divine consciousness living as a part of the human collective on the earth.

Ultimately, we will be honoring the will of God and the will of our Holy Spirit/Higher Self that had an intention for coming into this lifetime. What did we want to create, how did we want to touch people and the earth with our frequency? Nobody will know this better than you as it will unfold naturally through following the inspiration that comes to you. Perhaps it not one fixed thing that you must do, but more how can you be the loving, wise angel on earth or how do you feel called to express or embody your humanity in this moment that may touch the heart of another or trigger someone into their own remembrance of who and what they are?

Life will feel more loving, peaceful, beautiful, sacred, graceful and you will see from a higher perspective knowing that the small programed self that you grew up thinking you were is not actually you and you weave you divinity and multidimensionality into human life. You live life knowing that it is spiritual in every way. That there is what is True and all else is illusion. Truth is known and illusions can be enjoyed or dissolved. There is no judgmental God who will condemn you for your wrongdoings, but instead a unconditional loving Father that accepts the perfection that is you no matter how you live your life. It is in your hands, but you will feel called to ultimately use your unique talents or gifts and serve for the highest good whilse embracing all that human life has to offer.


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